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Ramblers House 003 Chapter 1

House 002 Chapter 2 | House 003 Chapter 2

Sorry the picture is a little dark.. that just happens to be when Mara moved out. So here’s a better one:

Mara’s stats to start with: (She’ll change to Angling Ace when play starts, this is what she rolled as a teenager.)

The hunger might pose to be a problem, but everything else is okay.

And the dreaded money shot:

Two last things to do before we start: One, roll for house traits. We got Cursed, Romantic Aura, and Great Acoustics. That should be fun. Not.

And Two: Lets check our goals for this house:

House 003 Building Goals: 
40,000 value home (2 bedroom, 1 bath minimum) 
Build a Park (after gardening and fishing lvl 10)
House 003 Generational Goals: 
Complete the Angling Ace aspiration
Gardening skill level 10
Fishing Skill level 10
Grow a Cow Plant & collect at least 5 unique essences
Young Adult heir

Looks like we have our work cut out for us. This house always scares me because of the cow plant. I lost so many sims to it back in The Sims 3 that I’m especially leery of it in Sims 4.

Now, before I start posting pictures I have a little story with a moral. So I started playing, and taking pictures…. and I really got into it. After playing through most of Mara’s Young Adult stage, including building the house, getting married, massive amounts of fishing trips and hungry cowplants, and even into her first pregnancy… my game bugged out. One of those bugs/glitches that means you can’t recover from. And. I. Had. Forgotten. To. Save.  *facepalm* Luckily I had a pretty good idea of how to rebuild the house.. but everything else was gone. I restarted back from my backup save at the beginning of the house, and played at least enough to re-frame the house.. and I DID manage to find the same guy…. but he has a different job. and the joke’s on me because this job:

….turned into this job:

HAHA! Oh well. He’s still a pretty good hubby to have around (other than his singing practice at all hours).. and he should make cute kids. So.. the moral is.. save your game, kiddos. Often. (Why I wasn’t doing that already I don’t know, I’ve had this particular bug quite a bit and for a while had been saving every hour or so of game time… I guess I just got too busy building and playing to remember that tonight!) For those curious, it’s the bug that someone is “stuck” aging so you can’t save, travel.. well pretty much anything. And there’s no sim anywhere that needs resetting.. and no way that I’ve found to get the game out of that particular state other than to return to the main menu without saving… so you lose everything that’s not saved. I’ve done some research on it, and it’s a known bug, but it’s still incredibly annoying. Not as annoying as the very buggy Sims 3 .. but still annoying. Anyway.. back to our regularly scheduled post.

First order of business: lots of fishing.

A night on the bench with stinky clothes (from what, you can probably guess.. getting enough money for a toilet just from fishing is pretty tough.)

But by mid-day on the second day, she had the beginnings of a camp. With her social need really low, I set about trying to find a hubby.

And oh happy day, I find Daichi again. Too bad about the above mentioned job difference, but a romantic first kiss by the pond makes everything okay.

The next day, we invited Daichi over and had the two go out on a date to my restaurant. Before sitting down to dinner, got them to “Boyfriend-Girlfriend status”.. they seem happy about it.

After dinner, finished up a few more date goals (namely, a massage and some deep conversations).

..And got a gold date score.

Another invite over to our house… a passionate kiss that looks rather painful (haha)…

….and a Proposal. Is it accepted?

Yep! They make such a nice couple. They hurry up and get married, and I cheat away the 20k he came with (rather sad about that, because money from fishing is such a luck game.. and I rarely have the luck.)

The wedding night. Luckily no one was around, so the woohoo didn’t fail without walls. And while I’m thinking about not having walls, I remembered another difference in this time playing rather than the save fail game. I don’t have to deal with mom’s (Carlie’s) gravestone. In the first attempt, Carlie had visited in the first couple days and died on the lot so I had her ghost in addition to the “fun” that the Cursed lot trait gives us.

And since I already have the 1000 simoleons for traveling, I send Mara out to Willow Creek to get some Bluebells. The flowers that are around the current lot (Tulips) have that annoying Energizing mood aura which makes getting the correct mood for the cow plant elixirs next to impossible. I remembered how much it made things a mess in my first playthrough of the Drifter challenge.

After getting the Bluebells needed for the start of a money garden, I send her off to look at the Sylvan Glade tree.

Getting through all the options.. and Mara is off to fish.

Sylvan Glade is so pretty.. and I luck out with a bunch of Sturgeons and Cowplant Berries for money. Probably one of the very best trips I’ve had to Sylvan Glade ever.

Back home, I spend what I made (except for the last 1000, of course) and start on the house shell.

… And I start in on my “Wall o’ Fish” I told myself I was going to make. I’d like to get the fish collection completed this generation, but I’m not all that sure it’ll happen being that there’s a lot of expansion fish I need to get to complete it. We’ll see, though.

… And it begins. Shortly after this fix (and the toilet breaking) I buy the unbreakable toilet to save me some work.

House shell mostly complete. Just missing the last two bedrooms and the wall for the master bath. (I’m going for a 3 bedroom 2 bath house). The green area in the front right is a split level living room to showcase the Wall ‘o Fish. For some reason, I like doing split level rooms (although it’s much harder to do so in this Sims as opposed to Sims 3.. but whatever.)

The Wall o’ Fish is growing!

Another trip to Sylvan Glade for money fish…

And apparently Daichi loves the Cow Plant… I’ll have to keep an eye on him.

.. See? First essence of Happiness acquired.

Another trip to Willow Creek.. this time to try to get the Bass fish from the river outside the tree to Sylvan Glade.

…Got it!

The beginnings of a kitchen. And if you’re looking closely, you can see I’ve got the windows in on the shell, as well.

Daichi is busy playing with Big Buford again.

While a very pregnant Mara takes care of the garden. With her aspiration points, I buy the Frugal trait and the Free Services, so I can get a gardener to take care of things on weekdays, at least.

And not have to pay him.  Yay!

.. That’ll be a big help while I work on other things.. like cowplant essences and Handiness skill (I’d like to open up the Grotto and get those two fishies for my wall). Will the heir be a boy or a girl? .. We’ll just have to wait and see!

House 002 Chapter 2 | House 003 Chapter 2


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