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Ramblers House 002 Chapter 1

House 001 Chapter 2 | House 002 Chapter 2

We start this post by showing off our new restaurant I built: Blue Moon Seafood. (yeah, I know, not very original)

Stats on the restaurant: (Traits: Romantic Aura, Convivial, and Chef’s Kitchen)

And getting to know our heir: Carlie Rambler. So pretty.. I can see good things coming from her already!

Her rolled want:

Her skills:


Her Traits:

I also rolled the lot traits for her: (Great Soil, Party Place, and Homey)

And… here goes nothing:

House 002 Building Goal: 40k value home (2 bedroom, 1 bath minimum)
House 002 Generational Goals: Marry in an NPC, Outdoor Enthusiast 
Aspiration complete, YA aged heir

Since she’s starting off with pretty good stats, she can get right to fishing while we wait for the plant and rock nodes to spawn…

After hours upon hours of fishing for little to no gain, and picking up all the rocks I can find… this is what I’m reduced to.

Another day of fishing/gathering, and we’ve got us a little start. As you can see, I’m thoroughly un-confident that I will actually be able to earn enough to pay for the house with just archaeology. Time to start looking for a mate.

Nope. Not starting with an elder.

Another bust. After trying a few more, I realize I’m going to have to pick an Adult.. there just aren’t any Young Adult ones that are spawned. I tried gardener, Pizza people, maids, mailpeople… sigh. Finally I settle on a possible… who you’ve seen before. He’s the guy that Brianna corralled on the street when she needed socialization. I figure mom would have approved.

By this time, I’ve made enough to afford to stay a few nights in the Jungle Adventures neighborhood, and still keep my 1000 simoleon buffer for traveling. First order of business… checking out the local market.

Since we can’t afford our own table yet, we’re using the one in the market.

Trying out the local food….

I finish the temple exploration and get all the treasure I need just before heading home to continue wooing our NPC, Alessandro. I realize he’s older than I’d like, but hopefully I can pull off earning all the money for the house before getting the heir out of him before he heads into Grimmy’s world.

Traits are good, at least. First kiss!

First woohoo.. not trying for baby until the house is closer to done, though, because she’ll need to do another vacation out to Salvadorada to work on more archaeology.

And.. the proposal. He accepts, thank goodness.


At which point, I upgrade the house a little bit (bigger bed) and get back to work on those artifacts I brought back.

In the (nearly a whole) week that it takes Carlie to go through all the loot she acquired on her trip to Selvadorada, I find a moment where Alessandro gets bored enough to go take care of the dying garden. Apparently he got tired of me ignoring it and headed out to water the plants. Shortly after this, I become confident enough in my ability to make money with artifacts and I delete the garden which ended up half dead anyway.

Shell of the house complete! Still missing windows and stuff, but those will come.

Uh oh, he’s already an elder.. and we still have so much to accomplish. I quickly finish up on her existing artifacts and plan their next trip.

Since he’s with me, I go ahead and have him help out with artifact finding, so he gets a few points in archaeology. Cue trip spam…

Oops, sorry Alessandro.

With that, I finish up the temple exploration for the trip and head home. Shortly after that, I get this message:

ACK! He’s sleeping, though, so I wait to try for baby until the morning.

Is that a baby bump? .. You bet! And one happy archaeologist as she gets her ultimate reward..


.. Finishing her aspiration.

By this point, I’m making money like crazy, so I take a moment to finish up the house exterior while Alessandro lazes on the couch on their new front porch.

The beginnings of a real kitchen!

And even a study area upstairs.

While still working on all her artifacts from the second vacation trip, Alessandro breathes his last.

Right after this photo I have her stop working on authenticating… and have her go plead for Alessandro. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work.

… And apparently the stress of losing him triggers her labor, because just minutes after Grimmy leaves, she has her daughter, Mara.

… Who is SO adorable!

Mara likes pancakes, apparently. But then who doesn’t?

Bath time!

Carlie ages up…

… Making silly faces while still working on artifacts.

Time out for Mara.. and Daddy is haunting the bathroom fixtures.

.. So cute! I just can’t stop takign pictures of her. LOL

And finally.. it’s time to grow up!

Her upgraded room:

And here she is, all growed up. Well, partially grown.

Oh.. and one last thing.. house value check reveals:

We’re done. Just in time. See you in the next chapter!

House 001 Chapter 2 | House 002 Chapter 2


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