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Ramblers House 001 Chapter 1

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House 001 Building Goal: 30,000 value home
House 001 Generational Goal: YA aged heir

So.. here we go again. Meet Brianna Rambler.

She wants to have a big happy family (not going to happen, since it requires things with grandkids). But that’s what she rolled randomly, so that’s what she has.

As for the lot, it rolled Romantic Aura, Great Acoustics, and Homey. At least the Homey part will help!

And since we start out with nothing, we’re off to start earning money.

First order of business: Fishing.

And lucky Brianna already caught her first fish.

Followed closely by catching a cowplant berry… which means she has enough to buy some essentials.

And by this time.. they were definitely essential!

The rocks and frogs are finally up, so we made our first day rounds, and started her in on frog breeding.

After all that hard work, a snack of granola before bed. This is by far the farthest along I’ve ever been in just one day of Drifter play.. Brianna just seems to be lucky!

Day two: time to start looking for a mate. Perhaps the mail man?

He doesn’t look too bad in his everyday wear, either.

Then we discovered he’s Mean. So much for that one. We meet several other eligible bachelors, but nobody seems to be just right.

At least the plants are finally harvestable. Now we can start our flower garden to really start making money.

After looking and looking, the best trait set I could come up with is on this fella, Shaurya.

So we move to the next logical step. A sleepover! .. I’m not sure that’s logical, but it seems to work that way on Sims.

The next morning, they get married and he moves in. He moves in with 20k which immediately gets removed. Poor Brianna must work for her cash!

With what little we have, we build a bathroom, and buy a TV so Shaurya has something to do other than just stand around.

The next day, we build the “rest” of a small house, because they won’t woohoo on an open lot with people walking past.

And the breaking of the bathroom fixtures commences. Homey sure helps on handiness skill, though! (No idea who was standing at our door in this screenie.. I never bothered greeting him. LOL)

The beginnings of a kitchen. For some reason, despite being lazy, Shaurya doesn’t like sleeping at night. So here he is keeping watch over the bed again.

Might as well get started on the heir. Here is Brianna telling Shaurya the good news. He seems happy about it.. if a little shell shocked that it’s happening already.

About this time, I start thinking about what the final house will look like. So I go look up some house plans, find one that strikes my fancy.. and spend their meager bank account on building the shell. Windows will have to come later.

The downstairs to start with. Note Brianna spending all her time on the garden. Pretty much her typical day is outside in the back yard.

And little Carlie has arrived. Saving up some money to build her toddler bedroom (which will be upstairs) so the house is still pretty bare.. although I bought them their closet because that little room looked ridiculous without the closet part.

Carlie finally grow s up. At least partially. And she rolled fussy. Great. Just what I needed!

The beginnings of a kitchen and dining room…

And Carlie’s room upstairs with random bathtub for bathing a dirty toddler.

Poor Brianna.. I worked her too hard. Toddlers with a full garden is hard work!

This seems like as good a place as any to stop .. and let Brianna get some rest.

Introduction < | > House 001 Chapter 2


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