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Settlers Challenge Update 1

Intro | Modified Settlers Rules | Generation 3

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m working on the Settlers Challenge. I’ve now finished with generation 1 and moved on to the second. I don’t have any pictures of the families from the first gen, but I did go in and take pictures of the homes/lots. (Edit: I found pics!) I don’t remember all of the events, but will list what I do remember. (That, and for the first few weeks I didn’t do events since I was still following the rules that they were optional.)

Generation 1

Adam Newcrest – Bookworm, Clumsy, Active, Bestselling Author
Dylan Newcrest – Insane, Loner, Squeamish, Super Parent

(After these screenshots I moved the urns to the back yard. LOL I honestly didn’t even notice them when I went into build mode to take screenies.)

I rolled a 1 for their kids (I wasn’t yet rolling 2-4). Didn’t do an heir roll, it was decided by an event.

  • Heir: Kody
  • Sibling: Dallas

Events that happened during this generation:

  • Building Permit renewal
  • Struck Oil (+50k)
  • Family moved in (Franz)
  • Add baby to main family (Dallas)
  • Remove possible heir – rolled a 2 for Dallas, so by default Kody became the heir
  • Adam finished his aspiration

Lots Built/ Families Moved in:

  • Chappell Family: (From Charisma level 6) Connor and Nicole, and the kids Teen Berjes, Child Johnnie, and Toddler Twins Miranda and Max

  • Franz Family: (From Event) Pierre and Ivy, and the kids Teen Lucas and Child Brandy

  • Twin Oracle Point: (Park) Handiness 6, and 20k from family funds.

Town Stats: One community lot and three families for a total population of 14 sims.


Generation 2

Starter house:

Finished House:

Heir: Kody Newcrest – Outgoing, Active, Goofball, Joke Star (also got Compassionate, Good Manners, Mediator, Responsible, and Happy Toddler)
Partner: Brandy Franz – Self-Assured, Art Lover, Hates Children, Computer Whiz

I rolled a 3 for their kids, and a 3 for the third kid being the heir.

  • Twins: Jayce (Active, Vegetarian, Cat Lover, Master Chef) and Joshua (Cheerful, Active, Good, Party Animal)
  • Heir: Alec (Active, Mean, Loves Outdoors, Vampire Family)
  • Plus one from event – (that turned into twins): Rudy (Perfectionist, Evil, Fabulously Wealthy) and Candice (Goofball, Vegetarian, The Curator)
  • Plus one from medical unsafe woohoo – Dillon (Cat Lover)

Events that happened during this generation:

  • Building Permits need logic
  • Add baby to family: rolled 1-4 for eligible families, rolled a four for played family (of course I did. lol)
  • Family moves in (Callaway)
  • Fire! Park building burns down, 5000 needed for damage control.
  • More building permit issues – didn’t have time to get the logic points, so I had to wait a week to build.
  • Rolled a Vampire Aspiration on the heir, Alec. (Looks like I’ll be in Forgotten Hollow next generation!)
  • Add a baby for the fall festival.. rolled a five and it looks like Brandy’s brother is getting a nooboo! Welcome to Makayla!
  • Joshua died from being too angry. (haha what?! stupid mood swings)
  • Add baby to family: rolled a 1-5 for eligible families, and added a son, Riley, to the Li-Reinhardt family.
  • Chappell family dies out.
  • Franz family leaves town (I think they got culled.. although why the game would do that to a favorited family I don’t know..)

Lots Built/ Families Moved in:

  • Callaway Family: (From event) Bradford (Cheerful, Creative, Clumsy, Outdoor Enthusiast) and Holly (Clumsy, Art Lover, Self-Assured, Angling Ace) and Twin Toddlers Robin and Sidney (both girls)

  • Li-Reinhardt Family: (From Charisma level 6 rolled a two so I put in a same sex couple) Melody Li (Lazy, Gloomy, Materialistic, Musical Genius) and Mandy Reinhardt (Goofball, Geek, Noncommittal, Soulmate)

  •  Blue Velvet Bowling Lounge: Comedy level 6 and 20k from family funds. Edited a gallery lot. Didn’t feel like building one all on my own.

Town Stats: Two community lots and six families for a total population of 16 sims.

Intro | Modified Settlers Rules | Generation 3


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