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Play-Testing Switch Four – Extreme – Part 2

Switch Four Rules

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Welcome back to the Ritchies’ trip through Switch Four. I left you hanging on an empty lot. As you can see, that’s no longer the case. Because I had quite a lot saved up, and moving in only costs 9k, I had some 67k to spend building a shell and picking out some starter furniture. As I mentioned, as soon as I saw the blank lot my mind achieved the same state.. blank. Being that this is a downtown house, I wanted a modern look to it.. and I can only think of one even close to modern house I’ve built in all of my sims career. Not a style I gravitate towards.. so I googled images of modern homes.. picked one I thought I might be able to duplicate.. and started building. A lot of trial and error later, we finished on the above house. Yes, I even did some minor landscaping because matching that was a key part of matching the photo. Being that I don’t want to mess with photo permissions and all that, I’m not showing the photo, but it’s pretty close. Partitioning the inside out into rooms.. was interesting.. and I ended up with a large portion of the downstairs that I had no idea what to do with. I think I’ll end up putting a pool there. Mostly, I went with an open plan. The wall configuration is also subject to change.. but here’s what I have so far:

As you can see, the downstairs is pretty bare. I also had to scale the left side of the house out from the inspiration picture, simply because there just wasn’t enough room for bedrooms and the hall with it scaled like the photo. I like it so far.. we’ll see how it goes, though. As-is it’s looking like a 2 bedroom 2 bath with a very open plan and a pool downstairs. I just have the very basics in for now, I’ll furnish as the heir, Devin, grows up.

Devin always seems to be angry for one reason or another. Spare me the woes of an overly independent toddler! LOL

A masterpiece..

And Tricia completes her fifth aspiration.

I always have to laugh when they come home in weird outfits from a work promotion.

Devin, being independent as usual.. wanted to get his own lunch.

Live streaming for more followers.

Happy birthday, Tricia!

.. And Happy birthday to Devin, too!

He’s so proud to be a kid, now.

He’s got a best friend for his social aspiration, now.

And I forgot someone’s birthday. Sorry, Tracy.

Lots of work….

… But it’s worth it…

… Because now he’s got a long life ahead of him.

Poor little Devin. I worked him so hard.

… Getting to this aspiration.

I’m busy trying to get Tricia angry for one of her work at home tasks.. and the person she invited over died from being too angry without Tricia even getting the slightest bit angry. Sigh. That task took forever.

… Busy working on the physical aspiration for Devin.

Coming home from work one day gives Tricia enough money to get this aspiration complete.

I have them working on physical tasks to take up time. There’s only so much I can do getting Tricia ready for work. She doesn’t work that often, so it’s taking a long time to get her her promotions.

A dark photo, but one that signifies…

.. Devin getting his second aspiration. Two more to go.

..Working on the next aspiration…

… still working. At least this house has a nice view being right on the water.

I bought some wellness items for something for something for them to do. It keeps them out of trouble.

And the final picture of Devin playing chess..

… Because he finished his third aspiration!

Tricia taking care of her family..

.. And getting a maxed skill at the same time.

… Just barely in the nick of time…

… he got the fourth aspiration.

.. And it’s birthday time.

Never tried the friend of the world aspiration.. so I figure it gives me something to do other than the next Switch.

.. And he grew up cute! Yay!

Dark photo.. but..

he’s now max in his career! Way to go, Tracy!

This is me giving Tricia something else to do…

.. And another maxed skill!

Yay for birthday!

.. She’s growing old gracefully.

Another weird outfit?

… Finally got her career goal complete. For some reason, I found this side of the Social Media career much much harder to max, but at least I got it done.

Another birthday… Tracy is now an elder. (Don’t mind the dirty counter..)

Devin is making his own birthday cake. Over the last few days, I did some work on his aspiration, but mostly just wasted time getting to his birthday.

…. And time’s up!

Doesn’t he look proud of himself?

And now.. Tricia’s final stats:

… Nice… five maxed skills.

.. And just barely in time.

I didn’t really push for money, because they didn’t really need it, but here’s what they had at the end. And a quick house tour:

Goal(s) complete! See you in Switch Five!

Switch Four Rules

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