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Play-Testing Switch Four – Extreme – Part 1

Switch Four Rules

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First we check on our heir:

Since we already have a boyfriend.. we need to earn some money fairly quickly so he has a bed for him and we can move him in.

Turns out that missing trait is active. Definitely still an okay trait mix. Since he’s a key holder, he spends a lot of time over at our apartment, so we have plenty of social time before we can move him in. My first priority was getting a computer.. then a bed and bathroom so we can move Tracy in. With the posters, and the song she licensed right away, it doesn’t take too long.

I was able to afford the basics.. but lights were going to take a while more. Also note that Tricia is sick and “wearing” stripes.

Making out for a whim..

.. Then proposing.. it’s a yes! Hooray!

I finally am able to afford lights. Pretty sparse apartment so far, huh? At least they have the basics.

Romance Festival comes around, and I switch her back to the City Native aspiration to get the “kiss someone at the romance festival” checked off as well as harvesting the flowers that are always there.. they’re good to sell.

Most of my time is spent either fixing things from the gremlins or feverishly working to earn followers so she can get some promotions. It’s hard to get them initially and takes a lot of spamming computer actions. Tracy has a job in the Athletic career, but I still haven’t decided whether to leave him in it or switch him to painting. Depends on how things go in the next apartment, I guess. With the income from her licensed lyric, posters, and job promotions, I manage to scrape enough to build in the apartment and furnish it to value. I apparently was so busy trying to earn money and followers that I didn’t get around to taking many pictures. So here’s their crappy apartment pics:

Just enough to make it through. I didn’t buy a workout machine because of the basketball hoop outside. For the next apartment I’ll need to buy one for Tracy, though.

Only level 5, but she’s close to a promotion, so it won’t take long to get to 6. Here’s what I was able to afford in apartment two:

Not much! But at least the basics.

It’s at about this time that I notice Tracy is one of those bugged immortal sims. I try out the traits.remove_trait on the three traits that he could have: isWeirdo, isCityRepair, or isStatueBusker. The statue busker one fixes him and I have to cheer. First time I’ve been able to fix one of these sims. He’s now seven days behind her on aging.. but at least he’s aging.

A semi dark breakfast in their new apartment.. if you can call it that.. since there’s no walls yet.

Since she’s set on the next promotion, I buy her an easel to earn a little money on her days off. Since she’s already at level 5 painting skill from murals as a teenager, it makes money pretty quickly.

Tracy talking to himself in the mirror for a promotion. He needs Charisma. By this point, I’ve figured I might as well keep him in the job he’s in instead of changing.

Working out at the gym for his aspiration (I changed it from Friend of the World – there’s no way I’m working on that while trying to do this challenge, too!)

I finally am able to afford walls and paint and flooring.. so here’s what we’ve got so far:

I will probably convert the workout room/study/studio to a living room before moving out.

More painting. I’d like them to move on pretty quickly. At least, it would be nice. I’m worried about the haunted trait bringing more broken appliances. I take photos as I finish rooms this time around.. so here’s the kitchen and the kid’s room:

We’re moving out in the morning.. and we get our first ghost.

She’s mean to them, but thankfully doesn’t break anything that I’ll have to fix before moving (I like to have the apartments in clean, working order when I leave. Here’s the bedroom (not trying for baby.. just happened to be getting their fun up before bedtime while taking pictures) and the living room (converted from the workout room) and bathroom:

And finally, the layout picture:

That was fast.

She’s at level 6 now! And here’s what we were able to afford in the next apartment. Based on size alone we’ll probably be here for a while, and the kid(s) will likely be born here. It’s a huge place!

Several days later, I’ve gotten the framework of the apartment done and even painted walls and floors.. and it’s mostly furnished.. so I take the plunge.

What plunge? That baby one. 🙂

Successful on the first try!

No ghosts, but things still break. Sigh.

I remember to take a picture on the way back from the museum for her aspiration.

Welcome baby boy Devin! I was sorta hoping for twins, but a single is just fine. I can always have another if I feel like it later.

Such a great place to paint from.. and you choose to paint THAT.

At least you’re done skilling the painting now. More masterpieces to come!

And that’s what I was waiting for before moving. Devin grew up adorable. But then, toddlers are always adorable. Cue apartment spam:

And because I forgot to get the layout shot I had to go back in game:

I like the way it turned out.

Just about to get out of level seven…. And this is what I move into:

Hooray? I immediately draw a complete blank. So here’s where I leave you for part 1. I’ll post the rest of testing after I’m back from vacation (April 1st).

Switch Four Rules

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