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Play-Testing Switch Four – Normal – Part 1

Switch Four Rules

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Welcome back to the Nashes. First off.. let’s meet our heir. I took him on a trip through CAS because I hated his clothes.

That being hungry makes the first day rather interesting..

And back to zero funds! With that.. we’re ready to go!


He looks awful happy to be able to buy food. Luckily the posters were already spawned, and we were able to get those and the snow globes.

We also meet a couple of eligible females…

…but I figured let’s check out ones we knew from when we were a kid. I really like Bridgette, here.. and she’s got good traits.

Seriously, she’s adorable. Then I remember the teen I almost got Jaiden together with and her very expressive face, and I invite her over next.

Turns out Ainsley aged up into the “unflirty” trait.. not exactly high on my list of desirable traits.

After spending the rest of the evening at the library raising up our writing skill and getting some followers on his brand new social media account.. he comes home to crash on the only furniture in his apartment. A decent bed. Not great .. just decent.

Bright and early the next morning, luckily the food stall is open .. and we order the next meal he hasn’t learned yet.

…Turns out it’s a bit more than Jaiden bargained for.

After work he needs fun, and I figure basketball for a fit sim like him… so he goes and tosses a few balls at the hoop.

… I had no idea that was a thing. OMG… I laughed so hard I nearly cried. (and yes, I am easily amused by my sims!)

Giving up on the basketball thing (fun is WAY too slow on that!) I send him back to the library, and this time remember to take a picture. Turns out some reading club is there monopolizing the books.. good thing I don’t need books. Just this handy dandy computer… I get him enough skill points and followers to be primed for a promotion the next day.. because we seriously could use the money.

Point in fact… we’re showering at the gym because we can’t afford a shower.

I decide to take the plunge with Bridgette. They seem to have quite a spark between them, because it was crazy easy to get the romance going.

Bridgette is at work…. and look.. we can’t afford a shower, but we do have a computer.. and our first dirty dish.

The romance festival just happens to be this evening, so while waiting for her to get home from work, we ask the guru what she thinks about the match.

Ha! Nice! I’ve only gotten negative responses before this. .. With this knowledge and Bridgette finally home from work… I have Jaiden pop the question.

They’re so happy! It’s just too cute. Since there’s that handy arch right there… we have a heat of the moment wedding and get to watch fireworks.

And with that.. I can officially introduce Bridgette. They’ve actually known each other since they were kids.. they just never got to be friends until they were adults.

Fun fact: she moved in with her $1 homework from grade school still in her pocket.

The next day before work I send her out poster hunting.. and spend that $1 on the fountain.. hey it made her happy!

And I find out what the catch is with this apartment. When the Gremlins attack.. they break EVERYTHING. Not just random things.. no.. EVERY SINGLE THING that can be broke, is broken. She gets through fixing the bathroom fixtures we’ve finally just been able to afford (and are already broken).. and I send her to fix the oven. So far so good….

ZZZZT! .. guess the fridge and the computer are just going to stay broken for a while because we can’t afford to pay a repairman. Finally, after Jaiden gets home from work, they can afford a repairman.. who doesn’t show up, but the game says he did… nothing is fixed but I get charged anyway. ARGH.

I send them to bed… buy a second computer with his daily wages (he got a promotion, too)… and settle in to wait for morning. And…the Gremlins hit again. Two nights in a row. What the heck, game?!

So I’m watching them sleep after the Gremlins hit.. and a repairman just shows up randomly and start fixing stuff.. when I don’t really have the money to pay him. I swear I totally didn’t call him, he just showed up. He fixed everything, left with a nasty note about his missing $23 and that was that.

Hurry up and make money so the Gremlins don’t have time to come again!

… I end up getting enough money by hurrying them through money making stuffs (mostly work/promotions/posters.. and a keyboard Jaiden found in a snow globe box that was worth $900..? Didn’t know that was a thing!).. and I get them out of there before anymore mayhem happens.

Cue apartment spam. I like how it turned out.

Although looking back I should have updated the bedroom and bathroom walls.

Level 6 already! And this is what we’re able to afford in the next place.

With these walls so dark it’s hard to see, though… I might have to change those walls.

Our first ghost. Angry.. but somehow breaks nothing.

I hate needing charisma for his job. Such a useless skill, imo.

Now programming.. that’s useful. It even makes some decent money with hacking once you get high enough level in it.

The next ghost was not so kind…

.. so , since they’re still up, I send Bridgette over to fix it. Note that the shower behind her is floating.. it’s about to be broken too.

… Thanks, ghostie.

Ghost number 3 is again harmless. Another while of writing/programming/working… and I’m able to move them. I have a few snags while finishing the apartment, however, as I have to delete some counters in the kitchen to get back within value.

Those counters on the left get cut back due to funding, so this screenshot isn’t 100% accurate, I just forgot to take another one.

Still level 6.. but he’ll be level 7 by the next day, so that’s okay. Here’s what I was able to afford in the next apartment:

I.E. Not much. Had almost 10k but always needing two computers is a bit of a headache. Just about everything purchased will eventually need replacing to make value. Also note in the above photo I got rid of the third bedroom and turned it into two offices by taking a little space from the second bathroom. Being that this post is already pretty long, I’ll save the rest of apartment three for the next post! I’ll post the rest of testing after I’m back from vacation (April 1st).

Switch Four Rules

Back to Switch 3 Part 3



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