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Drifter Challenge House 007 Part 1 – Day 9

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Today’s goals:

House 007 Part One Day 9:
2PM: Schedule a party on the home lot
When party ends: Evict the contestant with the lowest relationship 
score then offer the final contestant a rose, ask to be boyfriend, 
then propose to them.
When this is done: Pause game play and move to part 2 of house 007

Again, we’re to follow Ariana’s whims. I’m happy to say this is the last day of Part 1. Now we just have to get a winner. The two contestants are completely tied up at this point, so it’ll be interesting to see how the day plays out.

We start out the day with more ghost watching.

Ever feel really creeped out when you wake up? … Crying Taylor decides this is the bed to cry in…

I laughed really hard when I realized Taylor’s watching the Sims of the Dead zombie movie. Too funny.

Vincent is first up with some pressing business for the bathroom – then he heads for breakfast.

Aww.. Taylor.. you broke it.. what are you still doing out at 6:20 in the morning!?

Breakfast with a ghost?

Then Taylor finally leaves at 7 AM.

Trent gets up about 7:30, and I simultaneously notice that the stereo is broken. Fixed! Both contestants seem to be in a good mood – both are inspired. .. Wait.. there’s a broken shower, too. Sigh. Well we know what Taylor was up to all night.

By the time Ariana gets up, the two boys are having a conversation in the kitchen. On opposite ends of the island.. nice, guys.

While Ariana eats, Trent comes up with a big hug for her.

And Vincent’s watching Roaring Vice… he must like that movie, because I know he’s already seen it!

Her romantic trait makes her flirty .. and she wants to be funny with Vincent and do something romantic. A dirty joke works for both.. then she wants to kiss someone, kiss Vincent, and woohoo with someone.

Trent is.. walking around in the gym.

Make out with Vincent and Hug someone. By this time her “flirty” mood changes to “very flirty” and “woohoo someone” turns into “hot tub woohoo” .. isn’t that where we had all those problems already?? Well.. we queue it up. Hopefully this works out!

Trent is standing just on the other side of the wall, making me nervous. Then he finally decides to go watch the big screen.

At least this time the woohoo was great.. and they didn’t get caught. (Still an hour and a half until party time.. and Ariana seems to have run out of wishes. She wants to take a cold shower, watch romantic TV.. and buy a toy. We nix the toy buying and “be friendly with Vincent” pops up. We fulfill that.. and “woohoo with Vincent” is next. Really? we just did that?!

Well, I send them off to take care of that whim, watching carefully.. as Trent goes back in to watch another movie. He’s obsessed. With the two of them flirty and he just happy.. this is going to be one interesting party. I fear it could go south rather quickly.. but how is the question. After the woohoo, she wants to compliment Vincent, then “get to know” him. Sweetie, I think you know him well enough already!

Anyway.. it’s party time.. I choose a black and white bash. Haven’t done more than one or two of these, and never been too successful at it, so that should be interesting. I thought a formal party would be fun for the end of this, though.. so here goes nothing!

First thing we do is have two sims play chess.. and she wants to flirt with Vincent. And Trent walks in on them… making it an awkward encounter.

There’s a goal to make Zebra Fizzes so I go order some of those.. and find out the Mixologist is Kelsie! Aww.. that’s awesome. Then Vincent takes a negative hit in the relationship department when Trent autonomously blows her a kiss.

And again. Poor Vincent. I knew somethings like this was going to happen, I just figured it would be Trent that took the hits.

Turns out.. Trent is sick, too. And is striped like a Zebra.. so does that count as black and white? LOL. The only thing I don’t manage to get for the party goals is “make shrimp cocktail” .. the caterer seems to be missing.. and there’s no way Ariana can make that. So we go without. It’ll still be a silver party. Vincent has to go to the bathroom, so he leaves Trent and Ariana alone in the dining room for a bit. I find it funny that she’s still wishing for Vincent through all this.. now she wants to “flirt with Vincent”. I’m not sure he’s up for that, sweetie. But I’ll try when he’s done in the bathroom!

Aha.. found the caterer. Not doing her job, of course.

I flirt with Vincent.. and Trent sees. So Trent takes a hit, too. And the whims dry up.

Caterer still not doing her job. She didn’t cook a single thing for the entire party. Why did I hire her?

All she wants is to not be sick using tea. So I go make her a cup of tea.

Trent is now sad, too… so romance with him might be rather difficult.

Then she wants to cloudgaze with Vincent. Okay then. It’s not going to repair the relationship, though.

.. And then I notice that the party ended. Time for scoring.

It’s obvious just by looking at the relationship panel who won. And it’s totally NOT who I expected!!

After kicking out Vincent (who leaves past a half-dead garden… sorry, plants, it was a weekend and I couldn’t take care of you!!)

I get the two of them “in the mood” with a couple of flirts… and…

I offer the final rose to Trent, who accepts.. he looks so happy! She rolls an “embrace Vincent” which I nix.. and then.. I can’t believe it.. but she starts rolling wants for Trent! She wants to woohoo with him and chat with him. Locking those in, I quickly finish out this part of the house.

Ask for boyfriend.. accepted.

Propose (I am so not sure this will work)…

…it’s a yes!

And that.. my friend, ends Part 1 of House 007.. see you in part 2!


House 007 Part 1 – Day 8 < | > House 007 Part 2 Chapter 1



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9 thoughts on “Drifter Challenge House 007 Part 1 – Day 9

  1. That’s a big surprise! During the first part of the chapter I thought Vincent would win.
    lol at Trent’s zebra stripes. It does fit the theme of the party 😉
    Yay Trent won! I like him a lot. I’m looking forward to what will happen to them next!

  2. That’s so funny that Trent won! It’s just like what happened to me. The whims were all for one and the other ended up winning. *doing a happy dance cuz my guy won*

    1. Yeah, he totally won. It basically came down to the guy who took the least amount of relationship hits on the last day. I was sure Vincent was going to win. The day after the competition I took the time to invite everyone over and “ask to be friends” to get rid of the romantic relationships.

      1. I think it’s because she had SO many whims for him. They were tied up until those last relationship hits at the end of the party. I figured I was going to have to break a tie.. and was trying to come up with ways to break it.. so yeah, to say I was surprised is an understatement.

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