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Drifter Challenge House 007 Part 1 – Day 8

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Today’s goals:

House 007 Part One Day 8:
6PM: The last contestant leaves to go on a scored date with the 
main sim to any available travel location.
When date ends: Offer a rose to the contestant that attended and
return home
11PM: Evict the contestant with the lowest relationship score
12AM: Bedtime

Again, we’re to follow Ariana’s whims…. and today’s date is for Vincent, so she should be happy about that. Today is also the last date before tomorrow’s final party. (in other words, we’re almost done!)

Before we do anything else, we have a bit of ghost-watching to do:

Talking to the plants.. they’ve probably felt really neglected.

… And again with the teapot. Silly ghostie.

Vincent is first awake and he heads straight for breakfast. Sean is up right after him and follows suit.

Trent is last but not least, and is in a far better mood today, it seems. We’ll have to wait to see if that lasts. Oh, wait! Trent feels dizzy.. the poor guy is sick.

While Ariana gets her morning shower, the boys chat, dance, and watch TV.. not necessarily in that order. Then, it’s breakfast time for her.

Trent sure loves those fishies.

Ariana wants to compliment someone and then hug.. and tell a joke. Sorta plain jane whims there.. but that’s probably a good idea in this house. (Things are pretty volatile with the relationships up so high.. one wrong move could easily tip the scales.)

Another hug, while Vincent plays games..

..and Trent is again watching a movie in the theater.

After some chatting, she rolls a whim to “get flirty” .. so I send her and Vincent (who she was already chatting to) outside to talk. Hopefully the other two are too busy to get involved!

They quickly get flirty (Vincent first, then Ariana) and she immediately rolls a whim to woohoo with him. Already? .. Okay then.

Then she wants to be funny to him. Can do! Then she keeps wanting to donate to charity. Boring. LOL.. and she wants a cold shower? Who wants that?! She’s so weird sometimes.

How about this one… watch romance TV. Can do that one… which starts up a conversation with Trent and Sean. I try to keep cancelling the autonomous romantic socials that keep popping up.. but I’m sure I’m going to miss one and there’s going to be heck to pay if I do… So far so good. We let her take a potty break before the date.. but I have a feeling getting Vincent alone to ask him is going to be tough.

Then, inexplicably, the other two leave Vincent alone in the family room. Score! Bonus..

…she wants to make out with him. Okay then.

What are the other two doing? Well, Sean is watching the cooking show on the big screen.. he has watched so much of it he’s now level 2 of cooking. Silly guy. Trent is.. heading to chat with Sean. Good, they’re both occupied.

Time to ask for the date.. and it seems Vincent is complaining of a fever. LOL Too bad, it’s your turn now! As I had planned earlier, I’m sending them to the Von Haunt Estate.. another place I haven’t really been to.

They need to sit and chat.. and looks like the closest place to do that is in the maze.. so I do some chatting, then head for the maze.

Vincent apparently knows a shortcut, because he has to wait on Ariana for a while.

She wants to “Get to know” Vincent. With both bars completely full, you would think she already knows enough! We oblige her anyway.. and then she needs to do joking and deep conversations for the date.. those done, she rolls whims for hugging someone and woohooing in a bush.. and just woohoo in general. Guess she knows what she wants! (She’s also nauseous from being sick, apparently. Poor thing.)

Birdies fly out of the bush when you climb in.. I never noticed that before!


Hug for whim time… She’s already on a date and she rolls “schedule a date” right after the hug. She’s clearly confused. Cue date spam..

Then she’s all “embrace Vincent,” “Make out with Vincent”, and my favorite “Do something Romantic.” This date is taking forever! She runs out of whims for Vincent and starts hoping to buy toys and schedule another date. Then it’s “ask someone to go steady” .. sorry, no can do, Ariana.

Then, finally, the date is pretty much over so I offer the rose and start working our way out of this crazy maze.

(At least the ghosts didn’t bother us way out here!) Another legendary date!

Scoring.. doesn’t take a rocket scientist.. there’s one clear loser.

Sorry Sean.. 😦 But the other two are completely tied. Something’s going to have to happen tomorrow to change that or they’ll go into the end tied.. and I don’t know what happens then!

I kick Sean out, sadly… and wonder what will happen tomorrow.

Vincent is.. AGAIN in Ariana’s bed. He clearly thinks he’s won. We make him go to his bed. Bedtime for everyone!

.. Except Taylor.

Bye Sean!

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