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Play-Testing Switch Three – Extreme – Part 3

Switch Three Rules

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Welcome back to the Ritchies’ attempt at Switch Three!

Both girls come home with A’s .. yay!

Which gives Brenna her aspiration.

Picture of stressed mom…

… Because she’s finally at level 10! Hooray, goal completed!

Didn’t know you could make a rack of lamb in sims… now I do, and it looks delicious.

I’m not sure when she got this.. so I’m adding it in here.. I think it was sometime around here, but I could definitely be wrong.

Happy Birthday Zayne! (Despite the fact that he looks like he’s got a duck face.)

At least he’s resigned to getting older!

Brenna works on her homework while Tricia works on her motor skill for the aspiration.


Mom working off a few extra pounds while Brenna eats dinner.

Playing a very buggy game of darts.. neither would stay playing for very long. I gave up.

They played topple the llama instead. And had a great time!

Working on that logic skill!

Getting the potions needed for the aspiration.

Another Aspiration complete!

Watching TV with Dad. I put some of the trains out in this room, with a thought that maybe Zayne likes model trains. A silly notion, but I kept the trains.

More homework.

Brenna getting her monkey bar crossings, while Tricia takes some time to play.

Good job Brenna!

That masterpiece was the last one needed..

Well done, Zayne!

As for the girls, Brenna got three aspirations done, and Tricia got all four. My second sim to do that.. both while testing Switch Three.

Please age up well….

Oh my gosh.. I love her. She’s absolutely perfect.

Brenna’s turn.

Awkward, skinny, and geeky. Sorta glad she’s not the heir!

Playing chess for logic points. I gave her the City Native aspiration, but at this point I hadn’t decided to actively pursue it… so I was just getting skill points for her school grade.

Brenna got the bodybuilder aspiration, so I send the two of them to the gym for her workout session.

Ordering food for City Native. Apparently she doesn’t seem to mind spicy food too much!

We spend some time going through her childhood friends, looking for a possible future husband material. No such luck with this one. So we start looking at the ones who haven’t aged to teen yet. (Nothing in the rules prevents me from aging up townies to match her age!)

This one goes first.. Tevin is his name.

Selfie pics.

And chatting. I’m not sure I like his traits though.. so we try another one.

This is Hayden. He’s an adorable child…

And a slightly awkward teen. We quickly nix that idea.


And homework. Yuck.

Brenna working out at home.

Tricia still working on logic because I’m bored. (LOL)

Then we go out meeting walker-by teens. This one is angry and we give up on him pretty quickly.

So we give a key to the best candidate we have so far. Plus, it fulfills her aspiration.

Dad filling the fridge and leveling his two cooking skills. He’s so close to having the skills needed to pass level 9 of his Chef career.. I just don’t know if he has the time.

Cookies! Everybody likes cookies.

This alerts me to another aspiration being finished..

By Alex coming home from work.

Well done! So that’s where all the money’s been coming from.

Setting off fireworks at the humor and hijinks festival.

A painting I’ve never seen.. it’s kinda interesting.

Ooops.. Sorry Alex. See that cake she’s baking? It was supposed to be her birthday cake, but apparently I was too late and she spun up all by herself.

Awww.. poor Zayne. No mastering the cook career for him.

I just thought it funny that Brenna and Grimm are standing in the same position.

Zayne’s final stats:

Level nine.. and ready to level with some more performance.

Tricia working on her Art center mural.

Grim is apparently into art, too?

Hi again Zayne!

We finally find a great potential mate.. one of Brenna’s friends from school. His name is Tracy, and I love his genetics. His traits are so-so (good and clumsy), but there’s definite sparks between the two of them.


They look so cute together, too.

Brenna and Alex having a chat.

Might as well learn to cook now… you’ll be using it enough later in life.

Oops.. cut your finger there, huh?  Hehe. Learning cooking stinks.

My first time having sims messing around in the closet.

Too cute.

Can you tell I like these two as a pair? I apparently took a ton of photos .. lol.

And that’s the other thing Tricia’s been doing other than spending time with her boyfriend….

Leveling Singing. She even has two choices of song to license for funds at the beginning of next Switch.

… And… It’s TIME!

Brenna goes first..

Then Tracy… then Tricia.

Happy birthday for everyone!

And final stats for the house: (Tricia’s will be shown at the beginning of next Switch, so I’ll leave them out here.)

She was certainly busy!

Goal complete..

Still lots of points left over…

Brenna’s stats

.. and points.

Since I forgot to get a shot of their family funds, here is what they’ve got.

Finally, some house shots. I didn’t take shots of some rooms because they’re small and tough to get shots of.

House value is above what it needs to be…. and that’s all she wrote. We’ll see you after Switch Four posts on 3/26!

Switch Three Rules

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Mom to an active and opinionated 17 year old. Have a wonderful husband who allows me to keep my Sims addiction. ;) Also, an avid crafter, mostly knitting and (some) crochet, but some needlepoint and cross-stitch as well. When I have time, I also enjoy reading and music.

9 thoughts on “Play-Testing Switch Three – Extreme – Part 3

    1. I just love Tricia.. she’s so pretty, it’ll be fun to play her! I’ve already started in on testing Switch Four in Normal mode.. just taking time today to play some Drifter for a slower pace. Later, daughter and her friend and my hubby and me are all going to play board games, so that should be fun.. so I’m just wasting time until then. 🙂

      1. I looked at that murkland challenge, but it looked awfully complicated. I had trouble just getting through the rules. And it’s not like I don’t have enough stuff to do.. LOL!

      2. Maybe I’ll look at it again when I’m finished with Switch. I’m playing Drifter tonight a bit.. nothing like lawn living with a toddler. I can almost afford the shell I have planned for their house.. but until then I’m stuck on the lawn. LOL

      3. I can send you a shortened version of the rules that someone posted on facebook if you want. Then you can decide if you want to play it or not.

        Lol, that’s where I’m at too! My heir just aged to toddler, and we have one room with a bed, and the bathroom is fenced off. Oh yea, and a counter and fridge. I had to buy toddler stuff and it looks funny out on the lawn!

      4. Finally was able to afford the shell, so now they have minimal furnishings in a great big house. Turns out just the shell and the furnishings they had almost meets goal for the house… To finish it I’m going to be way over budget.

        Yeah, you could send me the abbreviated rules, it did sound interesting, just complex in the form I saw.

      5. I’m working on my shell now. I think it’ll be around 20k with no furniture. I’ll send you the rules when I get to the computer 🙂

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