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Drifter Challenge House 007 Part 1 – Day 7

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Today’s goals:

House 007 Part One Day 7:
6PM: The second contestant leaves to go on a scored date with the 
main sim to any available travel location.
When date ends: Offer a rose to the contestant that attended and
return home
12AM: Bedtime

Again, we’re to follow Ariana’s whims.

Trent is, again, the first one up, and he’s Angry. He immediately starts his day by kicking the trash can..

… and just walking away like nothing is wrong.

Then he goes to get a drink. Drinking away your problems, huh, Trent? He follows that up with taking the cup upstairs to wash it and use the bathroom. Then he takes a bath.. I must be bored because I’m literally just following him around the house.

Yay! Vincent’s up and is eating breakfast. He looks exhausted, but he’s not. He does like to complain about the mess that the kitchen is in, though. Trent comes stomping in with trash.. and I check, and it looks like he just picked up the pile outside and left the trash can lying there.

Then all the boys pitch in and get the kitchen in order.

*shocked face* Trent literally just took the food out from under Sean’s hand and walked off with it to eat it. I didn’t even know sims could steal food! LOL!

(And don’t worry about Sean, he headed back to the fridge to get something else.)

Trent spends his breakfast time  complaining/sniping at his friends because he’s angry. I’m afraid to know what those relationships are going to look like by the end of the day.

I finally get Ariana up and have her take care of needs. She starts out the day with wanting to “kiss someone” and “kiss Vincent.” Sigh.. here we go again! Meanwhile, the boys are having a conversation in the kitchen.

Trent goes to watch TV, Vincent to watch the fish, and Sean goes to hug Vincent (while thinking about Trent?).. weird interaction, but okay….

Vincent then goes to chat with Trent, who has some moodlets over-riding the anger for a while, and is happy to converse… looks like they’re talking about vacuum cleaners. (I have a private chuckle seeing the same maid as was horrified at the hot tub woohoo from yesterday is here today again.)

With all the ghosties using the tea brewer, it’s all stinky, so while she eats I have her empty it. Now the fun begins. I try “calling over” Vincent to see if he’ll leave his conversation with Trent so I can isolate him for his morning kiss. No need to antagonize Trent further. It works!

Kissin’ in the kitchen. Now she wants to make out with Vincent and schedule a date. I lock both in.. because both are possible. Now to try to find a room where other guys aren’t at.

Sean and Trent are talking/drinking in the “family room,” and I figure upstairs is probably a good bet. Better than outside, at least.

I have them make out.. and then she wants to cloudgaze with him.

Okay.. easy enough.

(Trent is in the movie theater.. apparently he liked that from yesterday.. )

…and Sean is monopolizing the TV in the family room. “Ask Vincent to be Boyfriend” no.. no can do. Flirt is next.

And that I can do. Then she wants to woohoo with him. Sigh.. isn’t that what started all the trouble yesterday?

.. Okay okay.. here goes nothing. (It’s really disconcerting to do a “woohoo with and see three possibilities. Clearly my sims lean toward monogamy under my control.) Luckily, the other two seem pretty occupied.

The next whim is be friendly with Vincent. She sure likes this guy, I’m tellin’ ya. And then the same thing again. I have her “talk about dreams” and her thought bubble is a grave? That’s a little creepy.


Then, like the previous days, we hit a dry spell. I’m afraid to have them all get together for an activity because it’s likely to go all wrong. (By this point, they ALL have high romantic relationships with her! Trent, currently has the lowest, and I think I’m going to have him be the date today.) Finally a flirt with Vincent pops up and we can do that.

I find Trent cleaning up the broken dishwasher’s mess.. so I quickly replace said dishwasher… and decide it’s his turn to chat with her.

I have them chat…

…then start flirting.. all the while carefully watching the door for other folk. Man, this sneaking around thing is stressful!

Sean.. is still watching Cooking channel.. which I find funny. And Vincent decides to go hug him.

Finally, we get another whim pop up.. and of course, it’s to talk with Vincent.

Then she wants to flirt with him.. sigh.. not here, you silly man! I have them go to the dining room next door. Sean still seems oblivious… and Trent is watching another movie. (Actually, it looks like the same one he was watching earlier. haha.)

Vincent autonomously kisses her (luckily the other guys are still preoccupied!)… and it’s getting to be time for the date.. so I break off the conversation with Vincent and go to track down Trent. Vincent immediately runs to.. some basketball. Okay then.

Trent is accepting her flirts, so I figure the date should be a “go” today (as opposed to what happened yesterday!).. so we talk for a few more minutes before asking at 6 PM as per the rules. I send them to the Ancient Ruins. I don’t think I’ve actually been there before in game, so this should be fun. First thing I do is look around. There’s a couple of benches, a bonfire.. and a bush. We’re set. LOL.

And nobody is going to interrupt us here! If Trent is to stand a chance against Vincent’s max relationship, he’s going to have to really accept everything for this date.

One of the tasks has to be “get playful” .. sigh this could be difficult. But we’ll try! She also rolls a whim to woohoo in the okay then. He just doesn’t seem to want to get playful.

Once it gets dark, other people start showing up, but we’re still going for the bush woohoo. They’ll just have to deal. LOL! (One of them is Thomas! haha)

Then he has to pee, so we let him use the bush for that.. and I go start up the bonfire.

.. And have them “dance together”. I continue to try to get him in a playful mood, but he just seems stuck on flirty. Finally, I give up.. and he goes to take a nap on a bench. Poor guy, he’s been up since ten til 6AM. The whole thing ends after that with a “legendary” date, and I send them home.

Oops.. almost forgot the rose! (again)

THEN they can go home. I send everyone to bed.. right as a ghost pops in. Who is it?


Guys, I have no idea how this is going to end, because both Trent and Vincent have both bars completely full. What happens if there’s a tie?! I guess we’ll just have to see!

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5 thoughts on “Drifter Challenge House 007 Part 1 – Day 7

  1. This was a fun day! The date went really well.
    I do hope it won’t be a tie! In my game two of the bars were very close, but there was a slight difference. Maybe the tie breaker could be based on her whims. Right after the party at day 9 the winner could be the one she gets the first whim for. That way you let your sim choose who she wants.

    1. That’s a good idea. If I base it off of who she gets a whim for, I’m almost positive it’ll be Vincent who wins. But we’ll have to see if the final day (which I haven’t played just yet) ends in a tie. There could be some serious fireworks at the party if one of them catches onto the other’s relationship with her.

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