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Drifter Challenge House 007 Part 1 – Day 6

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Today’s goals:

House 007 Part One Day 6:
6PM: The first contestant leaves to go on a scored date with the 
main sim to any available travel location.
When date ends: Offer a rose to the contestant that attended and
return home
12AM: Bedtime

Again, we’re to follow Ariana’s whims… they’ll probably all be for Vincent. (lol)

First off.. we see Taylor is still around.. and See? My ghosts love the tea brewer.

Trent is, again, the earliest up.. and also sad.

Bonus: Fat Grim is headed to go fishing again. He really likes fishing in my game!

Sean and Vincent are up next, and Vincent is apparently sad, too.

Then, to make matters worse, Vincent walks in on Sean in the bathroom (c’mon guys, there’s four full bathrooms in this house, you can find an empty one, easy.) So the one person who was happy is now embarrassed.

Luckily, Ariana sleeps through the whole thing. I finally have her get up and make her breakfast (since the fridge is empty again.. guess I’ll call in a caterer.)

While Ariana has breakfast, Sean is dancing (apparently his bubble bath over-rode the embarrassed moodlet),

….and the other two are still sad pandas. (But at least Trent is being a useful sad panda!)

The caterer is being particularly useful (not).

Then I catch an autonomous hug out behind the monster of a house… aww.

So I decide it’s a gorgeous morning, they’re all going swimming. (Since this pool has had a total of I think 3 sims in it ever.. )

That lasts all of about two seconds. They all jump in, then leave. Sigh. Okay, fine, I’m following wishes. She wants to hug someone. The last person out of the pool was Trent, so he gets the hug.

Now she’s wishing for Vincent again. Make out with and flirt with. Since he’s sad that’s going to be a tough one, but we’ll try.

Try to cheer up works.. and he’s automatically flirty. So we get both of her whims done.. now she wants to be friendly with him. And donate to charity…. haha.

Then she wants to kiss him. okay…. Then, it’s a dry spell for wants for the guys. So I send her down to dance with everyone.

.. Next it’s “cloudgaze with Vincent” .. Which is rudely interrupted (so I can’t get a picture) by one of the service sims acting inappropriately. Who knows what they did, I certainly didn’t see it. Now she wants to woohoo with Vincent and do something romantic. So I try to get him alone.

I manage to get him alone, and send them to woohoo in the hot tub. Unfortunately, the man-maid saw the whole thing because he was leaving for the day then. I laughed way too hard at it. But he looked mortified.

Then Trent walked out. ARGH. Juggling boys is NOT my cup of tea, I’m learning. She gets a “caught with another” moodlet and is VERY embarrassed… Which is not a good thing, so I try to alleviate it as much as possible before date time. .. And Trent slaps her.. that’s not a social I’ve seen before and I completely miss taking a screenshot. The funniest part of the whole thing?

Apparently the woohoo was awful.

…So it’s time for the date.. and I decide to pick the one with the lowest relationship. More because the first guy on the relationship bar is still (and will be for a while) sad. Sean, at least, seems like he’s in a good mood (although I catch him crying at “Simder” .. lol)  …. Even worse, he turns her down! Guess it’s a group outing then!

He’s all embarrassed, so I invite him to cloudgaze. Maybe that will over-ride it. No such luck.

Finally, his embarrassed moodlet wears off. Her whims are for Vincent, and he’s not even here! So we’ll just try to be romantic… in a low-key sort of way.

It’s an hour late, but she’s wishing for a date.. so I go ahead and ask. Success.

… But he’s gotta pee. This day is just a comedy of errors! I let him take a minute.. and keep cancelling her “go flirt with him” autonomous actions.

Eventually, the date is at golden, and she has one whim slot that keeps re-rolling romantic whims. She even gets one (eventually) that says “make out with Sean.” .. then flirt with Sean. Finally. Whims that don’t revolve around Vincent.

Both of them are exhausted, so I send them home. Turns out I forgot the rose.

I make up for this with a quick rose before they crash.

Trent.. is Very Angry from jealousy. So he stomps his way to bed. (A little late.. I got hung up at the date since it started late…) I change around the rooms a bit, let each of the three finalists their own room… And that’s the end of the night. Sorta anti-climactic after all the fireworks today. And no ghosts were out… so, we’ll see you tomorrow!

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11 thoughts on “Drifter Challenge House 007 Part 1 – Day 6

  1. It is a bit tense to handle several romantic relationships in a house!
    funny that the whoohoo wasn´t even good.
    The date with Sean went not really well at first, but it ended good and she even got some whims about him!

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