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Play-Testing Switch Three – Extreme – Part 1

Switch Three Rules

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And now it’s time for Alex Ritchie’s journey through Switch Three testing. And we start with the header photo of her mom playing tunes in the street. Which I see quite a lot in the first bits of this challenge.

Before starting, let’s see where Alex is.

I change this to the Writer aspiration.. this is here to show her point total.

Oh that hygiene is going to bite me in the rear, I just know it.

And she’s uncomfortable to boot. Great start! (sarcasm)

Again, I spend the first day or so running around meeting every Young Adult male I see and picking up every poster that spawns. The first thing I buy? A computer. What? Yep. Computer. She needs to be able to do her daily tasks for her Critic Career, after all.

.. And that’s how you make one filthy, miserable sim. At least she’s not too miserable to work on her writing skill.

A couple more days, and she even affords lights! Most of her money is coming from posters, though, as I have a thing for not publishing books until they’re at level 5 writing so they aren’t self-publishing. They make more money off of them if they’re sent to a real publisher.

So, now that I have a semi functional apartment, it’s time to think about the spouse again. I invite over the “first choice” from my days of hunting young adult males and proceed to work on the friendship.


Everything goes well.. once they’re friends, I start with the flirting.

First flirt.. accepted.

Next four flirts.. fail. I couldn’t begin to tell you why. So, I send him on his way and invite over my second choice male, Zayne.

This one’s all for the flirting.

First kiss…

… Boyfriend.. I can’t tell whether he looks overwhelmed or surprised. But it’s a funny screenie no matter which one he is!

And proposal. I quickly get them to elope and take a screenshot of his traits for you guys.

They’re both foodies so I’m going to have to watch their weight. I put him into the culinary career right off the bat and get him started cooking in our “kitchen”. No stove yet, but that’s okay because both of them would probably burn something (starting with themselves!)

After a couple days of this, I relent and give them a stove to actually cook on. Still no fires. (knock on wood!)

While Zayne is cooking, I send Alex out to explore the spice festival. Or, to at least try the challenge (failed it.) and to harvest all the spice festival plants for selling. Who does she run into? Mom, who’s busking yet again. We stop to chat with her for a while.

I take this next picture just in case I lose my main sim. I didn’t have enough to replace or hire a repairman, so I was stuck with repairing it on my own. She succeeded, but had me nervous the whole time she was working on it.

What followed was days of working, collecting posters, and writing/cooking. For both of them. (Although he doesn’t have writing skill, just her. Finding things for him to do when he’s not cooking becomes a problem that I solve later.)

Not too long after, I finished this apartment… so cue apartment pic spam.

I like the way it turned out. Simple yet functional. I didn’t finish out the kitchen with upper cabinets because I was already at value and was afraid of going over. It still looks alright.

Feels like this took forever! Waiting for writing to start making her money was really tough, so a lot of this apartment was furnished with poster money.

She’s already at level 6! Man, it’s fast leveling the job up for the Food critic!


This is all I’m able to afford when starting out here. Pretty sparse, but then I moved pretty much when they hit value in apartment one.

Got the kitchen mostly done and it’s time for Zayne to hit adulthood.

He doesn’t seem impressed with the process.

And now you see what I have Zayne doing since he can’t cook ALL the time. He needed a hobby, and we needed money, so this works for both.

Way to go, Alex! She’s just started to make decent money from her writing, so this is a nice bonus.

What’s that mean? Hopefully baby’s on the way. Although being that this apartment is “on the ley line” makes me wonder if it will be “babies” instead. I decided to have the nooboo early to see if the trait works.

It’s official.. she’s pregnant!

I didn’t know they got confetti at a job promotion? That’s new to me! She’s now level 7 in her Food Critic career.

It was about here that I discovered exactly why I don’t like moving with babies in bassinets. It can bug them out so they never cry or need anything, and they end up getting taken away without a single warning. Being that I didn’t know that would happen, I reverted to a previous save and vowed not to move until they were toddlers.

Meet Tricia and Brenna. The one in the black, Tricia, is the heir. They’re so cute together! (part 2 releases tomorrow!)

Switch Three Rules

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