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Drifter Challenge House 007 Part 1 – Day 5

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Today’s goals:

House 007 Part One Day 5:
2PM: the three losing fishing competition participants go on a 
group outing with main sim.
6PM: Return home
11PM: Evict the contestant with the lowest relationship status
12AM: Bedtime

Again, we’re to follow Ariana’s whims… which is always interesting, I’m finding.

The losing fishers are Jeffrey, Vincent, and Sean… so that’s who gets to go on the outing today.

Vincent wakes up at 6, terribly sad… and all I could think was “Oh, here we go again.”

The other three guys wake up and start their days..

…the last to get up is Trent, who is sad yet again.

Since she still wants to be flirty, I have her watch the romance channel while eating her breakfast. Then she wants to watch the world culture network.. so I change the channel.

Then let’s get to know Vincent. Again? This guy is a whim magnet.

We plant a kiss on him as well.

Then she wants to embrace him. Can do.

Do something romantic.. and woohoo Vincent. Well then, she’s not beating around the bush today, is she? I send them to the sauna.

Now she wants to cloudgaze with him and make out with him. Geeze, girl.. make up your mind.. friendly or more than friends.

After making out, she wants to be friendly to Vincent and hug someone. Guess we can do that at the same time.

Then she wants to compliment him. Apparently all of her whims today are for Vincent! (I found it absolutely hilarious that she complimented his outfit when he was still in a towel.. I laughed way too hard at it.)

At this point, she needed a bathroom break. Badly. And it was almost time for the outing. I let the fact that she was pretty hungry, too, dictate where the date would happen, and sent them back to the restaurant. That worked out really well last time. I would have picked someplace else, but she was hungry!

While she took her potty break, I checked on the other guys. Vincent had decided to play chess with his flirty self.. (and I managed to forget to take a picture!)

Jeffrey was flirty for who knows what reason. (aha.. watching romance TV .. while standing up.. grr.. so annoying.)

Trent was heading to the workout room to dance.

.. while Sean was already there.

Time for the outing!

We sit down at the table, I order for everyone.. Fizzy Fruity Drinks and Steaks for everyone.. yum. (Doesn’t help that I’m hungry right now.. lol …)

And at the beginning of the conversation, I quickly sneak in a flirt for Vincent.

Now she wants to woohoo him (can’t, no bush here.) and be friendly to him. You DO know there’s other people here, too, Ariana??!

Then she starts rolling wants for buying toys. So I have her talk to the lowest relationship guy there – Jeffrey. Gotta give the poor guy a chance, right? A couple socials and they’re good friends finally. (the other two are up where Best friends could happen if I was allowed to use it.)

Lots of socials and a meal later.. They all look pretty even.

Per her whim, I give Jeffrey a hug, since she didn’t say which one….

And it’s time to head home. No rose for today, thank goodness, I wouldn’t know which one to choose! Scoring will happen soon enough tonight. I dread someone else going home.

We get home… to find Ariana mourning someone. Great. Just what I need, another sad sim! (Trent is STILL sad.) Now she still wants to woohoo Vincent, and be romantic with someone. So I’ll try to track down Vincent.

He’s showering, but I nix that idea by asking for woohoo.

Now she wants to flirt with.. guess who? Vincent. She has a one track mind…

Then hug and embrace him. Sigh. Next? A “kiss someone” .. you mean I can pick anyone?! Sean has the lowest score at the moment, we’ll see if he’ll accept a kiss. Turns out he was busy watching the cooking channel. Yep! Accepted. I was sneaky and waited for Vincent to leave the room (poor guy needed a shower badly).

And she’s right back to dreaming of Vincent. Or at the very least, getting whims for him. She wants to compliment him and make out with him. Before the conversation ends with Sean, however, he tries to do something romantic and Ariana completely rejects him, so he takes a hit on the romance bar.

So I take care of the friendly stuff then get them to make out again.. and Trent walks in on them. *Facepalm* Somehow, he doesn’t take a hit in the relationship or get sad again (I have no idea how!)

And now she wants to be friendly with Vincent. She clearly has chosen HER favorite. Then she wants to flirt with someone.. and that time did tick off Trent.

At this point.. I realize everyone is in the same room. Why not start another dance party? Oh.. then I thought of the Movie Theater room I have set up in the house (and have never used!) .. Let’s do that!

Of course nobody bothers sitting down. Until I make them. I have them watch Roaring Vice .. it’s one of my faves.

Halfway through the movie someone flirts with Ariana and Trent takes another hit. Since Jeffrey is the one who got embarrassed, I’m going to go out on a limb and say it was him.

Then, Vincent got sad too. What a complicated mess of things!

After the movie, I send everyone to go dance again. One by one, they all headed off to bed….

…it was then I noticed something that made me really laugh. Vincent chose to sleep in Ariana’s double bed!! I felt bad, but when “bed time” comes around, I’ll be kicking him out to go back to his bed. He hasn’t won yet!

I left everyone sleep.. Ariana needed a shower and potty break anyway. Then it was time for scoring.

And believe it or not I came up with an exact tie. How in the.. ?!? Now what. Tried doing “confess attraction” with both of them (ticking off Trent again) .. both accepted.. and they’re still dead even.

I thought about asking Vihisha what she would do.. but I want to keep playing. So, …Fine. I’ll come up with a tie breaker. The loser of the very last competition goes home. Which means .. goodbye Jeffrey.

He seems to be okay with it on the household screen..

Poor guy can’t catch a break. While I go to kick him out, he gets scared by a ghostly Taylor!

Bye! (It totally looks like Taylor is showing him the door, doesn’t it?)

Off topic bonus.. my ghosts LOVE the tea machine. All of them do something with it whenever they come out. It’s too funny.

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8 thoughts on “Drifter Challenge House 007 Part 1 – Day 5

    1. Rooting for Sean, huh? I’m not even sure who I’m rooting for. Jeffrey has been at the bottom since day one, though, so I wasn’t sorry to see him go. It’s crazy how many wants she rolls for Vincent, though!

  1. So many sad sims!
    Cute that she complimented Vincent on his outfit when he was only wearing a towel.
    It’s funny that Jeffrey already leaves while he ended up so high in Rainy’s game!

  2. This is exactly what I had expected to happen when I did the competition! All of them autonomously flirting and everyone getting upset. You must have been ready to pull your hair out.

      1. I was definitely relieved to get back to “normal” Drifter play. I’m actually playing now (I have two monitors.) .. and wait til you see what happens at their wedding. The comedy of errors continues!

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