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Play-Testing Switch Three – Normal – Part 3

Switch Three Rules

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And.. we’re back with the Nashes! One last post before tomorrow going to see how the Ritchies’ fare in Switch Three. Bet you can’t wait! *wink*

Apparently, I left the game right at Seiji’s birthday. At least I remembered in time to give him a cake. And don’t ask about the shades. He apparently thought he needed them while swimming indoors. *roll eyes*

He’s not impressed with becoming an elder. Then again, who would be?

Jaiden’s turn for a birthday!

… Guess he outgrew the pink thing? … I see a potential for him in athletics.. poor guy must have had too much cake.

He doesn’t seem happy about it.. but at least he’s not alone, I have Sarah working out with him.

Phoenix takes her music seriously.

I promised Seiji that if he got to the top of his career (and he did) that I would let him work on his fishing aspiration. So this is me making good on that.

Later, I even let him go to Sylvan glade…

And keep him there long enough to need a moodlet solver. I wish we had porta-potties in this game! hehehe…

Finishing up Phoenix’s creative aspiration. I don’t plan to do any more aspirations with her, since Seiji is busy fishing..

… And Jaiden is busy elsewhere. I gave Jaiden the City Native aspiration to get the “home turf” trait, but I have no interest in actively working on the aspiration with Jaiden as a teen.

….. Now there’s a painting I’ve never seen before. Nice, Sarah. I had to laugh at it, though, it looks so funny.

Yet another painting I’ve never seen.

There is such a nice view from the “dining room” in this house. Seriously. I love the San Myshuno ambiance.

Sarah’s turn to be an elder.

Poor thing is sick on her birthday. That stinks.

Ainsley Priestly: Geek, Childish.. potential mate? Jaiden had the opportunity to bring home a friend from school, and I figured “why not?”

She has a very expressive face.


Love childish sims, they’re so funny. Apparently she carries around a triceratops in her pocket. (She actually left it behind when she went home.)

What a face she has. Love it. I really might have to think about getting these two together, depending on what trait she ages up into.

Linda Reis .. definitely not a potential Romantic Interest. LOL. Ok, so she’d come over three days in a row angry and kept tanking the relationship, and a “fight” option showed up.. so I indulged Jaiden and let her have it.

Jaiden wins!

Now he has a new enemy. I don’t let my sims make enemies very often, but I decided “why not?” this time.

Afterwards, Jaiden tells her to go and peacefully does his homework, like nothing happened. Too funny.

More fishing for Seiji. I could stay in Sylvan Glade all the time, it’s so pretty to look at!

Seiji doesn’t appear to be too into the game, he’s busy watching the TV.

Family time. Sorta. Everyone’s doing something different.. and Phoenix .. what is that face??

Seriously, Phoenix, you creep me out sometimes.

Sibling homework time.

Oh no, Seiji.. I was hoping he would hang on a couple more days.

No such luck. Poor guy. Wait.. what is that on Grim’s belt..?

Dead freezer bunny? Or rather, undead..? Too funny!!

Bye Seiji!

He didn’t quite have enough time to catch all his fish. But he got close! (These were taken a day or two before he passed on, just in case.)

This picture is to remind me that she finished her aspiration…. but it also reminded me that that little plaque on the wall means they collected all the City Living posters and completed a collection. First plaque I’ve ever gotten in Sims 4!

Anyway. She finished this.

And I switched to this out of curiosity’s sake, and bam another one completed.

There she goes with the faces again.

Being a teen doesn’t seem to agree with her.

Family time. Oh.. and somehow..? Jaiden never got the sad moodlet from his Dad passing. Everyone else did.. and he was home.. he just didn’t get it. I have no idea how.

Look who’s visiting.

Aww… Ghostie love.


And that’s my cue to post all the final stats.

Not bad, there, Sarah!

Lots of extra points..

Phoenix only had some 1,500 points so I don’t bother showing those off.

Final family and funds.. and now it’s time for a small house tour..

Overhead shots of the layout of the three floors. I didn’t change a whole lot from the EA configuration.

And that’s a completed Switch Three for the Nashes! See you tomorrow for the Ritchie’s turn.

Switch Three Rules

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