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Drifter Challenge House 007 Part 1 – Day 4

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Today’s goals:

House 007 Part One Day 4:
8AM: Fishing contest
10AM: End of fishing contest
4PM: The contestant who won the fishing contest goes on a scored 
date with the main sim to any available travel location.
When date ends: offer rose to the contestant in attendance and 
return home.
12AM: bedtime

Again, we’re to follow Ariana’s whims.

Ooh! Say hi to Mika. She gets herself some tea and then leaves it on the counter. Thanks, Mika.

Trent wakes up with his jealousy moodlet, so he’s sad for the day. (Unless of course I can get him to cheer up)

The rest of the boys slowly wake up and start attending to their needs.

Trent seems to cheer up while cleaning up the dishes…?

Then, the fishing competition starts.

We have a three way tie at the halfway point, and shortly after…

… Jeffrey is the first one to quit fishing, having caught absolutely nothing.

The three way tie fishes for another hour as per rules.

At the end of that hour, Trent has an apple, a fish, and an upgrade part, totaling 100 simoleons worth.

Sean just has his one fish, totaling 7 simoleons.

Vincent also just has his 7 simoleon fish. So Trent wins by a landslide.

Feeling bad for Trent, as soon as everyone is back home, I try to cheer him up. It works! Usually it doesn’t work for me, so this is a nice change.

Soon as I’ve got that done, I see about her other whims. She wants to kiss someone and  get to know Vincent. Since we’re already talking to Trent, we give him the kiss and then head off to find Vincent. (she rolls a second “get to know” Vincent after the kiss.. LOL)

We “get to know” Vincent for both of her whims… Make out with Vincent and “do something romantic” show up.

Can do!  …Then two flirt with Vincents. I’m starting to see a pattern.

Meanwhile, Trent is cooking. Thank god he chose a salad.

Jeffrey’s eating… and Sean is listening to music.

Then she wants to hug someone and watch romance on the TV. Watch world culture network… then some random fitness ones that we cancel. Fine. I’ll find someone to hug. Sean has the lowest relationship, so we’ll go hug him.

Schedule a date pops up. We’ll do that in a bit, there Ariana. And donate to a charity… repeatedly. So I give up on re-rolling stuff and put everyone into a group for some dancing.

While dancing, I see a bunch of notices about all the guys getting to be good friends, which I find hilarious. There’s also some romance minuses, but from what I didn’t see.

Date accepted. I decide to head to the Bluffs.

She wants immediately to become flirty and get to know Trent. Both of which I can work on. Too bad he’s once again Sad…?! Try to cheer up fails.. so let’s try getting to know him. Now she wants to woohoo with him. That’s going to be tough with him being upset and all. But we’ll work on it.

Flirt rejected.. let’s try something else. Maybe I can get him to be playful with joking and then work our way to romance? Flirt rejected again. Hmm…

I finally get him flirting .. things are looking GREAT!

Then suddenly he’s back to being sad and pushes her away. 😦 I’m so shocked that I miss the actual push in the screenshot.

The date meter wants us to sit and talk.. so I go do that, trying very slowly to work my way back to a nice conversation. Finally, I get him back to playful, then flirty..

and before things change again, I have her ask to woohoo in the friendly neighborhood bush.

As they’re woohooing the date ends.

So as soon as they’re back out, I give him the rose and hightail it home. By this point, they’re both filthy from frolicking in the bush.. lol.. so going home is high on the list of priorities.

At this point, she still wants to be flirty (she never got that far on the date.. lol) and kiss someone. First, though.. shower and bed. We’ll get to those tomorrow. Everyone tucks themselves in while Ariana finishes her midnight snack and goes to bed.


Meanwhile, Jennie is out. She’ll keep the house safe while everyone sleeps.

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14 thoughts on “Drifter Challenge House 007 Part 1 – Day 4

    1. Yeah, he was sad as soon as he got home too. He switched between emotions so many times on that date, it was hard to keep up with him. I was just very lucky I caught him at a good moment for that woohoo.

    1. He had the jealousy moodlet, sad for 16 hours or something (at least that was how long it was when I checked.) Not the last time he gets that moodlet in the competition, either.

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