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Play-Testing Switch Three – Normal – Part 1

Switch Three Rules

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So we’re back to the Nashes. Well, at least Sarah Nash. The rest had to be left behind. Before we do anything else, let’s see where she is for starting up.

First thing I do is get her a job, since I have to reach max level in the Critic career. It offers her a boost if I complete the work from home requirement.. and since I can travel in Normal mode, I go ahead and accept the boost.

Wasn’t thinking about it, but it turns out she gets her royalties from her licensed song from the last Switch. That will definitely come in handy!

Then we head out to the neighborhood.. we have posters to collect and eligible males to meet!

I swear she’s just talking, not slapping him! This guy seems like a possibility. Don’t know his third trait, but he’s a glutton and lazy sim. Not too bad traits, but could be better.

This one’s an outgoing bro.. unemployed but that’s easy to fix.

The friendly local librarian is also a possibility. Neat and Bookworm.

Working on her writing skill as per the requirements for her job. Since I can travel, the library is fair game. It’ll be a few days until she gets a computer of her own.

Geekcon happens right outside her front door, so we decide to participate.. and who else do we see there?

Hi mom! We chat for a while, then notice one of our possible males is nearby, so we go to chat up Seiji.

We find out his third trait is family oriented. Definitely a good thing. And he’s single! This one seems like a perfect match.

After Geekcon ends (and we don’t win anything), we invite Seiji over to talk and maybe romance a bit.

Everything seems to be going smoothly, so we angle for a first kiss.

Success! Since I already have a bathroom and a double bed, we go ahead and move him in. No hitches there, he was in a household all to himself and brought in 19k+ funds…. which we immediately cheat back to our 29 bucks. So sad, but we can’t keep his starter money!

While Sarah is at work, I send Seiji to the park .. he wants to be an angler and there’s frogs and collectibles to pick up at the park. We keep him there until he catches his first fish, then head home to pick up Sarah for a trip to the library.

Both need to use the computer – for Seiji I got a business job so he needs to fill out reports, and Sarah needs to write a column. I also have her write her first book, although we’re waiting until level 5 writing to publish it.

The proposal was a success! I had them get married right afterwards.

Look who we found out in the neighborhood – Mom! I was really out there to get food, but some socializing works, too!

Apartment switch time.. so cue apartment picture spam:

That wasn’t too bad. Here’s what I was able to afford in the second apartment:

Not much. But the nice thing about this apartment is there’s plenty of fun stuff to do outside. Flea Markets, basketball, plenty of snow globes and posters.. I like this neighborhood.

Seiji seems to like it as well. There’s not much for a business sim to do at this point in the game (I find out later this isn’t exactly true, he should have been working on logic and charisma) so I have him playing basketball outside.

Breakfast before we head out collecting. At this point, most days I’m having Sarah work from home so she has plenty of things to do.

More posters..

… Paying bills…

Skilling time. Writing and Logic, if you can’t tell by the picture.

Look who’s got a spiffy suit to work in. Nice, Seiji!

Seiji is at work and Sarah needs social, so we just talk to random people on the street.

Mom’s out and about again. She seemed to be getting a lot of attention from the walkers-by, too.

Time to move again. I decide not to have my family in this tiny apartment. I also went with a bright theme.. I think it looks neat. Cue pic spam again:

Pretty good, I’d say! Also, as you can see, I bought her some new traits. Will make it easier to get promotions and money.

Oh, and she’s at level 6 in her job so far.  I took the arts branch with her, I’ve played a couple levels of it before, but nothing into the top levels, so this should be interesing. I plan to have the heir when she’s at level 7, just to make sure I have time.

This is all I’m able to afford in the third apartment. Also note I did move the bathroom wall farther back, it didn’t need to be that big. I also rearrange the walls a bit as I decorate, you’ll see that later.

We even have  a separate room for a studio/office.

Yep! Baby on the way! .. And that means she’s at level 7 as a critic.

We invite Sarah’s sister Erika over and give her a key. (I revoke it very soon after because she is constantly over and leaving glasses of water everywhere in the apartment. It was very annoying.)

Yet another painting picture?

Yep! Level 10 painting. Don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Just for grins, I send her to the spice festival and have her try the curry challenge. Apparently she did well enough that she got a t-shirt, which marks a first for me.

After work every day, Seiji works on filing reports to keep the promotions coming. Often, he ends up with a focused moodlet.. I, personally, would end up with a “bored” one. LOL.

Meet Jaiden! Isn’t he adorable? I waited to move apartments until he was a toddler.. for some reason I don’t like moving when they’re babies because it tosses them in the family inventory.. poor things. Anyway.. waiting for him to be a toddler gave me ample time to save up for the next apartment, because it’s pretty costly. Cue apartment three spam: (I went with a powder blue theme.. I like it! Oh, and as I said, some walls were added.. like this one here in the first picture behind the workout gear.)

On the other side of the wall… the living room.

I also added this half wall between the living room and the kitchen.

Here’s a better picture of the wall arrangement when it was done:

There’s that level 7 job.. and as you can see, by the time we moved, she was just about ready to hit level 8!

Well, we’ll see you in part 2 (which will automatically publish tomorrow)!

Switch Three Rules

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