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Play-Testing Switch Two – Extreme – Part 2

Switch Two Rules

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More fun with the Ritchie family!


Here’s the toddler cuteness pic I didn’t get to last time. Not sure about the hat and glasses, though, Alex… luckily you’ll probably be spending most of your time in your jammies.


“Honey.. One toddler isn’t enough.. I’m pregnant again!” Kobe tried his hardest to look surprised. It wasn’t very convincing.


Cute toddler spam. I just love when they do this in the bathtub. And cue more spam..

02-25-17_10-38-33-pm02-26-17_12-29-16-am 02-26-17_12-31-34-am

What’s this a cooking pic?


Yup! Nicely done Athena!


Alex being cute again.


Time for Kobe to age up. He’s an adult now.

Cue even more toddler spam.. lol

02-26-17_1-32-14-am 02-26-17_1-33-07-am 02-26-17_2-02-30-am

Somehow I never got a shot of Mason as a baby. He’s the one in the hat in this photo. Alex is in her pj’s so no hat. It’s a cute hat, sure, EA.. but do we have to have two of them in one house?!


The humor and hijinks festival finally shows up in town. I join the jokers, as usual, and they win. The toddlers stayed at home, so the adults had a good mini vacation. Shot off our fireworks at the end of the festival (for some reason, the fireworks stand never opened up so I couldn’t buy them earlier?!) for City Native aspiration, then headed home.


Proof that Mason has his daddy’s hair color.


Time for Alex’s birthday!


Aww.. what a cutie.


The protest I donated money to for the aspiration.


Again for City Native aspiration, have to paint a mural at my new art center (which you totally don’t get to see based on these two photos..)


The finished work.


First aspiration for Alex. Wonder how many she’ll get?


If you look closely, you can almost see another nooboo belly. Yup.. there’s more kids in their future. (I have to keep myself occupied, and it’s not like they don’t have enough room in this apartment.)


Welcome baby Shaun (a boy)!


More toddler cuteness.


Well done Athena! At least that’s done. Now I just have to wait for the Romance Festival to show up. (Unfortunately, we end up having to wait another whole week for it!)


Happy birthday, Athena! She finally follows Kobe into adulthood. In other news, she actually isn’t pregnant in this photo (hence, the birthday.)


Second aspiration for Alex…


And, finally, the Romance fest shows up!


Is that Alex working on her third aspiration?




Three kids aren’t an even number. Time for the fourth.


Alex’s birthday.. finally. Three aspirations done just in time!


Oh! How pretty! She looks just like her mom.. and the same hairstyle doesn’t help with that.


Mason gets his first aspiration.


Is that Athena eating Strawberries? Yup, it sure is. We already have two boys and the boy bedroom has no room for another bed. Time for a girl. I just hope this works.


Yikes.. I hope she’s not having twins! She’s HUGE!


Kobe walking through the house?


.. To remind me to post these. Nice masterpiece


.. And the final one he needs.


Don’t worry, Athena.. I know labor stinks, but this is the last kid. I promise.


Welcome to Tamara. Yep, the strawberries worked.


I caught Alex taking care of the baby.. what a good girl.


Kobe’s elder birthday.


And now it’s time for Shaun’s birthday, too.


Shaun.. what even are you wearing on your head…?


Sibling homework time.

Playing games for Shaun’s aspiration.

Look who grew up! Hi, Tamara!

Proof that Shaun’s a cutie under that turban.

A better picture of Tamara. Learning skills with mommy.

Mason gets his second aspiration.

Just in time to grow up.

.. Interesting. Apparently there was too much cake eaten.. lol!

Finally found something I needed to put out on the balcony. This is one of the few times I remembered to use it.

Why am I so excited about this bulletin board in the lobby? Because it means the last thing Athena needs for her City Native aspiration, the Geekcon, is coming next!

Finally a decent picture of Kobe.. while he teaches Tamara some skills.

Practicing for the competition at Geekcon.. programming skill is pretty high now so she shouldn’t have any trouble winning.

See? Goals complete!

Sorry about the walls down.. Still a good picture of Alex, though.

Tada! Way to go Alex!

Why the weird picture looking up the stairs?

Because that last painting she sold got her this aspiration! Yay!

Tamara’s birthday. That means only one day left until Alex’s.

Oh, what a cutie!

Shaun gets his “A” just in the nick of time.

Another walls down picture. Apparently I have the instruments in weird unable to take picture locations.

With nothing else to do, I had Athena finishing out her guitar.

Another weird picture because…

Yay Kobe! I didn’t think he was going to make it.

Kobe sneaking in another painting after getting…

… This. Just barely in time for Alex’s birthday.

And that means that I officially have all the goals complete. I don’t take any pictures of Alex’s skills or traits, because hers will be shown in the Switch Three testing post. Here’s everyone else’s.

Not too bad for a spouse. Look at all those happiness points! (He was also within a few days of death, so I barely avoided Alex having a sad moodlet.)

She was busy!

I had so many points leftover!

Four maxed skills? I think that’s a record for me in skills in sims.. and she’s close to maxing programming too.

Even Mason didn’t do too bad considering I wasn’t really focusing on him.

And Shaun and Tamara. I didn’t show their points because they were pretty negligible.

Final household and their available funds.

Lot worth.. definitely was over the 100k needed. And I’ll finish this post off with two overhead shots of the apartment. I figure you guys have seen most of the apartment through all these pictures, anything more than these two shots are overkill.

Well, we’ll see you in Switch Three!

Switch Two Rules

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    1. Yeah, I was surprised she only had one, too. I was so dreading the possibility of twins with all three kids I already had. I just had to keep myself busy with toddlers, though.. I was so bored getting through the end of that Switch testing.

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