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Drifter Challenge House 007 Part 1 – Day 3

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Today’s goals:

House 007 Part One Day 3:
2 PM: The two painting competition winners go on a group outing
5 PM: The person on this outing with the highest relationship is
offered a rose
6 PM: Return home
11 PM: Evict the contestant with the lowest relationship
12 AM: Bedtime

Again, we’re to follow Ariana’s whims.

Taylor sighting!


Thomas and Trent (today’s group outing contestants) are up at 4:30.. why, I couldn’t tell you.. but I foresee they’re going to be tired later!

Cleaning house..
Watching TV…
Eating breakfast…

Finally, all the boys are up and taking care of their needs.

03-04-17_9-30-37-am 03-04-17_9-30-51-am

Ariana wakes up and takes a shower and bathroom break. I notice two things. First, Sean has a “drifting love” moodlet, and second – the fridge is completely empty. I have Ariana hire a caterer to fill up the fridge, but there’s very little I can do for Sean. Ariana eats a snack then starts in on following her whims. First thing she wants to do is chat with Vincent and hug someone. Then she rolls “tell a joke” so I figure we can do all those things pretty easily.


Vincent is in a conversation with Jeffrey.. and Ariana rolls a want to kiss Vincent. I don’t think this is going to go well.. but she wants to, so ok. (We nixed a “ask to be boyfriend” want for Vincent before this one popped up.)

03-04-17_9-38-04-am 03-04-17_9-38-24-am

Yet another want for a kiss.. and a want to woohoo Vincent shows up. Here goes nothing.. it’s not like this conversation wasn’t really strange already!


We just have time for her last two whims before the outing: get to know Vincent and be friendly with Vincent. A “get to know” interaction solves both.


Time for the outing! I’m going to send them to my nightclub.

Get to know Trent and flirt with Trent show up, so we start out with those.


Next it’s “hug” and “kiss” so we work our way up to a first kiss with him.

03-04-17_9-58-34-am 03-04-17_10-00-19-am

A want to Woohoo shows up, but I neglected to put a bush down here, so we’ll skip it for now. Then she wants to dance to the DJ so I have them “dance together”.


I found it funny that most the “people” here are ghosts..


A want to do something romantic comes up and I decide to have her do that with Thomas so he isn’t left out.

03-04-17_10-05-02-am 03-04-17_10-09-44-am

Eventually, she’s back to wishing for Trent, so we go get her flirt on with him. Thomas heads to the bathroom.


Then we hit a dry spell on wants.. nothing is do-able. After some more dancing and talking, it’s time for the score.


Checking the relationships, Trent comes out a slight, but clear winner.. so we offer him a rose in an already Awkward conversation.


Rose is accepted, then time is up so I send everyone home.


She still has her want to woohoo with Trent.. so I send her over for a couple of flirts.. and wouldn’t you know it, but now she wants to woohoo in the hot tub. We’ll give it a go! Soon as they finish the hot tub woohoo, Trent gets a drifting love moodlet. Sims logic – go figure.


She also has two “get to know” Vincent whims, so let’s do those. Embrace and make out.

03-04-17_10-24-44-am 03-04-17_10-26-32-am

Can do. Another dry spell on wants, so I send her off to talk to someone other than Trent and Vincent!


Time to score again.

Vincent 4 + 4 = 8
Sean 3 + 1 = 4
Trent 3 + 3 = 6
Jeffrey 2 + 1 = 3
Thomas 1 + 2 = 3

With a tie for the lowest, I’m torn about what to do. Both say “Romantic Interest” so that’s no help, either. I base the “leave” vote on the fact that she’s currently socializing with Jeffrey, therefore her relationship with him is higher after the socialization.


So, that leaves Thomas out in the cold. Sorry, Thomas. I have her “just be friends” with him before he leaves. Bye Thomas!

Bonus: Hi Mika!!


House 007 Part 1 – Day 2 < | > House 007 Part 1 Day 4



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