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Play-Testing Switch Two – Normal – Part 3

Switch Two Rules

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And we’re back to the Nash household.


Helping out with homework for the guaranteed focused moodlet for Sarah’s Whiz kid aspiration.


Poor Iris. When I loaded up the game, I forgot it was her birthday so she spun into adult age all by herself later that night. Now she’s sad!


Sarah came home with an “A”, but no silly clothes. Is it sad to say I missed them?


But getting that “A” finished her Whiz Kid aspiration. I get her started on the Rambunctious Scamp one next.


The new toddler in the household. Meet Erika. Such a cutie.


Good job, Matt! Unfortunately, because I married him as an adult, he’s also reaching the end of his life.


More cute toddler pics. I just can’t resist them!


Sarah at the park working on her Rambunctious Scamp aspiration. She met a new little friend, too!


Yeah, I knew this one was coming..


Which is why I took this a day or two early. He had a good life after he became “my” sim. The entire family mourns him.


Apparently Grim likes Sims, too. (Side note: Those of you who read my drifters will note that this particular Grim is still skinny!)


Great picture of playtime with mom. Such a cute pose.


“Daddy?” I thought it was cute that he was watching over her while she played on her tablet.


Aww.. no more toddler!


.. But she aged up pretty! Way to go Erika!


Working on Erika’s Whiz Kid aspiration.


While Sarah works on her THIRD aspiration, the Rambunctious Scamp.


Got it!


A cute shot of the sisters.


And then.. it’s teenager time!


Aww.. Sarah grew up pretty! (If only you knew the things in store for you, young lady..)


Iris needs only to mentor someone for three hours to get her aspiration complete. Since she’s level 10 in guitar, and can mentor Sarah now that she’s a teen, we go for it.


Grats Iris! One more aspiration down for her.


The girls having breakfast before school one day.


Later that night, all three are finally at the table together. It happens so rarely I just had to take a picture of it.


Look who’s visiting again!


Ghost woohoo? I could have moved him back in.. but decided not to. Iris seemed happy to see him again, though, since she hadn’t seen him on his previous visits.


Iris painting.. as usual.


But that masterpiece you see at the right of the above photo gives her another aspiration complete.


Took a picture in case she sets herself on fire. She doesn’t. (This time.)


Now the sisters are best friends, too.


And Erika got her Whiz Kid complete.. with plenty of time left over to work on the next one. (I believe she does finish it, but I think I forget to take a picture.)


Why the stressed-out face, I don’t know.. but she’s writing music to work on her musician aspiration. I decided to let her go for the aspiration finish, because I didn’t have anything else planned for her at the moment, it gave me something to do.


Plus.. she finished her guitar skill.


And yes, this fire is completely Sarah’s fault. I was trying to have her raise her baking skill, but it didn’t work out so well. I decide enough is enough and ban her from the kitchen for the day.


I switched over to this because I was curious how much she had made through painting. Turns out it finished right away, so she’s made quite a lot!


Time for Erika to grow up!


Aww.. another cutie. I hope I get to see her around town in the next Switch.


And.. because Erika is now a teen and can play guitar, and Sarah needs 3 hours of mentoring.. I get them to work. Three hours later, and Erika stops playing guitar, happier that she can go work on her Joker aspiration. (Obviously, she won’t get it, there’s only one day left, but we can start on it.)


First ever time I’ve finished an adult aspiration on a teen. Nice job, Sarah.. and with one day to spare, too. (Haha)


Turns out, Iris shares a birthday with Sarah this time around, so I let her age up first. She doesn’t seem pleased to be an elder, does she?


And.. the last thing I have her do (other than a quick outfit change for this last photo).


Challenge complete! Heir is now a young adult, which means it’s time to pause the game and finish everything up.


Proof I got the 100k value I needed.. and a really fast overhead “tour” of the house I spent most of the Switch in.

03-02-17_6-55-04-pm 03-02-17_6-55-11-pm

That little red room off to the right of the master bedroom I designed as a walk-in closet using clutter items, but it was a real pain to take a photo in, so you’ll just have to believe me that it looks pretty cool.


Iris’ Finish “time” .. and a look at all of her traits.


Look how many points she still had to spend!!


And.. finally.. the funds available at the end of the challenge. They certainly weren’t hurting for money!

Switch Two Rules

Back to Part 2 < | >



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