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Play-Testing Switch Two – Normal – Part 1

Switch Two Rules

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Welcome back to the Nash family’s strange journey through decorating San Myshuno, or – in other words, Switch Two of the Apartment Switch challenge.

When Iris (our heir) aged up I chose the Musical Genius Aspiration. She will be switching back and forth between it and the City Native one as she works to get both.

as21start1 as21start2

Starting skills: (I specifically avoided skills she would be working on in Switch Two, so that I could test whether it was possible starting from basically nothing useful.)


Needs (I was careful she was high on these) and Traits:



And the dreaded Money Shot:


No funds at all, so she’s ready to go..!


Day one. Meeting any male that passes by of the marrying age. (Young Adult, of course!) This guy was an adult, but there wasn’t another young adult around at that moment.


Sleeping stinky on a bench. You’d think I was doing a Drifter Challenge! Poor Iris.


Posters! The lifeblood of the beginning of this challenge.


This guy was one of our two top candidates of Young Adults. Good traits, bad job, but the job can be changed. Problem: he’s a single dad. Now, I have nothing against single dads per se, but I just don’t have the extra funds and space to allow for an extra room at this stage of the game.


This one.. I didn’t find out about it until I tried moving him in. The OTHER top candidate.. said it right on his “job” title. “Stay at Home Dad” .. and he was single. So.. stuck without any other really good options… (long story short, the only other option at young adult that I saw got moved in only to find out he was bugged with “1 day to age up” glitch and was unable to age at all… so I went back to my beginning save and started over. The same sims were around, so I was good to go.


We ended up going for an Adult. This cutie. And yes, we’re stalking him right by the public bathrooms. Gotta stay in your home turf, there, Iris.


His stats. The job.. we’ll change.


Yep! He likes us!


The proposal in the hallway. Could you guys pick harder spots to photograph well??


In the apartment this time. As you can see, I was finally able to afford lights. When taking photos, it’s very important otherwise you just can’t see anything in the pictures. Technically, I bought the bed and the shower first.. the lights came third. Too bad I can’t keep the 20k Matt came with….


The job taken care of.. now he’s a painter.


And honey.. that’s not going to happen. Let’s try the painting one instead.


After trying to earn money with just collecting, I gave up and set Iris to painting. With a couple of traits purchased with all her spare points, she was in business, even without having a job. The reason for no job, you’ll see a bit later.


I actually was able to afford the first week’s rent without working for it for two days!


… With this. What a cute couple.


I found a place to put a table in this tiny apartment. Barely. But they seem to like it. At this point, I realize my apartment is up to value, and I’m moving on. So.. picture spam!

02-19-17_7-09-38-pm 02-19-17_7-09-48-pm 02-19-17_7-10-00-pm

Obviously, I got rid of the second room wall. I just hated not having any living space to move around in, and I didn’t need the second bedroom.



Not too bad! Slower than I would have liked, but I puttered around a while before settling on painting.


This is what I was able to buy with in the second apartment with what I had after move-in.


And this… is why she has no job. She has musical skills to work on. Now that I can actually afford luxuries, like a guitar, she gets started on the City Native aspiration. (I’ve elected to learn level 3 guitar, and sing along with it to kill two birds with one stone. From the research I’ve done, it’s one of the best ways to do it. We’ll see how it works.


Trying out busking. With only level 4-5 in guitar.. she makes some decent money. Not enough to quit painting over.. but definitely does get some cash.


She collects a small following, too. Proving that I was busking because I was bored.. I finish the decor of apartment two, and am ready to move on. Pic spam:

02-19-17_9-07-58-pm 02-19-17_9-08-17-pm 02-19-17_9-08-29-pm 02-19-17_9-08-53-pm

(The very best picture I could get of the kid’s room. Sad, huh?)


I think I fit a lot in for being such a dinky apartment.



And in two days! That was fast! Based on what I was able to afford in the new place, however… the third is going to take me considerably longer. (Downstairs and upstairs pics below.)

02-19-17_9-30-22-pm 02-19-17_9-30-35-pm

Pretty slim pickins. Also: I moved a wall upstairs for the little painting nook. I didn’t like the shape of the bedrooms. In the downstairs, that balcony door gets moved as well…. and the kitchen arch, for that matter.


And.. anyone who watches my stories knows what this means.. if I’m taking pictures of woohoo, then it’s for a baby.


Cheers.. and really bad picture.


Matt seems happy about it.. if you don’t mind the big pause before clapping.


I moved the painting easels out to the balcony. You can’t argue with it being a gorgeous view.


This picture is for two things.. one.. Matt’s getting his paintings viewed for his aspiration… and that little blond girl? Is one of the single dad’s daughters mentioned earlier in the post. I just thought it was funny seeing her around town. Without her dad, no less.


Iris looking at her pictures. I don’t think the baby’s ready to appreciate it yet. I keep changing between aspirations on Iris.. I think she’s working mostly on the painting one at this time, but she’s got about half the music one, and .. well, still working on the City Native one. The one I actually need to complete.


We go to the Stargazer Lounge (no travel restrictions on normal, remember!) and use the bubble blowers there. While she’s there, I give Karaoke a try. Nobody’s much interested in her singing, but then she’s only level 4, she’s not very good yet.


Awww.. cuddlies on the couch. This picture just made me realize how bad that blank wall looks.


Hence.. this photo. Much better. It matches the rug. Kind-of.


She’s starting to get pretty good at this singing stuff. At least it’s not cringe-worthy anymore.


Matt trying to bring in money while his wife practices in the kitchen. He’s not very good at it, though.


Aww.. she’s really getting into it.


Why do I always try for baby in the middle of the night?? For some reason, I decide to actually follow them to the hospital.. something I very rarely do.


Matt’s still freaking out. Too funny.


The receptionist takes forever. As usual.


I’d give him that look, too, Iris. He’s just being silly at this point.


If you look closely, you can see both the bundle and the baby.. I almost got worried about twins.


But then I remembered my luck. I’m not having trouble with the challenge, therefore no twins. Meet Sarah.


Aww.. finally best friends!


Team jokers for the Humor and Hijinks festival.


Go go team Humor!


I get tired of waiting for the free fireworks, and just buy some of my own.


Whee! Sparklies!

02-20-17_11-30-16-am 02-20-17_11-30-39-am

And the finale. Our dog, however, thinks the sky is falling and runs out of the room while the fireworks go off in the GAME. Silly dog. I’ve met braver Chihuahuas. (You should see her in thunderstorms. Not even kidding.)

Then it’s on to the next adventure for City Native. The only one of three that I can do on my own without a festival or a protest going on (which may take some time…..) .. is painting a mural at the Art Center. So, just to be safe, I kick this poor girl off her mural, remove it, start one of my own.. and start taking pictures. It’s my first mural.. give me a break.. of course I pic spam!

02-20-17_11-42-02-am 02-20-17_11-42-16-am 02-20-17_11-43-27-am 02-20-17_11-43-44-am 02-20-17_11-43-55-am 02-20-17_11-44-17-am

Without help, murals take forever. Take note. It’s dark now.


And painting the nature mural got her max skill. Awesome. No wonder her paintings make so much money.


And I leave you with this. Sarah is going to be a knock-out. Look at those eyes. Love her!

Switch Two Rules

Switch One Part 2 < | > Switch Two Part 2



Mom to an active and opinionated 17 year old. Have a wonderful husband who allows me to keep my Sims addiction. ;) Also, an avid crafter, mostly knitting and (some) crochet, but some needlepoint and cross-stitch as well. When I have time, I also enjoy reading and music.

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