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Drifter Challenge House 007 Part 1 – Day 2

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Today’s goals:

House 007 Part One Day 2:
8 AM: Painting competition
2 PM: Group Outing with the four lowest painters
5 PM: Give a rose to the contestant with the highest relationship 
on this outing
6 PM: return home
Kick out one contender (lowest relationship score on outing)
12 AM: Bedtime

Again, we follow Ariana’s whims. But before we get started.. It’s ghost watching time.


At least he’s being useful.


Bye Trace!

There’s a little activity in the house before the painting competition, but not much.


Thomas elects for an early morning workout, while the other few souls up are seeing about breakfast.

At 8 AM, everyone except Ariana wakes up as if on cue. Most are hungry.. but they’re going to have to wait for food. As per instructions, every contestant is sent to an easel (unlocking the studio door first, of course).


Everyone seems to really be taking this seriously, and working really hard on their small classic paintings.


I send Ariana to go get breakfast. Never know when she’ll get another chance to eat, and she doesn’t exactly have to supervise the boys. That would just be weird.


The painting continues.

One by one, they finish their paintings and head off to take care of other needs, mostly hunger or pee. Sean beelines for the TV.

neilpaint seanpaint jeffreypaint trentpaint thomaspaintvincentpaint

Vincent takes his time and is the only one to hit painting level 2 during his painting session.


Totaling up the paintings.. We have a tie that must go into a paint-off. Sean and Trent tie for second place, and since I need to know who’s second vs who’s third, I send them back to paint again.


Ariana rolls up a completely unreal want.. deciding she suddenly wants a boyfriend. No. Just no ….and then she goes to prune the bonsai tree. (making herself focused, of all things.)


I send the two boys off for the painting competition round 2.


Then, she wants to get to know Vincent. That I can do.

Kiss someone? I don’t think her relationship is high enough to even attempt it with anyone… She just keeps rolling wishes for the dart board and the foosball tables. (Finally, I delete them so she can start having whims for the boys. I am eventually left wondering why I did that.. lol.. so much chaos….)


I decide to have everyone dance together. Since it’s an activity everyone can do together.


Sean loses the painting competitions which means that Sean, Neil, Vincent, and Jeffrey are the sims to go on today’s outing, Thomas and Trent go on tomorrow’s.


In the intervening time before the outing, I have them dancing and chatting with as many of them as is possible.


The outing.. Ariana calls for transportation.. again, it’s Sean, Neil, Vincent, and Jeffrey.. and I send them to the Drifter restaurant I built (and recently upgraded to allow for bigger parties of sims to visit).


I have a heck of a time trying to get all of them sitting at the same table.


Everyone keeps wandering off to go to the bathroom.


I order for the table.. roast chicken and root beer floats. sounds good to me (except for the root beer, I only like root beer in candy form.. lol)


Eventually, I do get them all sitting at the same table. We were even given a patio table, which is a first for me at this restaurant, and it makes for some really nice screenshots.


Anyone who reads my “Travelers” blog will laugh because this lady in the pinkish shirt shows up at the table and stays for a while, just like the paparazzi showed up at the Traveler’s table.


The order seems to take forever to arrive, though, and I end up wondering if I’ll have to give the rose before it even arrives. Finally, it does.. thirty minutes before it’s time for the rose. I score the date while letting them finish their meal.



Vincent 4 = 4
Sean 3 + 2 = 5
Jeffrey 2 + 1 = 3
Neil 2 = 2


(Neil also has a “just friends” listed in his relationship panel for some reason) In the end, it’s no surprise to me that Sean wins, as she has had a whim to make out with him all day.


Rose accepted!


Since she has a want to kiss someone and that option is actually available, I go ahead and indulge her in her whim. Kiss accepted! (somehow I missed the actual kiss, but I got the big heart afterwards.)


I send all the boys back home, but Ariana has to use the restroom first.. otherwise there’s going to be an accident!


Turns out I also forgot to pay the bill. (I’m so not good at the restaurant thing in game yet), but luckily they charged us anyway.


Due to the “make out with Sean” whim I mentioned, I try to get him on a couch and get the option available.. and success!

She now wants to hug someone and flirt with Vincent. Make up your mind, girl!


So we head over to do that. He’s in the movie theater, so the pics are dark.. but he accepts a flirt (still no pink bar though!) and the hug she wants. Now she wants to kiss someone again. So we flirt again.. and that’s accepted. Pink bar appears!


One more flirt and the “kiss” option appears. Success! Now she wants to “do something romantic”.. perhaps we should pick someone else. Oh, and “be friendly” with Sean. One thing at a time.


It’s about now I remember I forgot to kick Neil out, so I go do that really quick before anything else happens to make me forget.


Done. I head over to the guy with the lowest relationship and no pink bar for her “want to do something romantic” (by this point, there’s only one person in the household that she doesn’t have a pink bar with!) Which he refuses. Then accepts? I am so confused.. but he now has a pink bar too.


Wants: make out with Vincent and be friendly with Sean. We choose to do the Sean one first. She also wants to give him a hug… so we do that too.


And “Get to know Vincent” appears. So we’re off to find Vincent again. Get to know complete, “donation to a charity” appears and I get rid of it.


Since you can’t make out until First Kiss is complete, we do that (I just realize she got two “first kisses” on Vincent for some reason… She wants to schedule a date. A little late in the evening for that, sweetie. We bypass that one too.


The closest place to sit down is the garden bench so I send them out there to try for the “make out” session she wants. She also wants to flirt with someone, so that’ll work for that too.


After making out with Vincent, she wants to flirt with him. So we do that too in the few minutes we have left until bedtime.


Then she wants to hug someone and .. buy a toy!? *face palm* Ariana, what the heck. You’re about five hundred steps ahead of the game.


Five minutes left.. “Kiss someone” and “kiss Vincent” .. okay.

Time for bed. Ariana is pretty exhausted by this point.. and so am I. What a day!


Bonus: there’s a ghost out. Hi Taylor! We’ll leave everyone here sleeping (No idea when or where Neil exited, I missed it in all the hullabaloo. And I just learned that apparently hullabaloo is in the dictionary. Who knew.)

See you next time!

House 007 Part 1 – Day 1 < | > House 007 Part 1 – Day 3



Mom to an active and opinionated 17 year old. Have a wonderful husband who allows me to keep my Sims addiction. ;) Also, an avid crafter, mostly knitting and (some) crochet, but some needlepoint and cross-stitch as well. When I have time, I also enjoy reading and music.

8 thoughts on “Drifter Challenge House 007 Part 1 – Day 2

  1. This chapter had me laughing! She’s so confused. Looking forward to seeing my guy in the next chapter. Side note: I can’t believe hullabaloo is in the dictionary!

    1. It told me it was mis-spelled and gave me a suggestion for spelling it. Apparently I had added too many L’s .. haha. She was so confused this day, I swear. I was utterly amazed that someone didn’t get jealous of someone else. So far, all the guys seem to be okay with all of them liking her. It’s SO weird.

      1. I keep expecting it to start in mine, too. Should probably start pretty soon, though, with the romantic relationships getting higher. I’m thinking I may play the next day sometime tonight, because the suspense is starting to kill me!

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