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Drifter Challenge House 007 Part 1 – Day 1

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Today’s goals:

House 007 Part One Day 1: (Meet N' Greet)
Before 4pm: Perform one Flirty interaction with each Contestant
4 PM: Schedule a party
11 PM: Give a rose to the contestant with the highest relationship 
12 PM: Bedtime
Kick out one contender (lowest score)

Gameplay is to follow Ariana’s whims and wishes.. so this should be interesting. Not a game play style I’m very good at. Before doing anything else, I pause, set up the game options, and change a few things in the house (double beds to single beds, adding a sprinkler system.. you know, the important things.) Shown here:

02-17-17_10-15-52-pm 02-17-17_10-17-58-pm

Also, I locked the “extra master bedroom” (the greenish one at the left of the above screenshot) and replaced the office archway/doors with actual doors that I could lock so the guys don’t all head off and do their own thing. After another save and backup just to be safe.. We’re off.

The day for Ariana and her contestants starts at 8:30 AM (I was very excited about getting her aged so she had called off school for the day)… so I have a lot of time to be following her around and paying attention to her wishes. I foresee a lot of pausing the game so I don’t get overwhelmed.

She starts off wanting to play the violin (from being sad), wanting to talk to Vincent, and wanting to embrace someone. Hold on a minute there, sweetie.. you have to get to know them first before springing that on someone! I plan to do five friendly actions with each contestant and then the one flirt. Best laid plans and all that.


Trent was first, because he’s on the household bar first…. and he accepted all chats and the flirt! .. Which quickly made both of them flirty.


He seems pretty happy with himself. So, per her whims, I gave him an embrace – also accepted.



Sean was next, and happened to be standing in an awkward place right behind Vincent – making photo taking tough.. thanks, buddy.


All accepted, including the flirt.. now he’s flirty, too. LOL. And immediately, she wants to schedule a date. I think I’ll bypass that as I’m still working on getting everyone their flirt.


Thomas was next.. and was actually standing in an easier place to take pictures at. All accepted, no flirty this time though. (Apparently I missed the flirt photo.)


Vincent was next, and whim achieved to chat with him. Flirt accepted, both got flirty. This is going to be interesting… lol. Now she wants to kiss someone and watch romance TV… the kiss someone we’ll try… no option for it, though.. so perhaps not. (Another missed shot.)


After a quick potty break for poor Ariana, we search out Levi. He’s busy watching the fish on the other side of the house. All accepted, and another flirty sim in the house. haha.



Neil is busy hiding in bed because he chose to visit the family graveyard.. so he’ll get skipped for now.


On to Jeffrey. And he’s busy talking to a bunch of other guys.. so this could get awkward.. but somehow doesn’t.


Another flirty sim.


Time to chase down Neil. Who is still sad.


Tried consoling him about death.. which he was ok with.. and the first flirt turned down from any of the guys.


Both are now embarrassed, and it’s 3:21.. so I finished just in time. Since she’s still talking to Neil, I have her tell her self-deprecating joke that she wants to him.

With our extra time before the party, I have her hire a maid. And a gardener. It’s 3:57.. close enough.


Let’s party! I choose a costume party.. because I’ve never done one in sims, and it sounds like good fun.


All seven are set up as guests, Ariana the host. Hired the obvious caterer and mixologist.. and here goes nothing.


Haha! Hotdogs galore! (Ariana and three others, plus two clowns and two grim reapers.) I get rid of several impossible wants, and she’s back to wanting to flirt with Vincent.


First, we start with talking about costumes for the party. We’ll track him down in a minute.


Bonus… the Caterer is cute!


When we finally get down to the kitchen and Vincent, he accepts the flirt. Then she wants to tell a successful joke.. and since Sean’s right there in the conversation, he gets the joke.




Thomas for some reason changes out of his costume, but I can still compliment him on it. One less hotdog in the house, I guess. Someone.. I don’t catch who.. sends her a blown kiss which she accepts.


And it’s officially the biggest conversation I’ve ever had in Sims. Jeffrey refuses a compliment on his costume.. so there goes that relationship. hehe.


And, right on cue.. the dishwasher breaks… so I replace it. (hey no stabbing guests with forks Ariana!)


She wants to become playful, so we work on that. Then a wish for a flirt goes awry and half the conversation turns flirty.. which, is understandably awkward.


I send Ariana to order the second Buffalo Wing Tea for the party.. and hope other people get drinks, too. (They do..)


Hey, you’re not supposed to be chatting with the help!


Mixologist showing off.


Party turns out to be .. bronze.


Thomas gets embarrassed by being caught dreaming big on the outside basketball court.. which I found really funny since it was the caterer that found him.



Trent 7 + 1 = 8
Vincent 6 = 6
Sean 5 + 2 = 7
Thomas 4 = 4
Neil 3 = 3
Levi 2 = 2
Jeffrey 1 + 1 = 2

Since there was a tie for last place (I honestly couldn’t tell you there was any difference in their relationship bars.. I made a tie breaker of who would accept a low level flirt. Jeffrey accepted…


Levi refused. Tie broken, Levi has to go home. At least I did have a clear winner: Trent.

02-17-17_11-51-49-pm 02-17-17_11-51-58-pm

I had to wake him up to give him his rose, though. He graciously accepted.. and I set about getting Ariana ready for bed since it was 12:14 by the time I managed to track Trent down for his rose. (He insisted on going all the way across the house.)

Ariana gratefully took another bathroom break and a shower, and was in bed just after 1 AM. Not a bad day!


However, it was time to evict Levi. Sad to see him go! I set him to unplayed and left him in household management, maybe I’ll see him walking by in game sometime!

House 007 Part One Day 1: (Meet N' Greet)
Before 4pm: Perform one Flirty interaction with each Contestant - 
4 PM: Schedule a party - complete
11 PM: Give a rose to the contestant with the highest relationship -
Vincent, complete
12 PM: Bedtime - complete
Kick out one contender.. Levi, complete.


When I went back in game, I had to laugh… Jeffrey felt the need to be the sim to kick out Levi from sleeping inappropriately.


Bye, Levi..


Bonus 2: Trace decided this would be a good time to haunt.

House 007 Contestant Bios < | > House 007 Part One Day 2



Mom to an active and opinionated 17 year old. Have a wonderful husband who allows me to keep my Sims addiction. ;) Also, an avid crafter, mostly knitting and (some) crochet, but some needlepoint and cross-stitch as well. When I have time, I also enjoy reading and music.

9 thoughts on “Drifter Challenge House 007 Part 1 – Day 1

    1. Yeah, the costume party was hilarious. I couldn’t believe how many of the same costume there were… and keeping up with both whims and trying to do stuff for the party made for a hectic evening for everyone.

  1. Loved this first part! So excited that Trent is doing well. I did a costume party too. It was fun. I was surprised she already had romantic relationships with some of them! I don’t think mine had any until like day 3 or something? Looking forward to the next chapter.

    1. That’s funny that we both did costume parties. I, also, was surprised at how fast she got romantic relationships with some of them. I wonder if it’s because she has the romantic trait? I didn’t get the Holiday boost, so it’s not from that.

      1. It might be the romantic trait. I seem to remember my sim from the first time doing this one having more romantic relationships faster too.
        That holiday boost is crazy, I got it on another save and it’s like a few interactions and they’re good friends!

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