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Drifter Challenge House 006 Chapter 5

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Checking on the goals:

House 006 Building Goals: 
350,000 value home (8 beds, one of them a double minimum) - 
I chose the extreme challenge and started with 0 simoleons. - 
House 006 Generational Goals: 
One sim to Level Mansion Baron Aspiration - Complete
Young adult heir - Teenage now
Other Info: 
After Mansion Baron aspiration is achieved, build a night club 
on the blue velvet lot in willow creek. -Complete

Again.. everything is done except the aging. So here we go!


Cole working on his Angler Ace aspiration. I don’t plan on finishing it, but it gives me something to do with him other than .. well.. nothing.


And here is where the theme for this post starts. Can you figure it out? No? Well, you will!


Gardening party.. for lack of anything else to have them do. It’s good skill points for Ariana, anyway.


Ariana eating.. by the pool? The pool nobody uses? .. No idea why she’s out there, but it made for a good picture.


Mika autonomously pruning the bonsai tree.


While upstairs, un-noticed by most of the household, Taylor breathes his last.


Somehow I missed getting a final shot of his stats.. so we’ll just have to say goodbye to Taylor without them.


Remember our little Ariana’s friend from last chapter? I even thought to invite her over!


They make such cute friends!


Mika helping out with homework. Because why not.


Our very first ghost. Sniff. So sad.


Mika!!!!  No! .. Well actually, I was kind of cheering for it, because I was tired of so many sims.. but still.. I’ll miss Mika.


She didn’t do too bad for herself.


Everyone comes to this funeral…


Not Jennie too! .. Right on top of Mika. Well, at least Grim was already here on the job.


One urn..


Two urns. I’m going to make this a haunted house yet. Perhaps they’ll all terrorize the festivities in house 7 part 1…


Jennie’s stats. You know, I should have remembered to take a picture of how much lifetime happiness points they had because most of them had a LOT of points left over.


Trace being the patsy for my curiosity about what happens when you put soap in the fountain and then play in it. (Not much.. but it entertained me.)


Grim’s drinking on the job. After that double funeral, I can’t blame him.


From the look on Kelsie’s face, I think she just figured out that with nearly glowing bars on Melany’s and Trace’s trait panel means she’ll be “raising” the teens on her own for a while.


Why the dark picture?


To celebrate the fourth member of this household to max a career. (For reference, the other two got to level 9 which is not too shabby.)


Cole runs into Grim again after school the next day. Figure out the theme yet? … ?


Kelsie trying to work off some of the pounds that being a chef has rightfully earned her… with Melany’s help. (Its keeps them out of trouble!)


…Trace? You’re not supposed to be next..


But he is. In the smallest room in the house. Thanks, Trace.


Of note: I took Melany’s final stats shot before I took Trace’s.. I add them in here.. you’ll see why later.


Trace’s final stats. Trace and Melany were the same age. Although Mel’s picture showed up first in the list? I certainly expected her to go first!


Ariana reading for her Renaissance Sim aspiration. She can’t get very far in it.. but maybe the quick skilling bonus will be helpful in her future?


Cole. Fishing again. But no Grim in sight. Least he found a pretty sim to fish with. Too bad she’s MUCH older.


Mika haunting on the first night she’s been gone. And see, Taylor’s back downstairs. What’s he off to break now?


This proves that ghosts can’t help but drink from the globe-hidden-drink-thing, either. It’s absolutely a Sim Magnet.


Oh look. A helpful ghost. At least one of them is!


Taylor.. crying over someone’s tombstone. At least he stopped breaking things. (Nope, it was just a break. He broke the hot tub three times that one night. And it was only three because I stopped fixing it after that until the next morning and he poofed away.)


See? Poofing. You come up with a better word for it. I dare you!


The end of Kelsie being regarded as the baby of the family. At least someone’s around for the kids. (Wait.. that’s two someone’s.  Melany seems to be sticking around, too.. even though her age bar is STILL full.)


Aw.. that’s putting on a brave face!


I invited Karla over again. They’re just so cute together as friends, I couldn’t help it. I had to let the story continue playing in my head.


The girls telling secrets.


And finally! Ariana has a REAL best friend. Her old one was her nanny from childhood. Eeks. I couldn’t let that stay, you know?


Mika’s back. Again.


But she’s being far less helpful this time. Don’t you know that drinks will go right through you, Mika??


Cole getting his quality TV time interrupted.


This childhood friend of Ariana’s was constantly asking to come over after school… so with stories ringing in my head.. hey maybe a future side love interest?? He’s a kind of interesting looking sim.. and I always am so monogamous with my Sim relationships.. maybe that could change?


.. Guess not. He seems more into Cole. Watch the eyes!

02-15-17_7-48-15-pm 02-15-17_7-48-27-pm

See?? I’m tellin’ you, he’s into Cole. So much for Ariana’s possibly cheating heart.  LOL.


Cole.. forever alone.. with his fish. Or not fish.. you have 8 skill WHY are you catching weeds?  .. Sims logic.


The cousins spending some “quality” time together.


Ah Crap. Taylor’s back.


Wait.. he’s behaving this time??


I love this shot. But seriously. Who did you steal you ungrateful aliens?!? Because this is totally the last night in this household.. and someone get’s abducted. I laughed SO hard.


..Thanks for bringing Kelsie back!


Oh so it’s Mika that’s going to cause trouble?


Kelsie heading to bed while Mika heads.. to..


.. flirtyville? You know, Mika, you COULD clean up that plate..


… instead of haunting the bonsai tree.


Cole gets to age up first….


And our heir has made it to young adult. <<Applause>>


Cole’s final trait panel


And Kelsie’s.


A smile from our heir to finish the post off….


And that’s our final family. WHY Melany survived.. I don’t know. I have to put it to her healthy physical habits.. I guess?  I didn’t think it could make them live almost a WEEK EXTRA!! Also of note in the above picture.. the final funds the family has. WHAT THE HECK. Really. Why was I so worried about not making 350k for the house. *blush* Silly me. I guess we made it, huh?

And.. since the house has been seen in SO many pictures, I’m not going to post  the individual room shots. I’ll post two overhead shots of the layout, as follows:

02-15-17_7-42-08-pm 02-15-17_7-42-15-pm

I think it turned out rather well. Next up.. House 007!

House 006 Chapter 4 < | > House 007 Contestant Bios



Mom to an active and opinionated 17 year old. Have a wonderful husband who allows me to keep my Sims addiction. ;) Also, an avid crafter, mostly knitting and (some) crochet, but some needlepoint and cross-stitch as well. When I have time, I also enjoy reading and music.

10 thoughts on “Drifter Challenge House 006 Chapter 5

  1. The house is very pretty! You did a great job on the house!
    Sad that there were so many death’s in this chapter, but I have to agree with you…playing with 8 sims in a huge house is annoying. Time goes by so slow…Congrats on finishing!! See you in house 7!

  2. Haha I caught on to the “theme” pretty quick! I’m also confused by Mika’s long life. In my game elders seem to live a set amount of time and no longer. It’s nice to know it’s possible. You should move that guy in with Cole after Ariana moves out! It was nice that she was BFF with that girl she’s known since childhood. Hopefully we get to see more of her in 007. Isn’t it so crazy about ending with so much money after all of the worry about not completing? I had the same thing.

    1. I was astounded by how much money I actually made in this house. All of my sims made obscene amounts of money, many of them completed the Rich aspiration on top of the Mansion Baron one. Even Ariana got close to completing the “earn 200k” goal in the last tier of it… just by taking care of the garden once she hit teen. I have no idea why Melany lived so long. We’ll have to see if she passes on after the aging is again turned on after part 1 of house 7. Usually elder sims just go when their life bar is full.. and Melany hung around for almost a week. I kept expecting her to go at the very end so as to make my heir really sad, but she didn’t. The alien abduction at the end cracked me up, though. All I could think of was the aliens that are stalking your game!

      1. I wasn’t as surprised about the loads of cash earned this time around because I hit rosebud last time I did 006. I had 2 complete Fabulously Wealthy this time and the others were pretty darned close!
        More abductions in today’s chapter! You’re so right about my sims being stalked!

  3. The house is gorgeous and wow at that money!! That is weird that Melany lived so long. I bet it did have to do with her exercise habits. I got the theme pretty quick too lol. Grats on finishing 006!

    1. Thanks! I’m glad to have it done. I’m trying to finish up Switch One testing so I can get on to switch 2. I don’t know what was up with Melany, the exercise was all I could think of. Either that or she bugged out? Who knows. I’m just glad she didn’t die at the very end of the challenge and make that forever long sad moodlet be the way I start house 7!

      1. I was too lol! I’m working on getting switch one in normal mode done, then I’ll post some drifter chapters. I’m a behind on posting. It really would not have been fun to have the sad moodlet starting house 007!

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