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Play-testing Switch One – Normal – Part 1

Switch One Rules

Once again, I have a bunch of pictures of the apartments I came up with and the sims I was playing. So here we go:

My tester is Aspen Nash, and she wants to be a fisher-woman… so I expect to be spending a lot of time away from the home. Since I’m on Normal difficulty, travel to the other city lots isn’t restricted and I plan to take full advantage of that. My first trip was to the park before poor Aspen even had a chance to look at her new, empty, apartment. Probably for the best – it looks pretty depressing in there. Turns out I found some really nice frogs, and spent a lot of time fishing for very few catches.. but it’s always like that at the beginning. (Why did I choose fishing? – I wanted to prove it was possible to use fishing as a good money earner!) She spent her first few days at the park earning money until I had a nice little nest egg to come home and at least furnish the basics for her. I ended up rotating between coming home and “recharging” and spending time in fishing locations. Pretty soon, the apartment was ready to move on, I chose not to take three items, but I did elect to carry my two frogs per person. (That rule has since been outlawed.) The apartment is a bit drab, but what do you want for a starter worth 8-10k?


I finished the first apartment much faster on normal than on my last play test on extreme, so things are looking good for this little family. I also moved in a husband at some point during apartment one. He is a writer, which is really good for making money (and the main reason I chose that townie to move in.)

Now, I start rotating between home and fishing, allowing hubby some time to write at his new computer, and fishing while he’s working. It seems to be working out pretty well. No guesses on how I’ll fare when it’s time for them to have a kid!


I furnished the second bedroom for a toddler, but no toddler is in sight at the moment. I will be moving before it’s time to have a kid.

02-11-17_4-12-39-am asn12value asn12age

Notice she already completed the fishing aspiration. I’ve NEVER done it that fast.. it’s crazy how fast she was catching fish. The last fish I ended up needing was the catfish, and he’s usually really easy. The challenge is moving right along, those sturgeon really sell well and I’ve been pretty lucky getting a few of them each time I visit Sylvan Glade.

Also: here’s hubby’s info just because:


I move out with 1500 or so in funds, and into the third apartment. I will be having the heir here, so I’m glad it’s a nice big place. (Or at least it seems big after the first one.) I have about 10k to spend after moving in … So there’s an interesting wall I decide to delete.


Literally.. a wall with a door in it when you can walk around it. Silly EA. I also find a spot they forgot to paint right outside the apartment’s front door. My OCD really hates this. LOL


The funds I have give me enough for a bed, a bathroom, the step up from the basic kitchen, a basic “study” (Computer, desk, chair. hey. It’s a study if you call it one, right?), a dining room (or at least, table and chairs), and a living room with a couch and a TV. One step up from lawn living, I guess. I’m left with 24 bucks. Guess it’s time to get back to work, kids. *grin*


That’s how it started, at least. I went with a very green theme and picked Spa Day furniture. I think it turned out really nice!

Here’s where I decide to start taking more pictures… more for me than you guys.. but whatever works, right?

For money, Salim does his work and his writing, Aspen and I are off to Sylvan Glade.


Aww Aspen it can’t be THAT bad. (A moodlet solver to fish for longer without going home.) After catching a record number of sturgeon, we head back home and celebrate by trying for a baby.


First try didn’t take.. but the second one did! Yay for nooboo on the way.

With the rest of the money we made, I finish furnishing the apartment in record time and move them out to the last apartment.

Finished apartment pictures:

02-11-17_1-32-50-pm 02-11-17_1-33-24-pm 02-11-17_1-33-42-pm 02-11-17_1-33-53-pm 02-11-17_1-34-55-pm 02-11-17_1-37-46-pmasn13valueasn13age

I took this next shot after moving, in manage worlds, proving that the apartments are staying furnished after I leave them.


On to the last apartment. With the extra I had saved I had enough .. well, so that things were better than lawn living. I also moved a few walls around and did some painting. Note that the beige change shows up after my daughter said it looked bad and over-rode my choice to a dark blue. I ended up liking it and leaving it.

02-11-17_2-21-35-pm 02-11-17_2-21-48-pm

Practically no lights, and almost nothing in furniture. Since it’s the middle of the night I send them to bed. Bright and early the next morning it’s back to the grind.


Salim writing..


Watching TV…


Aspen cooking.. and generally being miserable about being pregnant.


They’re not kidding about the “Great View” lot trait. It really is a great view from up here. I decide that the windows are going to be uncovered except for in the bathrooms.. because .. yeah, it’s gorgeous.


Baby time! (At this point I’m chanting “please not twins please not twins” and hubby said, nope. Triplets. … thanks.)


Turns out it’s just Iris.


Cuteness overload!!


Daddy actually getting in some parenting time. Since he’s turned into the primary bread winner, Aspen is now mostly a stay at home mom.. which works out okay now that Salim is really bringing in good money from his books.


Aww.. ! I didn’t know the moms could play with the toddlers!


All this staying home is starting to put on the pounds. I decide to make her run some of it off. (My sims always seem to end up tubby. I keep them well fed. LOL)


Iris is nearing childhood, and I’m a bit bored since the house value is complete.. so I have them try for baby again. Success!


Some quality time with Dad for Iris.


I’ve been having Aspen work on the pen pal postcard collection, and just about every day the mailbox is stuffed full of postcards to sell. The mailman must be really tired of it by now.


Meet Owen!


Right after having the baby.. Iris needs aging up. No more toddler cutie!


Wow.. she’s going to be a knockout. I think I love her already!


I almost forgot poor Aspen’s birthday.. Seriously she was probably going to age up without cake at any moment by the time I finally finished making her cake and hurriedly told her to “make a wish”. She’s now a full-fledged adult.

On to Part 2



Mom to an active and opinionated 17 year old. Have a wonderful husband who allows me to keep my Sims addiction. ;) Also, an avid crafter, mostly knitting and (some) crochet, but some needlepoint and cross-stitch as well. When I have time, I also enjoy reading and music.

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