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Drifter Challenge House 006 Chapter 4

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Checking on the goals:

House 006 Building Goals: 
350,000 value home (8 beds, one of them a double minimum) - 
I chose the extreme challenge and started with 0 simoleons. - 
House 006 Generational Goals: 
One sim to Level Mansion Baron Aspiration - Complete
Young adult heir - Child age now
Other Info: 
After Mansion Baron aspiration is achieved, build a night club 
on the blue velvet lot in willow creek. - Complete

Basically, everything is done and we have a long time to wait. Goal for this post: catch you guys up to where I am at play-wise and get those two kids to Teen! Be warned.. this is a long post.. I had lots of pictures!


We start with Ariana meeting her first sim for her aspiration (Social Butterfly). Shortly after this, she discovers Grim’s “Dance Machine” trait.


Nothing like could gazing with Grim!


It was at about this time I finally noticed the gorgeous marina across from their front door. How I’d never noticed it or the boats before is completely unknown.. lol.. but it’s really a pretty spot for a house. (Even if the lack of people walking by is a source of constant annoyance for me. I always gotta go somewhere else for meeting new sims.)


…Like the park! This kid turned out to be the only child in the entire town. Which just wouldn’t do since Ariana had the social butterfly aspiration. After this trip to the park, I went into household management, picked some households and started adding kids. I must have added around 6-7 of them to the town in the hopes that the next trip to the park would give Ariana some new friends.


Space monster! Dead ahead.. FIRE! (bubbles come trickling out) .. Nice job, guys. You missed him.  (LOL Sorry, couldn’t resist)


Making a friend. It got pretty late, though, and it didn’t get to “BFF” levels for her aspiration. Guess that will have to happen tomorrow.


After getting Ariana back home, I realized I never bothered to upgrade the kids’ rooms to child rooms.. they both still had toddler beds and toys. I remedied this rather quickly since it was past both of their bedtimes. Here’s Cole’s room…


… And here’s Ariana’s. I just love the way they turned out. Buying the kids furniture pack was a great buy, in my opinion!


Kelsie.. who I perpetually see as the baby of the family.. finally hitting adult. She’s so much younger than everyone else (remember she was still a teen when she moved in with Melany, so I was forced by the game to move her in…) .. I often forget she’s a grown-up, too.


The next day’s trip to the park. I’ve never been so happy to see a whole bunch of kids at the park before! I squealed in joy and hubby gave me a really weird look. Hey.. friends are necessary for that social butterfly thing.. it’s SO my least favorite child aspiration.. I usually avoid it like the plague. (Hey, I did warn you I’d probably gripe.)


Meeting kid # 1 at the park. This is Karla.. who quickly put story ideas in my head and I can see Ariana growing up with a friend. She’s that PIzzazz chick’s kid from the City Living pack. I think she turned out really pretty!


…See? Aren’t they adorable as friends??


I completely forget what I named this kid… had to go look it up. This is Jordan.


More friends to be made…


… Finally. Probably the fastest I’ve ever completed that aspiration without cheating. (Yup, that’s how much I hate it.. I’ve been known to cheat my way past it in other games.)


She was just so cute sleeping I had to take a picture.


Ummm Ariana.. I don’t think that’s how makeup works…


Cole working on his Whiz kid aspiration. Both of his parents were busy so Mika got roped into helping him with his homework for the guaranteed focused moodlet.


There’s so much going on in the picture. I don’t think I’ve ever had so many people celebrating a birthday without manipulating the people into standing around the cake waiting for the age up.


Aww… Taylor makes a cute elder, don’t you think?


A picture of sleeping Mika… why?


… Because this happened.. and I realized that at some time, Mika had been the first to get this aspiration complete in one of my games. Just goes to show how much money she’s been making from her book writing!


Kelsie, cooking up a storm…


… Congrats, Kels!


Mika is the next birthday. (Note from the future.. for some reason, this cake hung around in the fridge forever. Cake is usually the first thing to get eaten out of the fridge.. but this one still had pieces in there a week after it had been used. I thought it was kind of funny.)


Aww, poor Mika. I always find them holding their aching back after aging to elder amusing.


Way to go Jennie! I hadn’t even been really trying for it, so this came as a complete surprise!


Jennie aging up after work.


She looks happy about her birthday.


… For some reason, this silly globe-drink-thing is really popular in this house. I’m always seeing one adult or another pulling out a drink from it.. and often they get left all over the house. It’s kinda funny.


Practicing comedy routines for his daily task. He always has the funniest expressions!


Melany is now “Trainer to the Stars”. Highest I’ve ever gotten in the athletic career. I’m pretty sure she’s not going to max her career before she dies, but it’s still pretty cool to get that high. Especially considering Melany and Kelsie have been my gardening guinea pigs.. always getting roped into helping.


Hi, Taylor.. what’s up? …


… My first EVER tech guru max career. Again, not really trying. He spends most of his time hacking. Hey, it keeps him out of trouble!


They are still such a cute couple! I totally ❤ these two!


… Not sure when this happened.. but at least I finally noticed it.


… A very stinky Cole in a silly outfit. What’s that mean?? He’s got an A!


Which finally finishes his aspiration.


Ariana in a silly outfit, too. Musta been some fun at school today, kids!


Ariana’s got her second aspiration completed. Way to go!


Melany’s turn for elder birthday…


… Followed by Trace’s.


He seems confused. LOL Guess that happens when you get older.


Why do we have a picture of Kelsie cooking while the maid (who has been working for them for so long that she’s now an elder.. lol) cleans?


.. Because Kelsie finally maxed Gourmet cooking. Only my second or third sim ever to do that.


Mika! What’s up??


… Level ten writing. Another first for me.


Ariana got into the vanity table again. Too funny. I keep cracking up over these makeup foibles. This is just the first time I’ve caught it on camera. (I had to go back and edit this.. note from the future yelling at the past.. it’s the second time I’ve mentioned it.. and it’s not the last, either.)


About this time, I noticed how pretty the garden looks through the kitchen window. Silly me had to take a screenshot.


Jennie standing around looking proud of herself?


.. Because now she’s really rich!


I’ve been mostly following the kids around.. and then I noticed this lovely group conversation in the dining room. Too cute.


.. Not you, too, Cole!


Ariana working on aspiration #3.


I took this because he’s getting up there. I wanted to have a record of it just in case. He did pretty well for himself, I think.


Awww. Cole putting on a puppet show for his mama. (Oh yeah, if you’re looking closely you’ll see Mika and Taylor woohooing in the next room. LOL)


Mika being the first to actually play in the fountain. Adorable. (especially in high heels.. haha!)


More chess pictures.


Because she did it. Three aspirations done! I don’t think I’ll get the fourth.. but it’s still impressive.


I got a bug up my rear about creating a bit of a story/friendship with Karla, and invited her back over to work on the relationship.


Ariana is so cute. I love her facial expressions. She’s going to be one of my favorite drifter heirs, I think.


<3!!! What cuties!


I really like how this house looks in this neighborhood. It’s so peaceful!


The kids playing in the fountain.


You guys have nothing better to do than dance, huh?


.. I make them go watch a puppet show instead.




Finally. The moment we’ve been waiting for.


Aww! She’s so pretty! I even like the short hair on her.


…Not to forget Cole…


Wow he aged up nice. Can definitely still see how much he looks like Trace, though.

.. Well. That was a long post. Hopefully worth it, though! Maybe I can get through the teen days in the next post and finish out this house. Don’t worry, I plan to do a “house tour” for this house like I did for the last one. I think it turned out pretty nice!

House 006 Chapter 3 < | > House 006 Chapter 5



Mom to an active and opinionated 17 year old. Have a wonderful husband who allows me to keep my Sims addiction. ;) Also, an avid crafter, mostly knitting and (some) crochet, but some needlepoint and cross-stitch as well. When I have time, I also enjoy reading and music.

12 thoughts on “Drifter Challenge House 006 Chapter 4

    1. Yeah, he sure did turn out handsome. Too bad story progression is so out of whack in Sims 4. I’m so tempted to download MC Command Center just so he can have some babies running around the neighborhood. Then again, I could always CAS some in, couldn’t I?

      1. Yeah I know 😦 Lol, everyone uses MC Command. I had it and thought it was messing with my game, so took it out and found out it wasn’t that lol. CAS would be better anyway, because you could make sure you like them!

      2. True enough. I tend to avoid CAS in these type of challenges unless I really can’t avoid it. (Or if I really can’t stand the random clothing on my heir.) For everyone else, I leave them in whatever goofy outfit the game puts them in. Most of my trips into household management/world management have been to delete the elder households to make room for more younger folk.

    1. It’s the “romantic Garden” pack’s fountain. I put it in this house because that’s the house I bought the pack for. I’m so bad at landscaping, but having that pack really helped the outside of this house!

  1. I had to laugh that the stuff I think is extremely annoying in the game seems to entertain you. Like using the makeup table when they’re not even near it. It’s bugged that they put makeup on on any surface when you have one in the house. And the constant drinking from the globe bar. I guess it doesn’t take much to annoy me though!
    Ariana and Cole look great as teens. I hope we get to see more of Karla in house 007. The update didn’t feel long at all because so much happened! Grats on hitting so many exciting milestones completing careers and aspirations without really trying, that’s awesome!

    1. Yeah.. the globe thing was kind of annoying, but funny at the same time. They were always taking turns with it. Kelsie spends a lot of her time autonomously making drinks at the bar, too, so I was constantly seeing little -whatever simoleons pop up on the screen.
      That makeup table was interesting. I was tempted to delete it.. but them painting themselves was just too funny. I just wish it wasn’t so bugged that they could use it anywhere! Ariana spent hours on the typing practice because the vanity table was making her take longer due to multi-tasking.

      1. Haha that’s so funny! Anyway I stopped using the vanity and I doubt I’ll use the globe much either. At least that pack had some great build mode stuff.

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