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Drifter Challenge House 006 Chapter 3

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Checking on the new goals:

House 006 Building Goals: 
350,000 value home (8 beds, one of them a double minimum) - 
I chose the extreme challenge and started with 0 simoleons. - 
at 342k now
House 006 Generational Goals: 
One sim to Level Mansion Baron Aspiration
Young adult heir
Other Info: 
After Mansion Baron aspiration is achieved, build a night club 
on the blue velvet lot in willow creek.

When I loaded up the save this time around, everyone got their mansion baron aspiration complete, even though the house still only said 342k value. Within a couple days of loading, I had bought the expensive violin and was finished with the house to my satisfaction. Now I just have to safely get the heir to young adult and the house will be a win.

I just love the new toddlers, so expect a lot of photos! (the Feature shot is Mika and our heir, Ariana.)


Cole being cute learning to talk with his mama.

About this point I save and head over to build my new nightclub: Ice 9. (Why I called it that, I don’t know.. I guess it just seemed to fit.)

The outside (at night, because that’s when you visit night clubs!)
The inside in build mode
The downstairs bathrooms (only half of the downstairs is used)

You’ll see some more pictures of it in live mode in a bit. It is up for download under both #drifterchallenge and #thrallsdrifter.


I swear, Ariana is a “Charmer” .. but she always seems to fight parental influence. That face of rebellion is her usual expression. I think this time it was over potty training.


While Cole lives up to his “Angelic” and is SO adorable while learning his flash cards with his daddy, Trace.


Ariana finally decides potty training is okay just before bed. (Maybe she was just too tired to argue?!)


.. At least she sleeps soundly through the night.


Gardening party. Also: there’s a gardener because I finally had extra points on someone.. (after getting everyone Carefree followed by Entrepreneurial – or at least everyone that has the points for it.) As usual, Melany and Kelsie are the ones roped into the gardening chore.


Mika and Jennie are busy in their own ways, teaching the toddlers. Of Note: Ariana actually has a smile on her face and is enjoying mommy time for a change.


Said Mommy time doesn’t last long, and Ariana becomes angry and heads off to do her own thing. Cole continues being cute and cooperating.


Kelsie and Melany finish with the gardening.. and seeing Kelsie dancing again gives me an idea… I still needed to test my nightclub. So off Kelsie and Melany go.


At first they’re pretty much the only ones there, but before long, the place is packed. I like the traits I picked out for the lot, and everyone seems to be having a good time.


Kelsie and Melany meet some new people…


And Kelsie finally maxes her Dancing skill.


Even Grim seems to like the club.. and yep, he’s still chubby. (Ignore the bare half walls next to Grim, I fix them.)


Melany does me a favor and makes sure the bathrooms work.


While Kelsie shows off that I went back in and fixed the bare walls. You never know what you’ll notice on a playtest of a venue… that’s why I always test before uploading!


Back at home, Ariana is doing what she REALLY likes doing: playing by herself.


Sims Logic: the game says they’re playing together and getting communication skill as well as imagination.. and they’re looking opposite ways. Makes sense, sure. (sarcasm)


Later, Cole goes to get his groove on.


Ariana comes down to join in.. and although Taylor if facing the other way (and stinks at dancing), the game says he’s “teaching” them to dance. Personally, I think the toddlers aren’t going to be helped much by him, but you never know, right?


Ariana dances with her mom after Taylor has to run off to do more hacking for me.


Uhh.. Cole, you’re in the wrong room. At least he’s playing happily.


One of the few times I get the game to let me click the “play” interaction. (For some reason, it hardly ever shows up!)


Trace in his lovely colorful office…


Reaching Comedy level 10! WTG Trace! (I think he’s the very first sim I’ve EVER gotten to comedy 10.)

The next morning.. it’s finally time to bid goodbye to the toddlers. I miss Ariana’s caking.. but I do get a GREAT shot of her eating breakfast after:


Isn’t she the cutest?! I absolutely love her. She rolls “Good” and becomes a social butterfly. (The Aspiration I HATE for kids.. it’s such a pain! However, with where the heir is going, I think it’ll be a good thing to have the faster social skills.. so I’m going to force myself to finish it for her. Expect griping from me. LOL)


I do manage to catch the last few seconds of Cole’s toddler-hood… gosh he was so cute!!


And he ages up to look just like his dad. I tried to get them from similar angles so you can see it, but this was as close as I could get. They’re almost clones they’re so close in looks. The hairstyle doesn’t help, that looks similar too.

Up next: childhood. (I know, I’m sorry, this post was all toddler spam.. lol but I couldn’t help it, they’re just too cute!)

House 006 Chapter 2 < | > House 006 Chapter 4



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15 thoughts on “Drifter Challenge House 006 Chapter 3

      1. I had twins pop out to my play testing for the Apartment Switch.. really threw a wrench into the works with trying to earn money as fast as possible. I ended up restarting, mostly because of changing the order of the apartments for the first challenge.. but there was a large part of me not sorry to see those twins get deleted. *evil smile*

      2. It is now. Wasn’t at the time. They happened to be born right after moving into an unwieldy new apartment with weird shapes to it and the family was practically “lawn living” due to still needing to earn money for furniture (I had clearly moved too fast into that apartment)… All I had was the bare minimums for survival.. and here I had a wild and a silly toddler running around getting into trouble! It makes me more determined to avoid the “fussy” trait if at all possible!

      3. Nothing like two crazy toddlers while basically lawn living. add that to the hubby’s jealous trait I didn’t know about when I moved him in, and playing it was torture.

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