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Drifter Challenge House 005 Chapter 5

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Checking up on goals:

House 005 Building Goals: 
100,000 value home (3 bedroom, 2 bath min) 
(6 br, 6.5 baths - complete, at around 200k)
House 005 Generational Goals: 
One sim to Level 10 Master of the Real painter career 
One sim to Level 10 Patron of the Arts painter career 
(Complete on both)
One sim to level 5 Photography (Complete)
Photography Treasure Hunt (Complete)
Young adult heir (teenage now)

All complete except for some time….. So let’s get to it, eh?


Oh yeah.. once again, I left you with a nooboo on the way. Meet the youngest Sherwood, Kelsie.


Right after giving birth, Lacee ran out of the room and aged up in the hallway. Poor girl got the “forgotten birthday” moodlet… but she’ll live. (At least for a little while longer!)


This is Trace and Melany, the two kids at the moment, playing dolls with the nanny (yet again..!)


Not nice, Kayla. Playing the whole switcharoo game on your daughter while teaching her to play chess. (Don’t worry, Mika got her mom back a time or two, as well.) Why am I taking this painstaking way of teaching Mika some skills?


For this, of course.. she can’t get an A in school without a level 3 skill.. and since the garden has long since been sold off (without Justice tending it the whole garden was going to pot.. lol) … I had to choose the next best thing.


Bonus: Kayla got level 10 logic while teaching.


The next couple of days were spent on teaching Taylor.


.. Who also got his required level 3 skill.. and then I let him go off on his merry way.


While concentrating on Taylor, I spy a little pink munchkin trying to sneak past the camera.. who is it but little Melany who came home with an A! (Trace is still at a B in school, he hasn’t gotten a level 4 skill yet.. lol he seems to be the little trouble maker in the family and doesn’t like to sleep nights, either.)


..See? I guess it’s a good thing he’s up because it’s the only way he’s going to get to know his dad. (How sad!) This photo was very carefully taken to show the broken plumbing behind this cute conversation.. evidently Justice has his priorities straight…. he ALWAYS breaks everything he can in that particular bathroom before he disappears in the morning. (Case in point.. right after taking this photo, he went back in there to break the shower since he hadn’t done that, yet.)


Umm… boys? You’re in the way.. unless you guys want to change the dirty diaper you’re blocking. (Spoiler: they didn’t. I eventually got them to move.)


A sorta cute – sorta creepy photo of Trace being sweet with his dad. The creepy part is being able to see through dad…


This is actually the first time Kayla has seen Justice since his death.. they had just a couple minutes before Justice headed back into his headstone. (That sounds weird, doesn’t it? But I can’t think of another way to word it!)


Trace, dear.. you’re supposed to do your homework before school, yes.. but not at the breakfast table. Ahh, I guess I should just be happy he’s doing it, right?


The newest Sherwood, all grown up into her Neat trait.


Now here’s where I admit I gave her the neat trait for one reason… so she could clean up these puddles on the front lawn that have been blocking me building landscaping out front. The garden has been gone for at least a couple of sim weeks and yet the puddles remained bugged out. So poor Kelsie got to be the guinea pig for the neat trait to mop them up. Yes, it’s cheating to make her do it.. but it was solving a bugged issue, so I’m not going to count it. She was quite happy cleaning up the puddle and even happier when I sent her off to do her own things. (Immediately heading towards that dollhouse, obviously!)


Oh! Yeah! I built a hedge maze. Tried to get the game to register it as a room so I could upload it separately (you’d be amazed at how few hedge maze rooms are out there – exactly three – I looked. And none of them fit on their lawn..)  .. but I couldn’t get it to be a “room” without a foundation. How annoying. I spent forever building it (off a maze generator I found online) and I wasn’t about to rebuild the thing just to make it be on top of a foundation for the game to recognize it as a room.


Kelsie being cute with her dad… Although the backlighting makes this picture hard to see.


Mika and Melany doing homework.


Taylor, too.. only he actually found his own desk!


Why the weird picture of Lacee talking to herself in their tiny bathroom mirror?


… Because. Way to go, Lacee! (I had to give the girls something new to do or I was going to lose my marbles just following people around the house for 13 days before Mika turns YA.)


Trace and Melany’s birthday. Trace goes first…


… And doesn’t seem impressed with the whole process.


Melany’s turn next…


… And didn’t she turn out pretty!


Some family time… in the wrong living room, but that’s okay.


Oh no! Lacee has to make a run for the bathroom.


… While Brayan actually helps out and puts out the fire (and everyone else panics, of course.)


.. Taylor, don’t you dare set the house on fire again! (And yes, this picture was a just-in-case kind of thing.)


Most of the simmies all congregating in their favorite place, Kayla’s living room.


Melany chatting with little Kelsie (who won’t even have time to get out of child age before this challenge is over).


Brayan gets older.


… And Kayla gets abducted. Clearly the aliens want to know how she makes so much money.


Mika and Trace having breakfast.


And Taylor and his sister, Melany have breakfast later.


Two golden oldies having some breakfast before putting in some more time painting.


After school free time playing sims.


Trace watching TV.


Ohhhhh NO! Not Kayla! I had a feeling she would go before this challenge was over, and it looks like I was right.


Just checking.. yep.. Grimm’s still fat. Too funny. A couple days before this I took a screen capture of her stats so you could see them..

005final3005final2 005final1

I don’t think she did too bad for herself, considering how much time and effort went into work and painting.


RIP Kayla, you will be missed. I put her right by Justice on the back lawn. Hopefully she will be the last death in this challenge!


Justice visiting. I wonder if he’s sad because of Kayla dying? Being sad didn’t stop him from breaking everything in his favorite bathroom, though.


The boys catching up.


Just an ordinary breakfast…


Or NOT. NO! I thought she’d make it.. there’s only one day left!


Grimm shows up…


And I suddenly remember we’re allowed to plead for a sim’s life.


It worked! Lacee will have at least one day, and that’s plenty of time to get the cake(s) baked for Taylor and Mika’s birthday the next day.


She seems pleased with herself for getting to come back!


Kayla’s back for a happy haunting!


… And she decides to cook? This turns into Almond Macarons, apparently.. a recipe I’ve never seen any time except when cooked up by a ghost.. I wonder if only they can make it??


Taylor goes first this time just so he’ll have time to age up and still be the same age as Mika.


… And… drumroll… Mika’s turning into a young adult!


Yay for Mika and me! Challenge complete! Now: Lacee’s stats (taken a day or two before she passed away as insurance.)

005final6 005final4 005final5

Again, not too bad. My girls did pretty well for themselves!


Final funds.. and proof that she was saved from death. *grin*


The house’s final value. Being that this post is already pretty long, I’ll do a full house tour in the next one. See you then!

House 005 Chapter 4 < | > House 005 House Tour



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