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Drifter Challenge House 005 Chapter 3

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Checking up on goals:

House 005 Building Goals: 
100,000 value home (3 bedroom, 2 bath min) 
(Value Complete, need more bedrooms)
House 005 Generational Goals: 
One sim to Level 10 Master of the Real painter career 
One sim to Level 10 Patron of the Arts painter career 
(level 7 currently for both)
One sim to level 5 Photography (Level 2 currently)
Photography Treasure Hunt (Complete)
Young adult heir

Not much more done than last time.. still trying to wait for heir to be born until level 8 of careers.

10-12-16_5-07-40-pm 10-12-16_5-08-02-pm

Finally.. some furnishings in Kayla’s side of the house.. here’s the kitchen.


It still looks pretty bare at the moment, though.


Lacee working on Charisma while Brayan is sound asleep.


And… drumroll please…


Heir incoming! Yes, that means both girls finally made it to level 8 in their careers. There is light at the end of this tunnel!


… And why all the confetti…?


Lacee is expecting, as well!


.. Must be hard to paint with that big ol’ tummy, though.


Pregnancy break-fast time.. they both are feeling a little sick this morning.


… And a quick pick-me-up before work for Lacee. Now that both have both of the traits I was going for (Carefree and Entrepreneurial) I can spend the points on potions to make things easier.


Painting for career daily task… again, working around the baby bump.


Justice decides to help Kayla with her logic skilling.


.. And later, Brayan takes a turn at the chess table.


The newest drifter, a baby girl – Mika (named by my daughter because the random names were just not good enough.) I was hoping for more of Justice in the baby, but no luck.. another blue baby! No word yet on whether she’s a true alien or not yet.


And this.. is where my heart skipped a beat. I was just checking to see why the boys were suddenly tense while the girls were both at work. I suddenly am grateful I added the sprinklers, and start hoping they work…. soon. (The plumbbob still in the photo just shows how rattled I was.. I didn’t even think to remove it until the next photo)


Shown here.  It seemed like forever until the sprinklers finally started working.. putting out Brayan and the fire quite handily.


Why does he look like a werewolf from sims 3 now? LoL


The mess leftover. I fix it pretty fast after the girls get home.


Justice taking care of the baby while the girls are still gone. He actually even got her to stop crying!


The two couples congregating in the only functioning living room so far.


Finally! I caught it on photo.. Justice has apparently made keeping the garden watered his personal mission.. I haven’t had to water it once since the first or second time I roped him into helping with group… he now does it on his own. I thought it might have been him watering it, but I never caught him at it until this photo.


Baby Taylor is born to the Sherwoods. What a cutie. He will definitely make an appearance in the next house.

(Note from the future here. With the new rules, moving in past household members is no longer okay. I waived that rule for this household, because I had so many plans already made.. and the fact that I officially started this save with the old rule-set. Also, at this point, I didn’t know it was banned… so there.)


More babies on the way! Both moms are pregnant again… Lacee again then Kayla .


Mika is so cute! Too bad there doesn’t seem to be any of her father in her.. guess I’m stuck with another generation of blue sims! (And by the way, she’s not a “true” alien – no option for disguises.)


Getting so close.. that’s level 9 for Kayla!


The new dining room on Kayla’s side of the house.


Mika playing dolls in her new bedroom.


Taylor all grown up.. and the picture is incredibly dark even though he’s quite literally standing next to a lamp?


How have I never noticed how cute the “play with dolls” interaction is? There’s even a little horsey that they bring out for the little corral on the side of the dollhouse.


Breakfast time before school…


Both of them playing after school with the nanny chatting with them. The moms were busy, as usual.. so I hired a nanny to come keep the kids company.


Ohh… no, not Justice. He didn’t make it to see his second baby born.

I did think it was funny, though, that I got these three messages in quick succession:




Not sure why I thought it was funny, but I did. Babies and death at the same time.

It was during Death’s visit that I got curious what he looks at on his tablet while reaping. .. if you’ve ever been curious:

A sims 3 gravestone..
…sims 3 mummy..
.. himself…
and.. I THINK that’s a sims 3 ghost, but I’m not 100% sure.

Those pages appear to be in Simlish and repeating themselves over and over for as long as he’s reaping. And yes, my Grimm is still apparently fat. My daughter and I had to laugh at that.. isn’t he supposed to be a skeleton under those robes? Apparently not in my game!


Taylor doing his homework.


And Mika doing hers.


This is as good a place to stop as any.. so we’ll see you in a few at the next chapter with a nooboo or two!

House 005 Chapter 2 < | > House 005 Chapter 4



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