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Drifter Challenge House 005 Chapter 2

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Checking up on goals:

House 005 Building Goals: 
100,000 value home (3 bedroom, 2 bath min) (Currently at 29k)
House 005 Generational Goals: 
One sim to Level 10 Master of the Real painter career 
One sim to Level 10 Patron of the Arts painter career 
(lvl 5 currently for both)
One sim to level 5 Photography (Level 2 currently)
Photography Treasure Hunt (Complete)
Young adult heir

And here we go again!

After looking at the three story design I have planned for a while, and feeling utterly dissatisfied by the first floor being pretty much empty (and knowing I probably won’t make enough money to furnish it as well as the rest of BOTH houses and the studio).. I came up with another plan. All three “houses” will be only two stories with a foundation.. leaves me quite a bit of extra reserve and time to build. So, long story short.. I start this chapter with pictures of the newly redesigned “first house”.. I had enough money from getting rid of the useless first floor to make the living quarters be two stories now.

New first floor
New second floor


The boys chatting in the living room.


The girls skilling .. Lacee is working on painting for the daily task, and Kayla is working on her logic. (She’ll need it for her secondary skill for career.)


The outside shell is mostly complete for the first house. Looking good! Since sims 4 doesn’t have Mansard roofs, I did what I could to make it look like one. I think it looks okay.


This picture is for two purposes… one, Brayan is actually skilling.. and two, the chess table got moved into the living room with a focusing painting… which means that the studio is now walled-off to allow for two different “ambiances” in the house.


The Studio house is at least built now.. instead of doing a rectangle, I decided on this shape, although it took me a lot of fiddling trying to decide how it looked best. It doesn’t look as much like a Mansard roof, but I thought the stairs being out further looked odd.


Lacee is the first to get Carefree.. hooray!


The new studio. Not very inspiring, but that will come.


Windows! It’s about here that I start realizing how fast painting makes money. With both of them painting as non-stop as possible while still being 100% ready for work every day, most of the pictures I’m taking are house improvements.

10-10-16_8-42-43-pm 10-10-16_8-44-02-pm

The first room to start getting some major improvements is the kitchen. Also the first room to get paint and flooring.


The painted interior of the house…


And a check on the value.. not too bad with a lot still to go.


Brayan keeps “stealing” Lacee’s easel.


So I add another easel, just for times like this.


Hooray Lacee! Strangely enough, Kayla is still only at level 8. More work to do!

At about this time, I also “cheat” to finish the milestone without an Art Gallery, and get rid of the 350 points I got from that with a Sleep Replacement that I sell instead of using. Makes it so I lose 50 points, but it allows her to continue on her aspiration without having an art gallery in the town.

005justicepromo3 005justicepromo4

Justice got another promotion all by his lonesome. Way to go, Justice!


Occurred to me at about this time that I’ve never put in their earnings.. Here’s Justice’s new earnings.


… And here’s Brayan’s.


Floors and Walls! Everywhere! I’m much happier with being able to take nice looking screen shots. Also finally put in railings for the stairs, although they’re hard to see in this photo.


The beginnings of a photo studio at the far left.. and the actual master bedroom is also getting furnished.


The outside all painted and windowed up. You can see the railings in this one.


The backyard. This photo also proves that I fail to notice that putting down the porch made one of the windows on the back wall go poof. It takes me quite a while to notice it, too. I don’t think I finally noticed it until the third house is built.


Kayla fixing the TV in the new living room.

She’s finally at the point where I can cheat her past the art gallery like I did with Lacee.. and again I get rid of the points I got from that milestone. She’s STILL not at level 10 though! (Probably because she keeps having to take breaks to get Justice gardening or her needing to fix


Another living room shot, this one featuring Justice.


Dining room. Not that they seem to use it much.. but it’s there.


Front entry-way .. note to self.. needs better lighting.



The front porches are finally added.. with the roof decorations to look like victorian gingerbread.

Next.. birthdays!




Then Lacee… (Lacee seems a little happier at aging up than Kayla does. lol)


Then the day later, Justice.

Both girls are at level 7 of their careers. Just three more to go. As for whether I’ll make it, I really don’t know. It’ll be a surprise for sure!

Checking in the house again:


We finally have the shell of the third house added. The inside is pretty much empty except for paintings we have saved for the third house.

And before we end…


We’re good on value. Anything beyond here is gravy.

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