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Drifter Challenge House 005 Chapter 1

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First stop – checking the new goals:

House 005 Building Goals: 
100,000 value home (3 bedroom, 2 bath min)
House 005 Generational Goals: 
One sim to Level 10 Master of the Real painter career
One sim to Level 10 Patron of the Arts painter career
One sim to level 5 Photography
Photography Treasure Hunt (more on this later)
Young adult heir

Second stop – checking on where our heir from house 004 is:


I did take her on a run through CAS because .. well.. those shorts she had were atrocious. I also changed her hair and some other small things.. but mostly I left her alone.


Trait panel…


I showed this one mostly so you can see how many satisfaction points she’s starting with. (Not many!)


Her skills..


.. oh yay.. back at 0 simoleons! (sarcasm)


Luckily, though, she’s in great shape for starting!

Third stop – making a new sim:


I started from a randomized sim, made a few wardrobe changes, and randomized for a name.


Meet Lacee Sherwood! She starts with basically nothing, so there’s no need to see her other information screens.

… and here we go!

One advantage I’ve found to switching to the new rules… this neighborhood already had a house in it, so the resources are all full and ready for harvesting. It really made starting this very easy.

I immediately send Kayla out gathering, and Lacee out looking for treasure hunt photos. I’ll let you go read up on the details on the Sims forums or on Vihisha’s blog.. but basically, you’re tasked with getting ten photos with mix and match of ten different wearable items and ten different colors. No sim can be used more than once, and each item and color can only be used once. It sounded incredibly complicated and hard to do… and since there’s not much to do in the first couple days once the gathering is done.. Lacee spent her time taking photos and stalking everyone who walked, ran or stomped past our lawn. I didn’t take any photos because it was just mostly running around gathering or chasing after photo subjects.


Kayla meets a Young Adult blondie named Justice. I see potential… hopefully his traits are good. No red flags yet.. so I have them build relationship by looking at the stars.


On day two, Lacee meets a Young Adult man with potential.. Leonardo. Again, no red flags in the first two traits I learn… so they’re cloudgazing.


As is becoming tradition.. I manage to get one last photo of the last house’s heir before she’s gone for good. Why she went with the “Charlie’s Angels” pose I’ll never know.. but it looks cute on her. RIP Brynn… you’re already being missed!


Two new friends, camping out on the lawn. Is it me, or do they not look too excited in this photo?


My ten photos.. complete. I got brown shoes, a pink skirt, a red shirt, yellow hair, green full body (dress), black accessory (bangle bracelets), white socks (thanks to Brynn! … why do people never wear socks in this game??), a hat with blue on it, orange makeup (nobody ever said I couldn’t put orange makeup on one of my sims and have that count.. lol), and bright purple running shorts. … And the whole treasure hunt is complete with only three days gone by. That was WAY easier than I expected. Only one photo didn’t turn out good, and I plan to retake it. (It’s of Kayla’s green formal dress, so getting the subject of the photo to hold still is easy.)


Justice is invited over for a sleepover in the tent (Kayla had a wish to woohoo in a tent.. so I figured, let’s do this!) .. they seem to get along pretty well (he’s telling her a dramatic story in this photo.. lol he got very animated! Kayla doesn’t seem impressed.


And Kayla snags her first boyfriend. (And last, hopefully…)


… And it begins. I decided that the gardening and repairing will be done by Kayla, whereas the Photography skill will be Lacee’s job. Why? I don’t know.. probably because Lacee already managed to get level 2 photography just from the treasure hunt… and Kayla already had gardening skill.


Our little “home-on-the-lawn” after the first week. I’ve managed to get all of the bare minimums for survival.. cooler, full bathroom, two tents (one for each of them now that Justice is moving in hopefully), a couch and good TV, and two easels. There’s even a small garden of 20 blackberry plants.. I’ll see whether it’s worth keeping them or not. I figure extra money is always a good thing. Especially since I have BIG plans for this house.


And congrats to Kayla and Justice! He apparently had just turned to adult (so had Lacee’s prospect, Leo…) .. but I decided I liked Justice’s looks enough to marry him in anyway. Hopefully he won’t die before his genes are necessary for the heir! (Also.. small rant at myself.. somehow all of the pictures I took of Justice are in the dark so you can’t see the guy! Yeesh. Way to go me!


Here’s his stats. He’s a level one (joke’s on me again) Scientist.. but maybe I can get him a couple of promotions by having him help with the gardening to get breakthroughs. I won’t (obviously) be able to go to work with him, but promotions in that career don’t require it.


And .. finally.. the very beginnings of the house shell go up. I’m hoping to make this into a sort of duplex house in the Victorian Row House style.. basically two houses on the ends with a studio in the middle. We’ll see whether I’ll have the funds to manage it! I’m going to build one side at a time so I don’t completely “break the bank”. I’m basing the design off of several photos/architectural drawings I found on the web of period houses.. a lot of them have entrances on the second floor and a slightly underground first floor. Since half underground isn’t an option in Sims 4, I made do and figured out a way to make it work. Basically, the first floor will be a “dummy” floor for both houses, but not the studio. They can be left empty, or filled out as .. well.. whatever.. if I have the extra funds to spare. They’re more there for the exterior looks of the house than a need for more space. Sound complicated? It is. But you’ll get the idea as I build. (I already have the plans drawn up for the house, and have built a model and even uploaded it to the gallery.)


If you’re interested, it’s titled “Victorian Row House” and hashtagged #victorian. I uploaded both a shell and a fully decorated house – titled Victorian Row House 2 – (with unlimited funds, it’s worth 350k ish…. definitely will not be worth that much under the drifter challenge.. but I at least hope to have it completed with lesser furnishings. – The shell alone is worth 85k and I’ll be sticking pretty close to it… so house value won’t be a problem.. getting enough funds to fully furnish TWO houses.. might be. But we’ll see!) The paint colors chosen for the outside may be getting changed.. I’m thinking the tan one is just too tame for a victorian and will probably go with green instead.


And here is what the girls spend most their time doing. Painting, cloud gazing, more painting.. rinse repeat.


Finally! The cooler is retired and we have a nice mid-range kitchen started. No more fighting to get food out when someone’s sitting and eating on the cooler.

005justicepromo 005justicepromo2

Justice makes it to level two.. see? I told you I thought I could get him to a promotion without going to work with him and I was right. The minuscule bonus and raise will definitely help over time!


Finally was able to afford some lights and moved everything indoors except for the garden. (obviously)


Finally! A good bed for Kayla and Justice. Sorry Lacee.. you’ll just have to wait for yours.


Look who I saw walking past?!? Based on the career outfit, I know he’s high up in the astronaut career.. I wonder what he looks like under all that…?


Wow… nice find, Lacee! I guess Leo will just have to find someone else. (I never did romance Leo, just marked him down as a future possibility. I didn’t like that he’d already aged to adult.) This one is a Young Adult still!


No incompatible traits, and the romance was full speed ahead. I didn’t know his last trait.. but I took a gamble on it being worth it for his job, age, and known traits alone.. ) They seem to be getting along pretty well!


Total time from meeting to married: about 4 sim hours. That’s gotta be a record for me.. I’ve never managed to go through all of the steps that quickly before.. I usually allow for a couple of days of wooing.


His name is a bit strange.. but then Lacee isn’t exactly a normal name either. They look damn good together, too. On a side note, the trait I didn’t know was Geek.. so it was a good one, too. Turns out he’s level 6 in his career. Score!

… And I think that’s enough for the first chapter. Both playable simmies are at level 5 in their careers (at varying stages through it.. for some reason, Lacee is leading on promotions over the Ambitious Kayla (who already purchased Entrepreneurial…) .. totally unexpected that Perfectionist is better so far.


An overview of the house so far. I just added in a chess table for Kayla’s logic skill needs, and the mirror for Lacee’s. I totally forgot about the secondary skills until Allie from the sims forums reminded me.. That could have been bad!


A quick peek at the house value.. not too badly for being a cobbled-together MESS right now. With four sims and one bathroom, this could get hairy!

House 004 Chapter 4 < | > House 005 Chapter 2


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