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Drifter Challenge House 004 Chapter 4

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Checking in on our goals:

House 004 Building Goals: 
50,000 value home (2 bedroom, 1 bath min) (Complete)
House 004 Generational Goals: 
Level 10 Rocket Science skill (level 8 now)
Level 10 Scientist career (Complete)
Travel to Sixam & bring back 6 unique items (Complete)
Befriend an alien and move them in 
Young adult heir (Teen now)

Only thing I’ve gotten done since last time is the Sixam items and Kayla at teenage stage.. but that’s ok, because there’s more to come and I still have plenty of time,


All out of upgrades Brynn can do, and have an entire skill point before the next one is available.. so I send her on mission after mission to get more skill for Rocket Science.


I didn’t mean to start out this post on a depressing note.. but RIP Josef. He had a good long life! Of the family, only Conner managed to get down there in time to see him off. The kids were off at school, Drake was at work.. and Brynn was still asleep.


Grimm getting his groove on after his duties are discharged. It is just me, or does he look a little tubby?


…. Poor Kayla. Sets the house on fire on her first cooking attempt. This happened quite literally the day after I first installed the fire sprinklers.. so great timing on my part!


Remember that alien I pointed out at work last chapter? .. I invited her over…


.. And invited her into the family. This completes the friend alien moved-in part of the goal.


A moodlet solver potion (which also takes away her grieving moodlets.. yay!) to let her get some more work done on the rocket science skill.


Hey… that’s not working on your skill!


Hahaha! I didn’t even know that was an achieve. The aliens like this family, that’s for sure.


Welcome back, Josef!


Conner doesn’t make it to bed. Silly sim.


Socializing in the living room. This picture taken partially to show off the new living room rug. I decided I didn’t like the old one.


Kayla “helping out” (read.. working on getting a skill to 3 for school).


Working on that rocket skill again..


.. And yay! Finally! That’s our last goal complete (except for young adult heir.) Which leaves us with like 9 days of sim time before the challenge is complete. I didn’t need as much time as I allowed myself by having the extra kids.. but it was nice to have that buffer. The only complaint I have about having 8 sims in a household (which is a first for me in sims 4) is that my game likes to freeze all the sims periodically and it requires going out to manage worlds and back before the can move again. I don’t know why, but it seems to only happen that way with 8 sims in the house hold. Very weird glitch. But VERY annoying. Must have something to do with game memory, I think.


Dylan’s birthday! Congrats little man!


… Well, didn’t he grow up nicely. Too bad he’s blue. LoL. This puts him at a Genius and Loner. (Not that those traits matter since he’ll never get played)


Josef, back again.. and this time, he’s mad. Kicking over the trash can seems to be the extent of his anger, though, luckily. He didn’t go on a break everything rampage as some ghosts I’ve seen.


Drake elder-ify’ed. Doesn’t look like he’s too pleased about it. And that hoodie on an elder is just too funny. I laughed WAY too hard about it.


My gorgeous Brynn…


Makes an even prettier elder. I’m not looking forward to losing Brynn.. I’ve really grown attached to her!


Poor Kayla. It can’t be that bad, since you chose to work on your fitness skill yourself. First (and last) time I saw one of my sims use the workout machine.


Sibling socializing. Too cute.


With nothing left to work on, Brynn is at loose ends. So she ends up gardening…


… Or making the “fixer’s helper” serums (turns two measly repair parts into 900 simoleons.. nice rate of return there!) in her basement lab.


Homework party! If you’re looking closely, you can see I’ve replaced all the stairs and recolored all the windows. I decided I liked the black windows and stairs better than the white. I fiddled with the idea a while, and then decided it was my house, so might as well make it pretty!


… Shows how much time I’ve put into this Drifter save. That’s a lot of time!


Addisyn’s birthday.. (once again, pardon the outline on Brynn… I don’t know why I kept doing that on this save.)


Such a pretty alien! Being that she’s unplayable, I never put her in disguise, so this is just her as a true alien. Her traits are Goofball and Active.


.. Her first action as a teen.. homework on the boy’s room desk. Go figure.


Aww… not you, too, Conner! This should be the last death before this challenge is over. (Also, it puts me back down to 7 sims, which is a good thing for that stupid freezing bug.)


See….? I’m telling you.. Death has gotten fat on my Drifter save. I didn’t even know it was possible!


Grimm playing on my sims’ favorite computer.


Guess baking that cake was worth it, right, Brynn?


Savannah turned elder. Can’t say I’m too fond of her.. but she got that goal completed, so yay?


The family’s typical gathering area. I think most of them are milling about down there. LoL. The guy on the far left in the black is the maid.


Another homework party.


Addisyn socializing with Josef, who’s back again for the night.


Welcome back, Conner!


Zackary’s turn. (And by the silly hat you can see he’d JUST gotten his “A” at school. Kayla hasn’t been the best of students, and still only has a “B”.)


Oh.. no.. Zackary’s gotten his great grandfather’s hair. LoL RIP Jamari. Good thing tomorrow is Kayla’s birthday, or I might be tempted to save poor Zackary from his hairstyle.


Make that wish, Kayla!




…. Finally!


All goals complete! House 004 is a “win”!

Now, I’ll do a bit of a house tour …

Front door view

As you can see, the landscaping is minimal at best.. it just didn’t look right to do more. Here you can see the black windows and black/glass stairs and fencing. I don’t know why those two windows at the top left never render on this house.. it’s always been like that, and no matter what I do to it, it always seems to be that way.

The back yard

If you look closely, you can see the changes I made to the roof (and added another “post” to hold it up.) I like this way this looks much better.

Finished dining room looking towards the front door.
Living room looking towards the front door.
Downstairs science lab, locked for Brynn only.
View one of the boy’s room, turned into a teen room

And yes, once again, that’s Addisyn doing her homework in the boy’s room.  LoL.

View two of the boy’s room.
Girls room 1
Girl’s room 2
Girl’s room 3
Upstairs Hallway with game table that NOBODY ever used.
Conner and Drake’s room (and now Savannah, too)
The dresser in the “guest” bedroom

Now, my traditional “end of challenge” wrap-up.


Way to go Brynn! Nice funds, there.


Scientist complete.. and still have one day left on vacation.


Brynn’s skills.


Brynn’s traits.


Final house value. Updating the windows and stairs and stuff actually brought the value down a bit.. but that’s ok. I was way over value target, anyway.


Once again, house is uploaded to the gallery under both #thrallsdrifter and #drifterchallenge.. so it should be pretty easy to find. This front picture shows that the upper left two windows are actually there.. they just don’t render on screenshots for unknown reasons.

Hooray for House 004 finished!

House 004 Chapter 3 < | > House 005 Chapter 1



Mom to an active and opinionated 17 year old. Have a wonderful husband who allows me to keep my Sims addiction. ;) Also, an avid crafter, mostly knitting and (some) crochet, but some needlepoint and cross-stitch as well. When I have time, I also enjoy reading and music.

6 thoughts on “Drifter Challenge House 004 Chapter 4

    1. Too funny that Grim was fat. I thought I was just seeing things the first time I noticed it.. by the next time he showed up, though, it was pretty obvious. I can’t believe the house value on this.. and I still had money to burn!

      1. The crazy thing was, I wasn’t even really trying for money – I had a mediocre garden and a daily work income of like 2250 plus what the “boarders” brought in, which was around 500 daily.. guess it all adds up.

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