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Drifter Challenge House 004 Chapter 3

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Checking in on our goals:

House 004 Building Goals: 
50,000 value home (2 bedroom, 1 bath min) (Complete!)
House 004 Generational Goals: 
Level 10 Rocket Science skill (lvl 4 now)
Level 10 Scientist career (Complete)
Travel to Sixam & bring back at least 6 unique items
Befriend an alien and move them in 
Young adult heir (Child now)

Hooray for more progress! However, I do have to note one thing. the befriend an alien and move them in is supposed to be IN ADDITION to any you may have moved in as spouse. Since technically I haven’t done that, I removed the “complete” flag off of that requirement. Also, I unfortunately have a full house until Josef dies.. so I’ll have to wait for that for the alien friend. I left the “complete” flags on the last couple of posts and just took it off of this one to eliminate confusion.


Kayla watching the kid’s channel.


A shot from the living room up to the door, where the computer and workout machine is. (Not that anyone has used the workout machine.. lol .. but hey, it’s there!)


A view from by the front door to the kitchen, where Brynn is cooking. (She always seems to be cooking.. keeping the fridge stocked is a never ending battle, it seems.)


What’s this??


…Drake being abducted. This is the very last shot I have of the roof looking like this. While Drake was gone, I redid the roof a bit and eliminated the flat, fenced-in portion in favor of an actual roof. You’ll see it in a bit.


Nobody else seems to mind he’s gone.. Mom’s eating while Kayla works on her homework. It’s also about this moment when I start hating homework. For some reason, the bug where the sims freeze while someone’s doing homework seems particularly bad on this family, and I quickly tire of pausing so the sims can “catch up” and un-freeze.


Addisyn all grown up.


It’s at this moment I discover that the other kids aren’t really aliens. Only Addisyn seems to have the alien ability to set a disguise. I guess the other kids are just blue, but not really aliens.


Josef on the new computer from topping the Scientist career. It seems to be very popular with the household.


And over-head view of the top floor. The layout pretty much stays the same until the challenge is over.


The dining room, newly decorated with a rug and the technology-looking room divider.


Better shot of the room divider. I doubt I’ll ever find another house it works so well in!


The last time Brynn actually goes to work for the rest of the challenge. She upgrades her wormhole generator doohickey.. and checks for local aliens.


…Found you! The one in the weird dress on the left is the one I’ll end up inviting to the house after Josef dies.

I never receive an invitation to a party on Sixam, so I don’t know exactly how that works. Brynn had so much vacation time saved up, she was able to go on vacation and not quit the scientist career, by way of keeping her full paycheck. Bills are high enough in this house that I needed that income to stay afloat.


Addisyn and Kayla playing with the dollhouse. Too cute!


Harvesting the garden (as usual). I’ve managed to keep the garden in fairly good shape with the use of the “free services” gardener. Without it, the plants would have died off ages ago. The only other things Brynn has purchased with her points is the morning and night sim, to help with skilling.


First skill to ten for Brynn! Good job!


Fixing the TV yet again. At the lower left, you can see the chess table I bought for the living room.. although I don’t think I ever saw anyone use it.


Here’s where Brynn has been spending her days. Working on the rocket. I’m waiting to go to Sixam until she’s finally not pregnant anymore, just so she can collect the stuff there while not waddling everywhere she goes.


Finally! Baby Zackary is born. Time will tell whether he’s a “true” alien or not, even though he sure looks like it here.


Down in her science lab underneath the house.. Brynn takes a leap of faith…


And ends up in Sixam. I was hoping that waiting until daytime to travel would make it brighter for photos.. but no luck. I guess you’ll just have to live with the dark photos I did manage to take while Brynn wandered the area looking for our required collectibles.


.. Here’s one!


Too bad the photos turned out so dark, it really is pretty on Sixam. This is the first time I’ve ever been there in my time playing Sims, so it’s pretty cool to me!


Our required six items from Sixam. (Four different geodes, a metal, and an Alien we found while we were there.)


I also harvested the three different plant types, and decide to make a hidden basement garden with them. I keep the basement locked to everyone else in the house, so I don’t have to worry about anyone messing up my science stuff.


Addisyn chatting with the nanny while Josef washes dishes. Since he’s got the “neat” trait, the house is kept pretty clean. I do have a maid coming for free (why not?).. which is how I find out that scheduled services are free as well as the one-time services.


Conner ages to elder with a cool hamburger cake. (With his hairdo, I decided he must be the whimsical sort who would appreciate the cake.)


Drake getting abducted.. again. Since I rearranged the roof, he gets abducted from the tiny front “lawn” instead of the backyard.


Apparently Drake doesn’t mind being abducted this time.. LoL.


The Sixam plants all grown up.


Zackary grown up.. and NOT an alien. Just blue.


Three blue kids at the dinner table .. and only one of them is actually eating. LoL.


Cute sibling love.


It’s Kayla’s birthday! (Please excuse the outline on Brynn.. I’m usually so good about making sure it’s not there… not sure why I wasn’t able to move it in time for this picture.)


Kayla all grown up. Isn’t she pretty??


The current house value.. I think we’re pretty much done with it now.

That’s enough for this post.. I have finished the challenge.. but too many pictures for just one post.

House 004 Chapter 2 < | > House 004 Chapter 4




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