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Drifter Challenge House 004 Chapter 2

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Checking in on our goals:

House 004 Building Goals: 
50,000 value home (2 bedroom, 1 bath min)
House 004 Generational Goals: 
Level 10 Rocket Science skill
Level 10 Scientist career
Travel to Sixam & bring back at least 6 unique items
Befriend an alien and move them in (Complete)
Young adult heir

Yay… I at least made a little progress!

I start out this episode with the above picture of the house interior on the first floor. Yes, the “living room” is actually down on ground level, I wanted an open plan with the split level. As you can see, I’ve put some cash into windows (far from done there) and finally was able to afford the stairs to the bedrooms.. so all the beds are up there. They are still stuck with cooler food.. (hey, it’s free!) .. but at least they can sit down to eat their snacks without blocking the cooler for other folks. It gets hairy at times with four sims and only one bathroom, but they’re getting by!


Checking on the value… it’s crazy how much all those windows add to the value..!


Pictures of Brynn at work..


Hard at work, that is.. inventing and distilling and whatever else she does in there…


Apparently Josef really likes the garden.. here he is watering it all by his lonesome (I totally didn’t tell him to do it.. but I sure am glad he is!)


I also put some time into romancing our resident alien, and in the process…


Found out he was an alien. Big surprise there, game. hehe. Although, I will have to say, I’ve married sims in on other games without ever noticing they were aliens until it was too late. EA was sneaky with those disguises!


A partial shot of the (mostly) barren upstairs… and the beginning of Brynn’s sleepy-time woes. She just couldn’t quite get in bed all the way before passing out.


Birthday time for Brynn! Now we’re a full fledged adult. Also a neat perspective shot of Conner heading up the stairs past the new kitchen additions.


Needless to say, Conner didn’t make it to bed that night, either.. the aliens just had to abduct him to find out why his hair stands up like that!


After once again watering the garden, Josef happily mops up an outdoor puddle. Silly neat sims!


Fixing our one and only entertainment source.


Didn’t make it again…


Only  missing the floors now.. painting the walls is all done. I updated the front porch a little, too, if you’re looking closely (added a second set of stairs off to the right side and moved the rock “post” over to allow for them. I think it looks better since it’s a corner lot.)


The house is finally in a “finished” shell – all the windows in place and the textures/paints (not flooring though) installed. I added the red accent trim and really like the way it looks! It’s hard to see, but the window sections are all painted red to go with the trim.


… Well. We’re definitely ok on value now! …despite the fact it’s still very much mostly a shell.


Josef working on the garden again.


Brynn finds out she’s pregnant while at work! First nooboo, the heir, is on the way!


Brynn’s really starting to show now.. and finally we have flooring in the house.


These two are such a cute couple… always a kiss when she gets home, always affectionate when I’m not paying attention to what Brynn is up to.


Aww.. Brynn is down again. Too many things to do and not enough energy. I always seem to be pushing the amount of time she has during the day, trying to get her to do more.


Welcome to little Kayla! Another girl heir! And since their dad, Josef, is a full alien and Brynn is half alien, the children will all register as aliens with the game. Kinda cool!


Trying for baby again… (I figure since they don’t age when pregnant, it extends the amount of time I have to finish the challenge if I keep Brynn pregnant as much as possible.)


Success! Poor Brynn needs a shower badly in this photo.


Baby doesn’t leave us much time to get everything done.. poor abused Brynn…


Drake is having a bad day. Waiting for the only bathroom we’ve been able to afford, and he missed his birthday cake. As you can see from the picture, he’s not real happy with my simming skills at the moment.


Our gorgeous alien heir, Kayla, who grows up with the “Creative” trait to help her paint in the next house.


Since I decided to keep Brynn having babies until there’s no more room… I decided I needed to expand the upstairs out to the side over the roof. I really like the way it turned out. As you can see from the picture, they’re up a couple of bathrooms as well. (To everyone’s great happiness!)


The updated roof. Why some of the windows are opaque and some aren’t in this picture, I have no idea.


Josef ages gracefully into an elder. I even remembered to get him a cake, yay!


Our second-born, Dylan, posing for me in his new room in the new addition. Pardon the plumbbob, I was getting him to turn around for the camera.


Yet another addition.. another baby girl, Addisyn. Sound asleep, don’t wake her!!


Once again, poor Brynn… down for the count.


Now we see WHY she’s so tired. Fourth nooboo on the way!


Kayla and Josef chatting in the kitchen.. they’re so cute and affectionate.


… Fourth death at work. Brynn is definitely bad luck! Either that or elders just need to learn to retire in Sims 4! (Maybe a little bit of both!)


A rare photo opportunity of most the household sitting down to dinner.. Don’t know where Dylan went to, but apparently he wasn’t hungry.


Finally!! I actually made it to level 10! I really had my doubts. In sims 4, I have NEVER maxed any career ever.. so this is a MAJOR first for me.


Now to work on Rocket Science. (She’s already at level 2 from the one at work… I just haven’t been able to afford one at home until now.)


And… finally.. the rocket ship is done! Time to start upgrading it to work on rocket science skill (at level 4 now)… hopefully I have enough time left to do it. I’m counting on all those kids slowing the aging process down enough that I’ll have time to finish up with the skill .. I have 11 vacation days on Brynn and plan on using them quite liberally now that she’s maxed her career.


One last check on our house value after the overhaul upstairs… We’re WAY over goal.. and I still have some decorating I’d like to do! Yikes!

See you next time!

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3 thoughts on “Drifter Challenge House 004 Chapter 2

  1. Wow, that house value!! Congratulations on getting level 10 in the career. My first go round, I didn’t, so I had to start over. Kayla is adorable! You’ve definitely got a houseful!!

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