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Drifter Challenge House 004 Chapter 1

House 003 Chapter 4 < | > House 004 Chapter 2

First thing to do is check our new goals:

House 004 Building Goals: 
50,000 value home (2 bedroom, 1 bath min)
House 004 Generational Goals: 
Level 10 Rocket Science skill
Level 10 Scientist career
Travel to Sixam & bring back at least 6 unique items
Befriend an alien and move them in
Young adult Heir

Then, we check on our playable sim: (and run her through CAS)


Meet Brynn Drifter. An only child, and destined from the start to live the drifter life. She turned out pretty nice for having an alien for a mom and Christian for a dad.

Starting Stats:


Skills.. not too shabby for being unplayable in the last house.


Sticking to tradition: She’s good just like the rest of the line before her. Genius just seemed like a good bet because of the scientist career… and cheerful.. why not? She looks like a cheerful sort!


Her ambition… although for the first while, I’ll probably have it on the Curator aspiration.


Pretty good start, I would say!


… And once again, without any cash. Time to get going!


What’s she doing? Calling for help?


.. nope… our first order of business.. getting a job.


This marks a milestone for me, the first playable Drifter with a job. (All the others have made money through gardening and fishing only.) She also starts out at level 3 thanks to having an “A” in high school.


After fishing for a while, who runs past, but Dad. So we pull him aside to have a chat..


And to join us fishing. This is, as is par for the course with my drifters… the last time he’s seen alive.

004breakthrough1 004breakthrough2 004breakthrough3 004breakthrough4

… I didn’t realize fishing would give us so much in the way of breakthroughs. Just one after another for the first day or two.


Why so glum, Brynn? Don’t worry.. you’ll have more than a cooler soon.


See? We started on Friday afternoon, and by Sunday, we already had our full “lawn living” set up. The garden is getting planted, and she’ll finally be clean in a few minutes.


… While taking a shower…


Then again while watering her plants. Breakthroughs are clearly not going to be an issue for Brynn…. and it’s about here that I stop taking pictures of every breakthrough. LoL.


Really? … We just got to work for our first day… and someone’s dying.


I try to get Brynn to ignore the festivities behind her, but she still gets sad for the rest of the day. Poor girl.

Days pass, with pretty much the same thing day after day. Garden, work, sleep. I decided I wanted to try something new, and do a more modern style house.. but I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to be able to do it in pieces… so I built a shell of one over the course of several hours on the same size lot next to Brynn’s lawn living. Then, I painstakingly copied down the measurements on graph paper so I could rebuild it.. because the shell worth was around 40k and I didn’t want to save that much before building.

I didn’t really take many pictures of this time.. because there’s only so much of it I could be interested in.. I’ve done the beginning of the scientist career a million times, it seems.. and once you’ve seen one garden you know what it looks like.


Pretty shot of Brynn making friends with her childhood friend, Drake.. who is still a teen at this time. After he gets a job as an adult I’ll probably move him in.


Death #2 at work… I’m starting to see a trend…


… And that’s number three. *rolls eyes* All I get out of the deal is a sad sim for a while.. and it’s hard to keep her motivated when she’s sad.


We have an “alien/tourist” day at work, and make nice with one of them. Meet Josef.. hopefully our spouse.


It doesn’t show up that he’s an alien because Brynn hasn’t “found out” what he is yet.. but it’s pretty obvious.


Just to prove he is.. and out of curiousity’s sake, I turn his disguise off and then on again (a very small cheat) so I can take this screenshot.


Josef brings in a decent check ever work day, too. We haven’t romanced him yet.. Brynn has too much other stuff to deal with without him being too under foot. For entertainment for poor Josef, all I have is a small boom box.. I get Brynn’s amusement on the computers at work. Every day we stay late, usually playing games or finishing off the gold requirements for the day.

Shortly after that, I hit the 20k mark in savings and decided it was past time to ditch lawn living.. so I painstakingly copied the shell off my graph paper.


Here’s Josef and Brynn wondering what rabbithole they jumped into that they suddenly have this concrete monster on their lawn. This is the front of the house…


This is the back. You can just see the tip of the small garden I’m trying to keep healthy enough to supplement income. It’s a lot of work on top of her scientist career, and doesn’t leave much time for much of anything else.

In the hope of getting some more income flowing in, I invite both Drake (her childhood friend) and Conner (you might remember him from the sugar skull bit in the last chapter of house 3) to move in.


A lazy athlete.. *shrug* to each his own, I guess!


Drake’s paycheck.


Conner… (who clearly won’t be doing much of the cleaning with the Squeamish trait.. haha)


And his paycheck.

With the funds coming in, I’m able to buy an air mattress for everyone, and put in a couple of windows. (More than half the cost of building the house is in the windows, I swear.. this house is basically made of glass and stone.) But we’ll get to that eventually. I’ve played WAY past this, so I’ll post another chapter tomorrow!

House 003 Chapter 4 < | > House 004 Chapter 2


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