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Drifter Challenge House 003 Chapter 3

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House 003 Building Goals: 
40,000 value home (2 bedroom, 1 bath min - Complete)
Build a Park (Complete)
House 003 Generational Goals: 
Complete the Angling Ace aspiration (Complete)
Gardening skill level 10 (Complete) 
Fishing Skill level 10 (Complete) 
Grow a Cow Plant & collect at least 5 unique essences (Complete) 
Young Adult heir (Currently Child Age)

We start off with a check of our goals.. almost done. I’m also working on handiness 10 to open up forgotten grotto for the first time.


Awww. Christian and Brynn being adorable.


Hollie showing what she really thinks of skill building.. zzzzzz. Still working on getting mental skill points so Brynn can get her grades up.


It’s really not that hard to work out, there, Christian.. he clearly hates the new workout machine. Gotta get off those extra pounds!


Hollie ages to elder, and doesn’t look to pleased with it, either.


Luckily, the back pain seems gone while she chats with Christian.


I found the fact he could joke about aliens to her as absolutely hilarious, since she’s an alien. She still laughed at the joke, though, so she didn’t take offense. Hehe.


Finally! Now I can open up Forgotten Grotto!


Hollie telling herself a story while cooking on the poolside grill. I took this as proof in case she set herself on fire…


… But all was well. I still haven’t seen anyone USE the new pool.. but at least the patio furniture has now been used.


With Christian’s newly maxed Handiness skill, I took the family off to the park to test it out. Brynn has fun on the spaceship (I didn’t tell her to do that, the plumbbob is over her head to help me find her.. lol)


Hollie chats up some random gardener.. (same note as above with the plumbbob.)


Clearly, the pond works, because this lady caught a couple of fish out of it while we were there.


“Renewing vows” on the wedding arch to make sure it works. Even Brynn came over to watch!


Awww.. !


More people at the park than I expected.. glad to know it works. There’s something to be said for the satisfaction you get knowing that the park you built yourself works and is loved by visitors!


Let’s get these boards off of there, Christian!


.. Wonder what’s in here?…




And time for fishing. It’s a gorgeous photo, too bad it’s almost too dark to see.


Back home.. and back to work on this garden. Such a lot of work!


Brynn doing her homework!


Dinner time with Dad.


More gardening the next day. Note the gnome we found fishing is now in the garden.


Brynn invites a classmate, Drake, over after school. They seem to have a good time!


Yay Brynn! It’s always good to see this message.


The newly re-done garden. I eliminated some of the trees, and all of the spliced dragonfruit plants in favor of the tulip and blackberries. The row of Pomegranate trees is more for decor than anything else. I also put up a fence and a whole line of garden gnomes… why? .. I don’t know.. but they’re cute! (There’s an updated house shot in the title shot for this post.. I finally got around to doing some landscaping.)


Brynn and Dad. They get along so well!


Later that day, I caught Hollie and Brynn taking a similar photo. Too cute!


Yay! Birthday time for Brynn! .. Wonder what she’ll look like?


What a gorgeous teen she is! Her outfit sucks.. but I’ll fix that when she takes over for the next house.


Brynn’s new teenage room.


And.. finally .. proof that someone used the pool. At least, I think so.. she’s in her swimwear (although she is insane so that could mean anything.)

Now that we’re just waiting for the young adult stage, time seems to be going by SO slow!

House 003 Chapter 2 < | > House 003 Chapter 4



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    1. Brynn was actually a random name suggested by the game. I loved it, and immediately quit randoming for name. Usually it takes me a while to pick a name.. not that time though, it was the first or second one suggested.

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