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Drifter Challenge House 003 Chapter 2

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House 003 Building Goals: 
40,000 value home (2 bedroom, 1 bath minimum) 
Build a Park (after gardening and fishing lvl 10)
House 003 Generational Goals: 
Complete the Angling Ace aspiration (Complete)
Gardening skill level 10 (level 9 now)
Fishing Skill level 10 (Complete)
Grow a Cow Plant & collect at least 5 unique essences (at three now)
Young Adult heir

First thing I did was take care of the garden.. and we were close enough to skill that I got this:


So, yay.. another goal completed! Time to build a park! Park picture spam:

Here’s what it looks like on the map screen… (full picture in the topic title picture)
The wedding area
Kitchen for baking wedding cakes and food for parties

Soo.. that’s the park. Haven’t gone and used it yet, but I’m pretty sure everything will work as intended.


After building the park, my first order of business is taking my relationship with Hollie to the next level. Here she is accepting my first flirt!


First kiss.. she looks so surprised!


And.. the first try for baby. Yep.. going for the heir, since all goals are pretty much done except for that one. This shot also shows I’ve finally upgraded the master bedroom in honor of Hollie.


Making things official.. the impromptu wedding ceremony.


Is that a baby bump Hollie? Yes, it is!


This is what she brings in four times a week. Not bad, but not great. Good thing I’m not counting on her for help with the finances!


Since we have very little to do, I send Christian out jogging to start working off the extra pounds he had by the time he was a Young Adult. Apparently I keep my simmies well fed.


The adorable Gummie Guppy in his home in the bedroom. With as dark as this photo is, looks like I need to invest in more lighting in there..


Christian turns into an Adult… and if you’re looking closely, you’ll notice something in the background…


We officially have all five essences! (And the Skeleton Fishbones guy in his little tank.) Essences are: Inspired, Focused, Energized, Confident and Flirty. Because I’m so very nervous having a live cowplant around, I sell him and keep the benign dead version for decoration outside. I know, not very brave of me.. but nothing said I had to keep it around my vulnerable heir! Also, if you’re following along, this means the only goals I have left are the house value and the young adult heir.

I spend some time upgrading the main room of the house:

Kitchen and Dinette
Front door and computer.
Bathroom also gets an upgrade

It clearly needs more lighting! At this time, I check house value and it’s hovering at just under the 40k without the second bedroom decorated.


And welcome our heir, little baby girl Brynn. I spent quite a while random-ing for her name, but ended up going back to one of the first choices that popped up.


Ahh.. that’s better. Lights! Hollie, trolling the forums (not a skill she needs, of course).


Hollie, in one of her favorite pasttimes… napping. This is taken after I moved stuff around a bit and added the half walls.


Proof that Hollie did actually care for baby Brynn. Sometimes. Well, let’s be honest: Rarely.


Brynn’s room finally decorated and waiting for her…


And here she is! What a cutie! She’s eating Franks and Beans (hence the weird cuboid things on the top of the bowl.. lol. I think it looks weird.


Brynn following Dad around the garden, slowing him down by talking to him. I try not to mind too much, because it’s building their relationship nicely.


Dad trying to get Brynn some mental skill and working on her first Whiz Kid milestone (which she gets quite easily).


The master bedroom.. don’t mind that the end tables don’t match in this shot..


Because this is Christian making the other one to match!


Raising a kid is hard work, Christian. Here he is helping with homework.. with the focusing lamps I put out, Brynn does her homework every day, and needs to finish them while focused for her next milestone. (Spoiler: she gets that one, too.. but no more.)


Hollie actually working on a skill she needs for work. Spoiler.. she never gets a promotion from level three because she refuses to work on charisma (I’m not even sure they CAN work on charisma autonomously.)


A shot of the newly upgraded and redesigned kitchen. Christian is in the corner there upgrading the dishwasher for more handiness skill.


The kitchen looking towards the front door.. Hollie again wasting time trolling the forums.


Brand new pool area. This is here to make up for all the house value lost due to upgrading appliances and plumbing. I really dislike the fact that upgrading objects kills their value.. I think it should be the other way around.


With this, I’m officially done with the house goal.. although I’m sure I’m going to tinker with it more before I move to house 4.

And with that.. I’ll wrap up this chapter before I go too crazy with pictures.

House 003 Chapter 1 < | > House 003 Chapter 3



Mom to an active and opinionated 17 year old. Have a wonderful husband who allows me to keep my Sims addiction. ;) Also, an avid crafter, mostly knitting and (some) crochet, but some needlepoint and cross-stitch as well. When I have time, I also enjoy reading and music.

7 thoughts on “Drifter Challenge House 003 Chapter 2

  1. Everything is looking great! I love Brynn’s room! I’ve seen some of my sims autonomously practice speech in the mirror, so it is possible 🙂 Grats on finishing most of the goals!

  2. Great job on the park and house!! I still can’t get over how quickly you were able to do this. Cassia had a sparkling elder age bar about six days BEFORE she finally got her last fish!

      1. Lol very true. Luckily she had tons of vacation time at work. I kept her home from the time Dace hit toddler until Delta aged up to child. She literally did nothing else but chase after them that whole time.

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