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Drifter Challenge House 003 Chapter 1

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First order of business.. House 002 is now available under #thrallsdrifter or #drifterchallenge on the Gallery.


Next.. lets check out our goals for this house:

House 003 Building Goals: 
40,000 value home (2 bedroom, 1 bath minimum) 
Build a Park (after gardening and fishing lvl 10)
House 003 Generational Goals: 
Complete the Angling Ace aspiration
Gardening skill level 10
Fishing Skill level 10
Grow a Cow Plant & collect at least 5 unique essences
Young Adult heir

Looks like we have our work cut out for us! I’m also giving myself an additional challenge of getting level 10 Handiness to open up the Grotto, since I’ve never been in there.

Next… meet Christian Drifter:


I elected to get him the Quick Learner trait from Renaissance Sim aspiration and switch to the Angling Ace aspiration once he took control


He didn’t do too bad for himself.. I was surprised at the 1 in Writing. I didn’t know sims would autonomously blog about their feelings after the death of a loved one.


Back to the poorhouse!


But.. a much better start than in House 2, thank goodness.

Lastly.. time to get rid of that hat. I like to be able to see my sims faces!


MUCH better. I used a lot of Outdoor Retreat stuff on him, including the hair. He’s definitely a little on the tubby side.. although I don’t know that I’ll have time in this challenge to get him back into shape. We shall see! Perhaps half-starving at the beginning of the challenge will be a good thing for his weight situation.

To be honest, there’s not a lot to say about the first day or two. There’s not a lot to collect on this map, especially since all the plants need time to grow. I got a bunch of really low quality metals and crystals, nothing worth much, and even the frogs I found were 10 simoleon frogs. This one’s going to be a tough start. He spent most him time fishing for absolutely nothing because his skill is so low. I should have had him fish with his dad in house 2.


Speaking of Dad, Xander wandered by and I interacted with him and made sure to take a picture. Sure enough, by the next day Xander had passed on.. so this photo represents the last time Christian sees his dad alive.


Finally, the tulips bloom.. well, at least I got one from each plant.. and started our garden. Once again, I think I will rely mostly on gardening to make the money for this house. It’s a sure bet, and we need the gardening skill anyway.


By the time I was able to afford a cooler, he was practically starving, and it took two “quick meals” to get him back to the green.


In another day or so, more plants came up for harvesting, and I was able to plant a “full” garden, and splurge on a bathroom set. I feel like a creeper taking a photo of him showering, but I wanted to show some progress made.


… Still no bed, though. He sleeps okay on the benches though, and his fun is staying in an okay range with all the fishing he’s doing.


Look who I found. Grimm really has a thing for fishing in my game.


Our social skill needed work, so I started trolling for young adult females. The first one I found (not the one pictured above, you’ll see her in a bit) started the conversation by reading his mind.. she’s an alien.. and she’s gorgeous. If she stays single by the time Christian’s near his adult birthday, I think I may be sneaky and bring her in for a wife. The one pictured above is Cecelia:


And was nixed because of the unemployment…


I did find a total of three young adult females on our “fishing” for females day. This one is Jasmin:


Interesting set of traits. I don’t know why, I just didn’t see her as much of an option because of that Squeamish (such an annoying trait)… she would never be ok with helping in the garden or cleaning the house.


First milestone complete!

I also spend quite a bit of time doing each “whim” that I can, and I buy him both Morning Sim and Night Owl to help him with his skill gains. Next will be “free services” so I can hire the gardener for free on days that I don’t want to fuss with that huge garden.


As promised, here are pictures of the alien in disguise, Hollie. The picture also shows that our money situation keeps improving – we now have an official bathroom.


I don’t mind the insane trait, it keeps things interesting. I think she’s a good pick.. we’ll have to see whether Christian agrees.


I rope her into helping with gardening for the day. This picture also shows the “full” garden – two rows of tulips, a row of lemon trees, a row of half strawberries, half snapdragons for splicing (in case we can’t catch a cowplant berry) and the last row is an experiment with blackberries. I don’t know if they’re worth planting, or if their grow time is simply too long to be worth the work.


No worries about cowplants now.. I’ve caught a couple, and grew both up. One will go in the family inventory in case I kill the first one. (Never having had a cowplant before I am likely to have derp moments.. lol)


Interesting.. a lady with blue hair. Meet Alessandra… I love her genetics.. I just don’t love her being an adult already. Keeping her in the file of possibilities, though.


As you can see, I wasn’t that interested in her and didn’t manage to find out all her information.


Three people I know walking by – makes for a good gardening party. One of them, if you look closely, is Aunt Kiara! Yay for her still being around.


The beginnings of our house. Yes, I’ve bought him a handiness bench, because I’m hoping to have enough time to maximize that skill too so I can go to the forgotten grotto (I’ve never been in there in any game!) We’re not hurting for funds, though, and our skills are coming up pretty quickly.


Oh no!!  Not Kiara too! That’ll be the last relative who was still alive for poor Christian.


The entire walk-by neighborhood shows up to grieve.. and I try pleading with Grimm. I really don’t want that two day moodlet!


What?!? It actually worked?! Awesome! No more two day negative moodlet. She can die on her own lot, thanks.


Grimm likes cowplants. Also, please forgive the walls cutaway in these last couple photos.. I was a bit rattled by the death on my lot.


Later that week, I finally have a house shell I’m happy with.


Another shot of the outside. I’m doing a single floor ranch style house with some great big covered porches. I like the way the rock foundation looks with the dark wood. The interior of the house is still pretty empty – we’ll need more cash to fix that up.


Oops. I knew I’d end up killing one of them. I was trying to get into a new mood for another essence, and I waited just a little too long, I guess. I pull the other fully grown cowplant and replace the dead one. They look pretty cool when they’re dead, though. I’m up to three essences, so I will be able to put the cowplant “out to pasture” before too long. I’m terrified to have it around with idiot (uncontrollable) sims on the lot.. especially that all too valuable heir.


I am up to the last bit of the whole Angling Ace aspiration, and trying to catch the last few fish in Sylvan Glade.


I did it! One skill maxed, and gardening is at level 9, so not too far behind. I can’t believe how fast I’m speeding through this challenge.


I finished Angling Ace!  I got really lucky on fish catches, didn’t get the wolf eel, but I got the shark and the piranha. I also found it really difficult to catch the screenshots of the different milestones, being that for most of them, it was hidden by an inventory screen or something else. (I also had a toothache while playing, so I was a bit distracted..)

House 002 Chapter 5 < | > House 003 Chapter 2



Mom to an active and opinionated 20 year old. Have a wonderful husband who allows me to keep my Sims addiction. ;) Also, an avid crafter, mostly knitting and (some) crochet, but some needlepoint and cross-stitch as well. When I have time, I also enjoy reading and music.

5 thoughts on “Drifter Challenge House 003 Chapter 1

    1. Thanks! I hope I can make the house value with just the small one story.. if it’s close I have room to throw in a pool. I just spent some 2-3 hours building the park for Oasis Springs.. I’ll have pictures in the next chapter!

      1. You should be able to. My first couple of houses were one stories. There’s always landscaping and upgrading appliances to gain more value (besides the pool) 🙂 I can’t wait to see it!

    1. Yeah, for some reason, I always have good luck catching all the fish for the Angling Ace aspiration. I breezed through it in my Apartment Switch challenge, as well. Of course, now that I’ve said that, the next time I play a fisher-sim, I’ll have a tough time. Murphy’s Law and all that.

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