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Drifter Challenge House 002 Chapter 5

House 002 Chapter 4 < | > House 003 Chapter 1

First, let’s see where we’re at on our goals:

House 002 Building Goal: 
40,000 value home (2 bedroom, 1 bath minimum) 
(complete worth 41k- 2 bedroom, 3 bath house)
House 002 Generational Goals: 
Marry in an NPC (complete)
Outdoor Enthusiast (3/4 done!)
YA aged heir (Currently teenage)

Now to finish that pesky aspiration and get Christian to young adult age! (Also, let me apologize for a really long post.. I might have gotten carried away with snapping photos…)


We start out with sending the whole family out to garden as a group.. it’s never too early to start them learning!


After gardening, Christian chats with his mom while Shaina dances the night away (yet again…)


See? I have other things for her to do, yet she’s the one who’s constantly dancing. I find it funny that even Jamari (who had the Dance Machine trait) didn’t max out the dancing skill.. yet Shaina does. I laughed way harder at this than I probably should have.


Elders can’t stay up as late as teens.. so Christian decides to watch sports after Shaina goes to bed.


… then stays up even later doing homework. Much like his father, he is pretty good about getting his homework done (at least since I put in the focusing lamps, before then it was a little bit more spotty.)

At this point, I took a lengthy break into build mode to update the house. I had quite a large sum in the bank, and felt the house could use some improvements. Everything from the next photo on showcases this gorgeous house.. A bit later I do a sort of house tour.


What else do teens do? Play the sims, of course!


Hooray! Now Xander can do something else with his days…


(and nights).. like…  fishing, wasting time until he’s tired enough to get another “night” of sleep in his tent.


Shaina reading in our newly redesigned kitchen.. note the dishwasher ends up getting it’s colors changed before the house is finished.


Xander baking himself a birthday cake, again in the new kitchen (I just LOVE this house, it’s definitely one of my favorite builds ever!)


Look who’s an elder now! Shaina seems pretty unimpressed, being a whole four days older than Xander, being an elder is old news to her!


Yes, the toilets are unbreakable… but the showers sure aren’t. Xander’s work is never done (except when he’s off fishing.. lol)


More family gardening time. I let Shaina sit this one out, and Xander only did a little bit before letting Christian finish it out. I really was wanting him to get some skill points for school performance. Also, if you’re paying attention, you can tell I sold all the plants relating to herbalism and scaled the garden back, considerably reducing the work load every day.


Yes!! No more tent sleeping!


Since I don’t have to have the tent out, and I’m done with herbalism too, I take the time to revamp the patio. I also take the time to clean out poor Xander’s inventory.. I still had the herbalism supplies in there cluttering it up. So nice to have a clean inventory again!

And now.. impromptu house tour:


The neat entrance to the kitchen/dining room. I had to take this shot in build mode because the columns like to hide when you’re taking pictures in live mode. Xander’s eating dinner all by his lonesome after fishing some more.

09-25-16_3-13-36-pm 09-25-16_3-15-00-pm

The upstairs hall all prettied up with pictures. (with bonus Xander going to bed.. lol)

09-25-16_3-14-19-pm 09-25-16_3-14-41-pm

Christian’s new “teen” room. He doesn’t ever use the computer up here, but I feel better knowing he’s got one!


A neat perspective shot of the master bathroom (you can see the shower/tub in the mirror!)


The living area from the door (note there should be a column there by the chess table, it got hidden by live mode.)


Shot from the other side, by the TV.. note the column IS there because I went to build mode again so you could see it. Ignore the sky up the stairs.. obviously that’s where the upstairs hallway should be! (End of house tour…)


Mom and son having breakfast…


… And this would be the shot that nearly gave me a heart attack. (I was so rattled there’s a plumbbob over her head that I artfully cut out – I was clicking on her to find out what she was doing… and panicked, just starting to shoot pictures without thinking.) What’s got me so distracted?? She’s doing this AUTONOMOUSLY!! In no way did I tell her to do this or have her queue it up by having her in a group.. she just randomly beat the gardener to the plants and whistled her happy tune.


See? Xander’s off fishing, and the gardener showed up.. and she’s still gardening all by herself. Oh.. and this is me trying out new angles to take screen shots from. I managed to get him catching a (sarcasm) really exciting Cichlid. Christian’s at school (of course) working on his “A”, and I’m just wasting time waiting for him to get home so we can head out to Granite Falls to get the last of the bugs I need to find for the aspiration.


Before Christian gets home, however, there’s another milestone to mark – Xander maxed fishing.


Congrats to Christian!

The whole family sets off after school on a weekend vacation (just for Friday-Sunday).. and I immediately have them all go to the National Forest, plop down the big tent and a cooler, and set off to find as many buggies as possible.


While Xander hunts bugs, I thought it was noteworthy that junior decided to go play chess all by himself.


Finally! And with a few days to spare, too! I find it funny that I was waiting to go get the bugs as the last thing on the list, instead of the harder things like herbalism skill or the tent sleeping. I just hadn’t wanted to make Christian miss school!


Now… with nothing left to do.. it becomes a real vacation.. and I send Xander to join Christian at chess for a game or two before I try to hunt up any more rare bugs I could find (I was only missing two bugs to complete the collection at this point.. a rare one and and uncommon.) I ignored digsites and plants, concentrating on bugs alone, hoping against hope that I’d find both of them. Spoiler: I didn’t.) Shaina was busy playing horseshoes while the boys played chess.


Fishing sure paid off this time… I had him doing that while the bugs respawned. He also caught some other first time fishies as well, but nowhere close to a collection for those.


Family campfire stories and dinner.. of course the teenager is on his phone.


Vacation: a perfect time to do your homework, right?


Christian initiated this.. so I took a picture, too. Only too soon these father-son moments will be gone!


A short time later, while checking on them while Xander ran down some more bugs.. I manage to catch them doing this. Must be selfie day!


I found it funny that all three were warming their hands at the same time… must have been cold that night.


Christian decided to make some kebabs. His first ever attempt at cooking – I was just glad he hadn’t set himself on fire!


He even ate them! I guess we can call that one a success.


Lookie who I found! A Dragon Dragonfly.. one of the two bugs I was missing. I had to hurry and cancel out of Xander’s fishing because I didn’t want to miss this little guy.


Christian tossing a log on the fire for his mom.


Just Xander fishing with a bear.. nothing to see here….


A shot of the dragonfly doing his flame breath. So cool!!


What’s this??  I did it! A death flower! My first one ever in Sims 4.



Only a few days left.. but at least Christian finally found his new computer. I just wish he’d decided to find it when he’s NOT skipping school.


Chatting with Dear old Dad. (Why Xander is eating upstairs I’ll never figure out.)


Ohh… ohh no. At least she waited until we were back home. This would be the moment I had a lightbulb go on above my head.. “hey, I have a death flower now. Two, in fact…” So I proceeded to try to give it to Grimmy.

09-25-16_4-57-32-pm shainasback

It worked! For some reason, I figured it wouldn’t work for a sim dying of old age.. but apparently it does.


Shaina chatting with Christian now that the crowd has left… just like nothing ever happened – except –


I see your moodlet!


Dear me, Xander, aren’t you past catching driftwood yet??


Christian doing his homework while chatting with mom…


Not again….


This time I let him take her. I want to save that other death flower in case of emergencies!


RIP Shaina Montalvo! You will be missed.


… Apparently Grimm likes bugs. He stood there for a good half hour sim time just chatting it up with the will-o-the-wisp. I had to laugh.


Christian may be sad, but at least he still does his homework.


Consoling junior about his mom’s death.


Watching TV before bed. Tomorrow’s the big day!!


We made it! Christian is now a Young Adult and ready to set off on his own house!

To recap:


I guess I went a little overboard with decorating, huh?


Still plenty of money left in the bank!


We sure cut that one close, though…. let’s see his skills….


Not too shabby! All goals complete, and onto the next house! Again, sorry for the really long post.. I couldn’t figure out a good place to split the post up.

House 002 Chapter 4 < | > House 003 Chapter 1




Mom to an active and opinionated 17 year old. Have a wonderful husband who allows me to keep my Sims addiction. ;) Also, an avid crafter, mostly knitting and (some) crochet, but some needlepoint and cross-stitch as well. When I have time, I also enjoy reading and music.

16 thoughts on “Drifter Challenge House 002 Chapter 5

  1. Wow, a lot went on lol. Good Christian with those A’s! RIP Shaina! I always wanted to catch one of the dragonflies. They’re so neat! Grim with the will o wisp was funny. Gratz on finishing! Oh, and I absolutely love the house!

    1. Yeah, it sure was a busy post. I couldn’t figure out a good spot to split it at so I left it as-is. I worked really hard to try to get Christian those A’s. It’s not like he’ll have a job next house, but it’s still nice to have. I really lucked out on that dragon bug. I almost couldn’t believe I actually found it! Grim kept getting the little “bug” moodlet, and just sat there chatting with the bug. The house really turned out great.. better than expected from the very plain shell I originally put down. I managed to tie all the decorating together, although I still can’t believe I did 30k worth of decorating after hitting the 40k goal. Thanks for the comments!

  2. Sooo awsome!
    I’ve never created or even seen the Death Flower in any of my games!
    What a great journey! THX 4 sharing it! =)

  3. OMG I love the ice skating on the TV I never noticed that before. I love the job you did on the house especially the kitchen which happens to be my favorite room to decorate (of course there is food in it LOL) The shots of the dragon flys were amazing and congrats on Xander finishing his aspiration. Shania will be missed though I do hope she rests in Peace.

    1. Xander ended up passing away the day after I started house 3.. I cut that really close, apparently. I’ve played through the first bit of house 3 and plan on posting it later today. Thanks for your comments! I agree, the kitchen ended up being the nicest room in the house. Somehow I managed to match the colors and styles just right.

  4. Congrats! I’ve only grown a death flowers once and that was for a specific challenge. Love that death is good friends with the whisps! Lol kind of makes sense!

    Love the house, looks awesome! I’m sure someone has mentioned tab mode for screenshots right? It’ll show columns and stuff that fade out in normal live mode.

    I’ll be back to read more. Just loving this!

    1. Oh really? I didn’t know that tab mode would show the columns. I’ll have to remember that, because I sometimes use columns in doorways in my houses, and it always annoys me that they don’t show up in screenshots. Thanks for the tip!

      1. I always forget about it. I’ll try to remember it now. I just discovered that you can turn the UI on for screenshots, too, but I haven’t been using it like that (to catch the thought bubbles) .. I used to love the thought bubbles in the screenshots in Sims 3.. I sort of miss it in Sims 4, but I just haven’t gone there yet. All my shots with the UI are done in printscreen to Paint, which seems to work out pretty well for me.

      2. I have a screenshot program for UI…But I really wish there was a good way to capture the thought bubbles. I often play with the headlines effects off. I wish I could turn all off But the bubbles. Sigh.

      3. Yeah, I too wish there was a way to turn on the bubbles separately. It would be so nice. I kinda like having the plumbob, for some reason I’m strange like that.. I guess in my head it is just so iconic “Sims” that I like having it around.

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