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Drifter Challenge House 002 Chapter 3

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Before anything else, let’s check on our goals:

House 002 Building Goal: 
40,000 value home (2 bedroom, 1 bath minimum) 
(complete- 2 bedroom, 3 bath house)
House 002 Generational Goals: 
Marry in an NPC (complete)
Outdoor Enthusiast (after child age heir)
YA aged heir

So we’re doing pretty well. Christian is now child age, so I can start on the Outdoor Enthusiast aspiration, which is what’s planned for this chapter (as you can see from the birdie title shot!)

Before I head to Granite Falls, I spend the night trying to get Xander to catch a Pomegranate in Sylvan Falls. However, we spent the entire night and only caught some toys, a lot of fish, and a couple of cowplant seeds to get some more cash. (I learned from watching Vihisha’s Let’s Play that if you plant them, they turn from a 20 simoleons to 475 simoleons! Definitely worth planting even though I don’t plan to keep them. Before this, I’ve always just sold the berries.)


The next morning, I send the family off to Granite Falls for a three day vacation. The first thing we do when we get there is chat with the Ranger for a little while, asking about camping here (since the campground is where I rented.. I put out a cot for Christian and an air mattress for Shaina and I. I also set out my old cooler in case they get hungry.)


The first thing Shaina does is make hot dogs for her and Christian. I send Xander off to start work on his aspiration: collecting plants around the area.


Apparently the log benches are more comfortable for both Shaina and Christian – they seem to use those instead of the cots I set out. I didn’t set out a tent thinking that they might be more likely to use the cots than the tents. (Looking at other blogs and let’s play’s, the tents are rarely used by the family.. so I had hoped they would use the cots.) No such luck!


A very dark picture, but Christian decides to do his homework at a dark picnic table while chatting with the ranger.


The next day, Christian spends a lot of time cloudgazing while Xander finishes finding his plants and then goes fishing for the 5 fish needed. I also take a moment to pay my bills via cellphone since they came due while we were in Granite Falls.


… That’s not a fish! But hey, 950 simoleons, that more than pays for the whole trip!


Finally! First tier complete!


Have to roast two plates of beetles, and Xander is hungry anyway.. so.. a roasting we go. Does he like them??


He sure seems to! Glad it’s you and not me, Xander!


Always cleaning up what we mess up at the campground. I like to have my sims be considerate of their environment.


Another dark photo.. but there’s a bear there talking to Shaina and Christian, making them scared in the middle of the night.


Reading the herbalism book I bought.. it seems like a VERY slow way to gain herbalism… so we’ll have to rethink that. I’ll have to do it by making herbal infusions instead.


Since our social is low and Christian is up… I send Xander over to chat with him.. and get in a good family cuddle.


After all night of collecting bugs and plants, Xander is hungry again so we roast the second necessary plate of beetles for the second tier aspiration.


Xander is sleeping in the middle of the day.. and look who finally found his cot!


Christian and Shaina taking care of themselves in the middle of the day.. for some reason Shaina couldn’t take a shower (kept queing up and then dropping) so she’s all stinky. Good thing it’s our last day of vacation!


Another dark photo.. but we run into Grimmy floating around the campground.. wonder what he’s doing out here?


Home sweet home! I spent some time adding decorative touches to the house, and I changed the front door to better match the windows. I think it looks nice!


The only thing we have left on our aspiration is getting to level 4 herbalism…


…so I send Xander to the stove to work on it. After making one sadness lotion, he puts it away… and the stove promptly bugs out, saying the lotion is still on the stove even though it’s not. I try several things, but it appears he can’t use the stove anymore. So, luckily I have enough money to sell the bugged stove and buy a replacement. I think what I’ll do is try to set up an outside grilling area for working on his herbalism.


And.. the new grilling spot works just fine.. no more buggy stove! What are Shaina and Christian doing while I spam “brewing” on the grill?


Shaina is eating breakfast.. apparently with an attitude. I just love this shot. Too funny.


And Christian is sound asleep in his room.


Speaking of the grilling area.. I figured I should show a better picture of it. Replaced the roof of the kitchen/dining area with a patio.. the door fits perfectly in the upstairs hallway.


See? Skinny rooms are hard to take photos of, though.


House 002 Chapter 2 < | > House 002 Chapter 4

Finally! Level four Herbalism achieved.



Mom to an active and opinionated 17 year old. Have a wonderful husband who allows me to keep my Sims addiction. ;) Also, an avid crafter, mostly knitting and (some) crochet, but some needlepoint and cross-stitch as well. When I have time, I also enjoy reading and music.

11 thoughts on “Drifter Challenge House 002 Chapter 3

  1. I haven’t started my second house but I will remember that bug about the stove and use a grilling area for the herbalism. Thanks for posting this.

    1. Not sure how long that bug has been around, but I’m not the only person to have that problem with herbalism on the stove. It’s just easier to use a grill and avoid the problem entirely.

  2. Oh! I’ve never thought to try on a stove. I thought it had to be a grill…Kind of accurate.

    I’m trying to recall if I’ve had tent issues and can’t recall any… But I think all my ISBI games rent cabins…Then as long as they don’t wander off and get lost, they’ll use the beds.

    Love the family!

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