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Drifter Challenge House 002 Chapter 2

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First, let’s check our goals:

House 002 Building Goal: 
40,000 value home (2 bedroom, 1 bath minimum)- 
(all we have now is a bathroom)
House 002 Generational Goals: 
Marry in an NPC (complete)
Outdoor Enthusiast (start after heir is child age)
YA aged heir

Welcome back! Last time, we started house 2, and put a lot of effort into getting our garden up to scratch.


… And it begins. The toilet breaks.. and that dish-washing she’s doing breaks the sink too. Xander quickly repairs both and heads back out gardening and collecting.


Family garden time.. it’s finally starting to make some money. Since I just noticed we have access to both strawberries and snapdragons, I went ahead and planted some strawberries for cutting to splice on the snapdragons. Doing this makes Dragonfruit which is worth a pretty penny and will help me a lot towards my house goal. (I hope)


Another Grimm sighting.. this time he has a friend along for his fishing adventure.


Since he’s up to 8 gardening, we sent him to open Sylvan Glade, and spent some time fishing there before his needs required a recharge at home. He caught some new fish types, including a treefish worth about 100 simoleons, which was a really nice catch. While there, I also found a couple higher value frogs, so breeding them will start making me some money. This is the first time in game that I’ve actually been into Sylvan Glade, so it was a nice trip. None of the plants were harvestable, though, so we just did fishing.


Starting with the shell of the house.. just bare walls and kid’s lighting for now.. but that will change soon.


Obviously, I will be paying close attention to this, since we need 40k for the building goal.


Shaina’s first action in the new house.. dancing. At least she’s keeping her needs up. She also tends to keep the house pretty clean.


We have a kitchen! Xander quickly starts working on his cooking skill with serving a garden salad to avoid fires. Hopefully Shaina will just get the leftovers out and not try her hand at cooking. Usually the non-controlled sims just get leftovers… so perhaps we’ll be okay on that.


Xander maxed gardening! (no surprise there, that’s all he does anymore is garden and collect!)


Occasionally, Kiara visits and gets roped into helping with the garden or hanging out with Shaina. They seem to get along pretty well.


Xander having dinner with the remains of Shaina’s birthday cake.. she’s now an adult!


Shaina watching the new TV.. and that reminds me.. impromptu house tour.. (also note I finally painted everything inside, put up windows, and changed out the lighting fixtures.)

The outside all windowed-up
View from living area to front door
View from front door into living area
View from living area to dining room


…And the kitchen… oops.. Xander set himself on fire while making breakfast, then had to run back and put out the fire while Shaina panicked


Shortly after the fire incident, the day before Xander’s adult birthday.. we have a nooboo on the way! Now the real race begins.. will I be able to finish the aspiration in time?? (Just to be on the safe side, I saved a secondary save file just before getting her pregnant so if things go south, I can pick back up just before baby. …Just goes to show how UN-confident I am that I can get this aspiration done in time!)


Xander watching TV while Shaina plays on the computer.


Meet Christian Drifter! Of course, it’s pretty hard to tell what he’s going to look like in this form.. we’ll just have to be patient.


The newest household addition: one fire was enough, thanks. I could have lost my heir!


It’s amazing how good a parent Shaina is for being uncontrolled – and a “dislikes children” sim. I don’t think I had to make Xander take care of the baby more than once (Shaina was sleeping) the entire time Christian was an infant! It was hard to get a picture, though, because of the size of the kid’s bedroom.. but that’s the way it goes.


Well, he’s not too bad, is he? I gave him the genius trait and the whiz kid aspiration (not that he’ll be finishing it…).

Now we finish this post off with a house check…


It’s done! Or at least we’re up to the correct value now. the only things I can see doing is replacing the bassinet with a kid’s desk, and some more decorative touches. I’ll include a couple of walls-cutout pictures so you can see the layout of the house better. I elected to get the unbreakable toilets.. just because I was tired of fixing them all the time.. and the showers are pretty high quality too, so that’s a large chunk of the value.




House 002 Chapter 1 < | > House 002 Chapter 3




Mom to an active and opinionated 17 year old. Have a wonderful husband who allows me to keep my Sims addiction. ;) Also, an avid crafter, mostly knitting and (some) crochet, but some needlepoint and cross-stitch as well. When I have time, I also enjoy reading and music.

8 thoughts on “Drifter Challenge House 002 Chapter 2

  1. Hey, you have a fishing grim! I’m kind of sad I’ve had no grim spottings, unused to see him at the gym constantly. But with no gyms to visit…Perhaps that’s it.

    Love how honey your houses look. Do you plan them out first?

    1. There is very little planning to the houses, at least for sure on these first ones. I just kind of decide as they grow how I’d like them to look. House 4, 5, and 6 were ones I had a general idea of how I wanted them to look ahead of time, and had planned out a shell. The first three houses were definitely unplanned, though.

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