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Drifter Challenge House 001 Chapter 2

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House 001 Building Goal: 30,000 value home
House 001 Generational Goal: YA aged heir

We’ll start this off with a photo of our heir as a child.. because apparently he kept me so busy as an infant I never thought to get a picture of him!


Meet Xander Drifter: boy genius. Sorry, couldn’t resist. But that’s the first trait I gave him. I was hoping it would help with him doing his homework. With the assistance of focusing paintings on the walls, he’s been pretty good at getting it done.


I have Lindsey help, just to make sure he doesn’t get interrupted and never finish it. He was also set to the “whiz kid” aspiration, but there was no way to get him through the whole thing without controlling him, so I didn’t worry about it much.


Overall, he’s a pretty easy kid to take care of… and since I get bored easily, I had them try for a second kid (a spare, if you will).


Family gardening. Xander isn’t old enough to help out, but he often tags along anyway.


Xander’s sister: Kiara. She was given goofball as a trait… it seemed to fit her hair (which is strangely reminiscent of her dad’s red Afro.)


At about this time I noticed that my house value had finally passed 30k.. so now it’s time for a little house tour.

The TV side of the living room
Other side of the living room
Dining room and front door (with Kiara doing homework.. yay!)
Kitchen leading to the back deck
Master bedroom
Right side of kid’s room
Left side of the kid’s room
Front shot of house
Back of house with garden

Not pictured is the upstairs hall and small upstairs bathroom.. they’re just too small to get a camera into!


More helping with homework. (For some reason I took a lot of shots of homework… )

Then.. this happened.

09-15-16_8-14-57-pm 09-15-16_8-16-02-pm

He had just come home from work, too. Poor Jamari had the whole household in tears for two days after passing away.


Cute sibling consoling.. they really spend a lot of time together!


More homework.. good job Xander!


Family TV time.. one of the few times Lindsey isn’t in the garden.. it’s SO much work.. I did get the “free services” LTH reward, and calling a gardener for free every day REALLY helps out.


Finally replaced the easel with a computer.. needed one to buy upgrade parts to upgrade the plumbing, and everyone seems much happier with the computer than the easel. (At least the computer gets some use!)


Funny hat, Xander… what could it mean…?


Yep! Xander is an “A” student now! All that homework paid off!


Kiara working on her homework.. actually upstairs at a desk!


Look who grew up! He seems quite pleased with himself. Since he was an “A” student, he grew up to be a “B” student in high school, giving him a little bit of a leg up. I gave him the “loves outdoors” trait, and the “outdoor enthusiast” aspiration, per the house 002 rules.


Right after growing up, he decided to do his homework, so to speed it up, I had mom help. Kiara is too busy eating cake to worry about homework.


… But at least she cleans up her own plate! One thing about Kiara I find interesting… she goes to bed very early in the evening and is back up at 3-4 AM. Why.. I don’t know.. but she continues this pattern all the way through her child and teen years. Very strange for a sim on free will!


Just a reminder as to what Lindsey does when the kids are off at school.. digging up digsites then fishing if she has time. Now that Xander is a teen, I have him help with the gardening in the afternoon to work on his skills. (Jamari used to help in the evenings, but he’s obviously not around anymore.)


Who’s wearing the crazy hat this time?? Way to go, Kiara is an “A” student now too!


Both of them doing homework at the same time!


Then some family time (mom helping Xander to get some skills up before he takes over for the next house).


Here they are gardening together. I’m not as worried about making sure everything is harvested as I used to be… simply because they’ve got 50k+ in the bank that I don’t need… the house is pretty well done, and I’m happy with the way it looks.

By this point, every day seems to DRAG by as I’m playing basically to wait for Xander to age to Young Adult. Was an incredibly boring couple of sim-weeks for me to play.. so I tried to just catch the highlights….

…Like birthdays!


First Lindsey…


… then Kiara. I gave her the “cheerful” trait, and the “soulmate” aspiration.. because she’s a spare and won’t be played.. but we can all hope for happiness, right?



Yay Xander, “A” student again!


Clearly all that homework has paid off.


More garden time…


….Family time…


… and Sibling time (yep that’s my Kiara, working on homework before going to bed early again…)

Then.. finally… guess what time it is?!?!


Xander’s birthday, and House 001 Completed!

Lindsey’s final Stats:



The only thing I forgot to get a shot of was the house value (just a little bit over 37k) and the current funds (around 70k).

Onwards to the next house!

House 001 Chapter 1 < | > House 002 Chapter 1



Mom to an active and opinionated 17 year old. Have a wonderful husband who allows me to keep my Sims addiction. ;) Also, an avid crafter, mostly knitting and (some) crochet, but some needlepoint and cross-stitch as well. When I have time, I also enjoy reading and music.

6 thoughts on “Drifter Challenge House 001 Chapter 2

  1. The house looks great and this is a nice little family. Xander is a good looking heir and he should give you a nice looking heir for the next house.

    1. I kinda like him, too, genetics-wise. I started house 2 tonight, and already have a nice-looking mail lady picked out for a wife! Just got far enough to have the basics plus a garden.. now it’s bedtime! Thanks for the comment!

  2. I had no idea what the hats meant! I remember one if my sims coming home with a rediculous one, but I am terrible at getting my Drifters to study so they’re almost always c students.

    Love all the wood floors in the place, it looks so comfy. I agree about the bunnies jumping over the bed, that is a perfect touch.

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