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Drifter Challenge House 001 Chapter 1

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House 001 Building Goal: 30,000 value home
House 001 Generational Goal: YA aged heir

House 001 is a straight earn money to build challenge, You only control the founder sim – all other sims are on free will.

And above is what you start with: A sim, and a mailbox. And nothing else.. no money, no nothing!

I knew from reading other people’s challenges (and common sense) that the first thing I was going to need was a toilet.. so I immediately set my founder (Lindsey Drifter – Loves Outdoors, Geek, and Good – Collector) to fishing.


I quickly got distracted by the people wandering by my little plot of land and sent Lindsey to interact with them, forgetting my immediate goal (I pay for that in a minute, you’ll see..) I met several eligible males and started learning their traits. (I started with no households in the game – I’m pretty tired of the townies after my townie play save.. so I elected to start from a blank town, including the clubs.) I did delete the seniors the game auto-populates with the start, and was rewarded with some more males to choose from.

However, I found that stopping fishing and collecting left me in a bit of a quandary.. having to pee and having no money with which to buy a toilet.  Oooops. Sorry Lindsey. At least peeing herself isn’t considered a penalty like in ISBIs.


After that adventure, I was convinced I needed to get to collecting. Since the plants aren’t grown yet, I went on a safari for digsites and frogs. After running out of those, I set her back to fishing. I managed to scrape together enough for a toilet and a cooler (food was another immediate necessity) before she ran out of energy and had to nap the rest of the night on a bench near her plot of land.

The next day had some plants available to harvest, so I started a small garden on her plot of land. Not sure which plants were going to be the most profitable here, I planted a bit of everything to start with.

Lindsey’s days quickly fell into a pattern: collecting, gardening, and fishing. On the thought that someone in a job might help with making money, I waited a day or two, then started asking the eligible males what their career was. I found a detective, a mailman and a pizza man (neither of which keep their job when moved in) and some that didn’t have a job yet.


So, process of elimination, I moved the detective in. Turns out the joke was on me and he brings in a scant 180 each weekday. I’m stuck with him..  (can’t move anyone you move in back out for this challenge) .. so at least his hair COLOR is okay (let’s not even get into the style.. LOL!) Meet Jamari Coyne – bookworm, self assured, dance machine, and collector (he wants to have a garden.. that’s going to happen, but the aspiration itself won’t because I can’t control him). I was particularly pleased with him not having any major negative traits, and he was happy with the little radio I bought for him (and a second cot). At this point, since I now had two sims and embarrassment was going to be a thing, I enclosed the bathroom fixtures I’d been able to afford and I officially had a front door! It led to the bathroom for now.. but it was a real door!


Too many things to do, not enough time.. and it logically leads to failures for Lindsey.

A few more days, and I had the beginnings of a house:


And the beginnings of a problem:


Yep: that’s Jamari’s contribution to Lindsey’s hard work on the garden.. breaking everything possible to break. I can’t afford repair guys, so I guess Lindsey’s going to work on handiness too!


I also started working on the second floor and roof:


A few more days and several gardening parties (not real parties, just group gardening).. I finally decided I was making the most money from chrysanthemums, and eliminated everything else except for the lemon trees.. because lemons. Finally could afford the front and back decks: (and the rest of the second floor)


And, finally: a little color for the house on the outside and inside.


Also, a dining room and a real kitchen.


The bedroom(s) was(were) moved upstairs… and Jamari and I took the next logical step to our arrangement and got married.

After putting together a living room:


(And having my and Jamari’s birthday – mine to adult, his to elder) I finally felt confident enough in the house plans and value to take the next step: an heir.


… Perhaps the next post will be more interesting with a baby around, and some more upgrades to the house. It’s currently at 25k worth, so upgrading the bedrooms and some more decorative touches should take it to the required 30k.

Introduction < | > House 001 Chapter 2



Mom to an active and opinionated 20 year old. Have a wonderful husband who allows me to keep my Sims addiction. ;) Also, an avid crafter, mostly knitting and (some) crochet, but some needlepoint and cross-stitch as well. When I have time, I also enjoy reading and music.

7 thoughts on “Drifter Challenge House 001 Chapter 1

  1. Great start! Jamari’s hair is interesting lol. Let’s hope your heir doesn’t inherit the style (one of mine did on a hairstyle I didn’t like)! Great job on the house so far! I can’t wait to see your heir.

    1. Luckily, he didn’t. However, the spare inherited one that looks like a female version of it.. lol. I should be posting the rest of house 001 in a couple days, just finished it tonight, but have to go out of town in the morning.

  2. Ahhhh. This brings back such memories! Which is kind of funny since all drifters start the same way… Must be the location?

    Poor detective, I had no idea they made so little money!

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