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Castaway Shores Chapter 1.10

Chapter 1.9 < | >

Francisca’s Island Journal – Monday

It’s raining (again!) today, and I figured there was no time like the present to start this little journal. Micah and his wife, Rachael, keep a journal as well, so I didn’t want the chronicle of this little island to be missing information from our family, too.

At the Whitehead house, we spend a lot of time writing (me) and sculpting (Roger). We have venues to buy, after all. I’m planning on buying/building a bookstore, and he wants to open up a consignment store on the island.

We also wanted to start a family right away. Roger isn’t getting any younger, and he wants to be around for their formative years, at least.

Francisca’s Island Journal – Wednesday

I am pregnant, and I decided a cat is just what we needed – so Roxy joined our small family. Roger says he’s hoping for a girl, while I’m wishing to buy new things for our small house. I guess the thought of saving is still a little alien to me.


Roxy’s a joy to have around, and her hunting skills (hey she’s learning) will supplement our income as we save for our venues. I spent a lot of time getting to know Roxy and teaching her to hunt. Hopefully she can catch some things to sell soon!

Francisca’s Island Journal – Thursday

Our firstborn – Melody – is born with the Active and Excitable traits.


Isn’t she adorable? .. But then, all new mothers think that, don’t they? I’ve been so busy with the baby and training Roxy I barely have time for this journal!

Francisca’s Island Journal – Saturday

Melody grew up to be a toddler today – and a cute one, at that. She has beautiful blond hair she got from her dad, and the most adorable button nose. Roger and I are taking turns trying to teach her to talk, potty train, and walk.


The rest of the time, we’re still working to save money for venues. Roger thinks we’re pretty close to being able to open the first one, the consignment store. He’s even already picked out the perfect spot near the “town center” to build it.

Francisca’s Island Journal – Monday

Melody is such a cute kid! She got a doll from some obscure relative of mine, and she plays with it constantly.


She named it Wiggles, and she seems to be great friends with it. I’m not looking forward to the day she grows up, because she’ll have to be sent to boarding school, since there isn’t a school on the island yet. Her education is important, though, so it’s a sacrifice we’ll all have to make.

Francisca’s Island Journal – Wednesday

I’m pregnant again! In other news.. today was a spectacularly unlucky day. I set the stove on fire during breakfast, and I broke the computer. I didn’t get a picture of the fire because we were too busy putting it out (no fire station on the island yet, of course), but I did snap a photo of me fixing said computer later in the day.


Francisca’s Island Journal – Friday

Today was a busy day, being Melody’s birthday.. and coincidentally, our second child was born, as well.


Melody really seemed to enjoy the small party we put together for her and she gained the cat person trait, and immediately set to getting to know Roxy.


We barely finished the party before I went into labor. Apparently, practice does make perfect, because this labor went by much easier than the first one, and soon our little Harry was born.


I picked Dribbledine Sports school for Melody, and I think she’s actually looking forward to leaving first thing tomorrow morning. At least, her excitement at playing all the different sports there has tempered her nerves. I sure will miss her, though!

Francisca’s Island Journal – Monday

Today is an exciting day, both for the family and for the island. Today is the day Roger’s consignment store opens! Venue photos to follow:

Screenshot-150 Screenshot-154 Screenshot-155

On a more personal note, Harry grew up to be a toddler today! He also inherited his dad’s blonde hair, and is Clumsy and Good.


We look forward to teaching him his life skills, and watching him grow up.

Francisca’s Island Journal – Tuesday

Harry is learning quickly, he already knows how to walk, and is learning to talk today. I don’t think potty training will be too far away, either.


We just found out that I’m pregnant again! We eagerly look forward to our new little bundle of joy!

Since our family seems to just keep growing, we decided to upgrade our tiny house. We added an addition off the back, and a second story. It took less that we expected to make it, so we still have a nest egg for my bookstore.

Screenshot-157 Screenshot-158 Screenshot-159

Upstairs we have two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a nursery… downstairs, we added a nice living room, and an annex for Roger’s sculpting, as well as room for a laundry.

Francisca’s Island Journal – Thursday

Today sees another two birthdays – Harry’s and Veronica’s. Who’s Veronica? Our newest baby, of course!


First of all, Harry grew up into the rebellious trait, and has a spiky hair-do to match. He’ll be leaving tomorrow for the Sports school, as well.


Francisca’s Island Journal – Friday

Today, Harry left for school, and something else momentous happened for the island… I finally maxed out writing and could afford to build a bookstore for the island.


Now, we have to save up again.. for homes for our children when they move back home. But that’s still to come…

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