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Those Crazy Irish Chapter 1.3

Chapter 1.2 < | >

Last time, Andrew grew up, we added a second kid to the mix, and Dominic even tried parenting.

This time, we start with Dominic breaking the toilet yet again and goes to get a drink instead of fixing it. As usual, it’s Maeve’s job to fix everything!

08-21-16_7-59-38 PM

Andrew spends the evening eating in front of the TV and goes to bed on his own at 9. (I certainly don’t miss the “ask for story” nightmares from Sims 3!)

I have Dominic and Maeve woohoo again, hoping Dominic will sleep – no luck, he decides to stay up for a while and watch sports.

08-21-16_8-02-13 PM

Maeve taking care of Alan before heading off to work in the morning.

08-21-16_8-08-18 PM

Andrew talking to his baby brother…

08-21-16_8-09-35 PM

… and then to mom before school.

08-21-16_8-12-49 PM

While everyone else is away, Dominic does all his favorite things.. playing guitar,

08-21-16_8-17-03 PM

… sleeping on a bench outside.. And getting drinks of water. He also cleans house a little.

08-21-16_8-17-40 PM

After school, Andrew is again seen trying to take care of his baby brother as best he can (since Dominic doesn’t seem interested in it!) Poor Alan has to wait for Maeve to get back from work.

Maeve gets a promotion to project manager.. yay! money.. we’re going to need it to expand the house a little more again.

08-21-16_8-20-02 PM

Dominic and Andrew keeping themselves busy.

08-21-16_8-22-46 PM

Dominic in one of his favorite spots.

08-21-16_8-24-36 PM

While Andrew and Maeve play some chess together.

08-21-16_8-29-37 PM

… Hopefully this means a little girl is on the way…

08-21-16_8-31-48 PM

Dominic actually helping out for once.

08-21-16_8-35-02 PM

.. And Andrew, too! (Apparently the kids like taking the trash out, I see them doing it a lot in this update.)

08-21-16_8-35-18 PM

Maeve cleaning up after Dominic’s cooking adventure.

08-21-16_8-36-12 PM

Dominic and his favorite glass of water.

08-21-16_8-37-41 PM

A flirty chat before Maeve goes to work.

08-21-16_8-41-40 PM

Which turned out to be a bad idea because Dominic went out and tried to flirt with every female that walked past. Luckily none stopped walking long enough to get flirted with.

Dominic also played some guitar and ignored the baby while Maeve was at work.

08-21-16_8-58-59 PM

Alan’s birthday was today.. so Maeve aged him up after playing another game of chess with Andrew. Alan ages up to Slob, Music Lover, and Family oriented with Artistic for a child want and Friend of the World for his adult want. (I roll everything when a child ages up, it’s just easier to have it written down.) I just love his pink flip flops and glasses!  LoL!

08-21-16_9-01-13 PM

The kids, safely asleep in their beds.

After failing to be pregnant, I try for baby again before sleepy time and Dominic actually sleeps this time!

08-21-16_9-05-06 PM

In the morning, Alan decides to play blickblock while Alan eats some salad for breakfast. It’s Saturday, so no school for the kiddies.

08-21-16_9-05-18 PM

Someone breaks the sink again. I’ve been noticing a line for the bathroom at odd times, so getting a second bathroom is definitely a priority.

08-21-16_9-06-23 PM

Maeve telling Dominic she’s pregnant again.. hopefully this one is a girl!

08-21-16_9-08-09 PM

Andrew being cute and putting books away all by himself.

08-21-16_9-08-39 PM

Dominic hugging Alan.. aww!

08-21-16_9-10-03 PM

The boys chatting while Maeve makes breakfast. Alan apparently says something embarrassing so the next time we see him..

08-21-16_9-10-49 PM

.. he’s hiding from everyone in Andrew’s bed.

08-21-16_9-11-52 PM

Andrew plays chess while Alan tries chatting with him again. This time the conversation goes okay.

08-21-16_9-13-00 PM

Dominic practicing while Alan watches. Shortly after this, Dominic had to go to work.

08-21-16_9-12-48 PM

Andrew taking out the trash.

08-21-16_9-15-44 PM

Then, chatting the Maeve while she works on upgrading all the family’s plumbing. Everything is now self-cleaning, which will save a lot of time for Maeve.

08-21-16_9-18-39 PM

Lunchtime for the boys…

08-21-16_9-31-23 PM

And then Alan does his homework.. what a good little boy!

08-21-16_9-31-47 PM

Andrew opts out of homework for the TV.

08-21-16_9-33-34 PM

Then more cuteness from the boys.

The next day, Dominic ages up to elder all by himself (oops I guess I forgot his birthday! Apparently I also forgot to take a picture of it…)

08-21-16_9-53-04 PM

.. Because the next shot shows him as an elder while the boys socialize.

08-21-16_9-59-18 PM

Andrew finally does his homework while Maeve has breakfast.

08-21-16_10-02-19 PM

Then, since Maeve is off work I send them on a date to work on her Aspiration. Another gold date!

Alan gets scared of the monster under the bed, and Maeve is the one to spray it away so they can sleep before school the next day.

08-21-16_10-18-53 PM

Unfortunately, Maeve decides to set the stove on fire while cooking breakfast Monday morning, and everyone comes running in time to see her putting it out. After a morning like this, I decide to give Maeve a vacation day!

Both boys go to school just fine, and Dominic works again, so no harm done after replacing the stove and counter.

Maeve spends the day off hacking for extra funds towards a house expansion.

08-21-16_10-52-36 PM

On Tuesday, Aimee is born. She apparently took her coloring from dad’s side of the family, and is quite dark. Maeve also takes her family leave so she can take care of the baby.

08-21-16_10-53-59 PM

Mom snuggling the new baby.

08-21-16_10-54-50 PM

Alan reading a book and listening to music in the tiny living room.

… That isn’t tiny for long. I use the meager funds the family has to expand the house in preparation for the new baby girl growing up soon.

08-21-16_11-23-38 PM 08-21-16_11-04-43 PM08-21-16_11-46-11 PM

The empty room upstairs is going to be a bathroom.. once I have enough money to buy the plumbing.

08-21-16_11-08-33 PM

The boys taking turns playing with Aimee.. apparently, she’s quite popular with her siblings.

08-21-16_11-11-11 PM

Maeve becomes best friends with both of the boys through a nice long chat.

08-21-16_11-25-59 PM

Wednesday, Dominic actually takes care of his daughter.

08-21-16_11-27-55 PM

Alan reading before school.

08-21-16_11-28-17 PM

Whereas Andrew misses school due to low hygiene, and stays home to watch TV instead.

The way the work schedule happens, Dominic works right after Maeve gets home from work, so on weekdays they don’t see much of each other. Dominic won’t be getting a promotion anytime soon because he needs comedy skill, and sims don’t autonomously work on that. I do try to get him that skill by using his one elder interaction to work on writing jokes, but it only gets him one skill point instead of the two he needs. Guess he’s just going to be stuck at work!

08-21-16_11-29-19 PM

More cuteness spam from the boys…

08-21-16_11-39-51 PM

Breakfast on Thursday.. most of them got there. Alan elected to take a shower instead.

08-21-16_11-43-12 PM

Dominic cleaning while Maeve is at work.

08-21-16_11-48-26 PM

Then taking a nice long nap in his favorite spot.

08-21-16_11-52-20 PM

Maeve has her birthday after work.. I love the look on her face! Adulthood, here we come!

08-21-16_11-53-49 PM

The boys take advantage of the cake before it’s bed time.

08-22-16_12-09-20 AM

Friday, while Maeve is working, Aimee hops out of her bassinet.. I like her! What a cutie!

08-22-16_12-10-40 AM

Her first action is to take out the trash…

08-22-16_12-12-36 AM

Then play Sims Forever on mom’s computer.

08-22-16_12-13-12 AM

Dominic finally finds the chess board and plays for a while.

08-22-16_12-14-42 AM

Then.. not only does Aimee do her homework, but Dominic helps her!

08-22-16_12-16-06 AM

The boys getting books out to read after school.

08-22-16_12-20-58 AM

Then having a nice family chat.

08-22-16_12-22-10 AM

Andrew spends a while dancing.

08-22-16_12-24-03 AM

And I leave you with this cuteness!

No penalties this time! Yay! I may finally get back in the positive numbers!

Chapter 1.2 < | >

Current Points: - 10
-20 Passing out
-5 Wetting self
+15 Births


Mom to an active and opinionated 17 year old. Have a wonderful husband who allows me to keep my Sims addiction. ;) Also, an avid crafter, mostly knitting and (some) crochet, but some needlepoint and cross-stitch as well. When I have time, I also enjoy reading and music.

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