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Castaway Shores Chapter 1.9

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Week 8 Day 3, Micah McCloud’s Adventure Journal

By morning, we had a new house. (Picture spam! What can I say, I’m proud of this build.. it’s got room for everyone without making the house two story or huge.. and stayed with the island theme.)

Screenshot-103 Screenshot-99 Screenshot-100 Screenshot-101 Screenshot-102

We even had a full bathroom! (Which you can see me working on upgrading in the last picture.) We have a full laundry room, and plenty of floor space for the tots to roam. The only thing missing from the pictures is the nursery, although you can see corners of it in a couple of the shots. Eventually that nursery will be turned into another bedroom. The new house took a good chunk out of our savings, but it was definitely time for an upgrade.

Oh, and before I forget.. today is Rach and I’s anniversary. We didn’t get much of a celebration, though, with two infants and a toddler running around the house. (Well the toddler is running – not the infants.. yet!)

Week 8 Day 4, Micah McCloud’s Adventure Journal

Today is Renee and Riley’s birthday.. for the next day we have THREE toddlers. It’s also a full moon – not that we have any time to be going outside, anyway. … And on that note, I have to go again, the babies are waking up.

Week 8 Day 5, Micah McCloud’s Adventure Journal

Marie’s birthday was today, and we barely had time for cake. I feel bad for her, but she’s such a cheerful scamp that she doesn’t seem to mind that we have less time for her. We enrolled her in art school, to her utter delight.


Week 8 Day 6, Micah McCloud’s Adventure Journal

I took the day off today to help out with the kids, and so I would be home to wish Marie well on her journey to school. Luckily, my boss doesn’t seem to mind, especially after hearing about the twins.

Both kids learned to talk today.. so the house is ringing with the sounds of toddlers. They’re also well on their way to walking and potty training.


When I have a spare minute to myself (in other words, when the twins are asleep) I work on upgrading the plumbing and appliances in our new house. Self-cleaning plumbing is almost a necessity in a household like ours!

Week 8 Day 7, Micah McCloud’s Adventure Journal

Riley is now walking freely on her own, and we bought and installed an automatic sprinkler for the garden.

Week 9 Day 1, Micah McCloud’s Adventure Journal

Renee was a little slower on the walking, but she’s caught up now. Both are potty trained, as well, so that’s a load off Rachael and my shoulders.

Week 9 Day 2, Micah McCloud’s Adventure Journal

The twins had their birthday today, and we all took a “field trip” up to see the park after my work. It’s almost done! We all had a great time picnicking up there, and it was a gorgeous sunny day for it. We had a great day, but I’m exhausted.

Riley .. who wants to be a doctor..
Renee .. who wants to be an inventor..

Week 9 Day 3, Micah McCloud’s Adventure Journal

The twins headed off for boarding school this morning. Riley goes to join Matthew at Smugglesworth Prep, and Renee is going to the Peace and Love school, hoping to learn more about inventing.

Rachael has been working every spare minute on her chemistry set, and has discovered all the possible potions – including the young again potion we got at the science place. I doubt we’ll be using it again.. but if we need to.. it’s there!

And that’s all for now! Things should be terribly quiet around the house now that they’re all off at boarding schools.

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Mom to an active and opinionated 17 year old. Have a wonderful husband who allows me to keep my Sims addiction. ;) Also, an avid crafter, mostly knitting and (some) crochet, but some needlepoint and cross-stitch as well. When I have time, I also enjoy reading and music.

2 thoughts on “Castaway Shores Chapter 1.9

  1. I didn’t think about the whole schooling issue, good way to get around it, with the boarding school. Looks like all the kids are pursuing different things, so you’re going to have a thriving town in no time!

    1. I hope so! I also am hoping to send each one to university so they’ll have a spouse and friends to invite to the town. More money to save for that, but spreading out the invites to one per household makes it not so hard.

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