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Castaway Shores Chapter 1.7

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Week 6 Day 1, Micah McCloud’s Adventure Journal

It’s Sunday, so no work today. I worked on painting, although keeping an eye on my son and Rach kept me pretty distracted. In the morning, I babysat while Rachael worked in her garden – she’s already level 9!

Matthew took his first steps today, and started learning to talk, too. Not much progress on the talking yet.. but Rachael is sure trying! Potty training is coming along, too… albeit slowly.

Week 6 Day 2, Micah McCloud’s Adventure Journal

I got a promotion today! No longer am I cleaning latrines, thank goodness. That was an utterly thankless job!

My second son, Sean, was born tonight. Luckily, it was another easy birth for Rachael. He’s a genius and artistic.. I’m sure he’ll go far with those traits!

I was, obviously, in charge of Matt while Rach was occupied, and I managed to finish teaching him to walk. He’s still a little wobbly, but he’s completely stopped crawling, since he can get there faster on his feet.


He also really seems to enjoy the peg box we got him, learning logic as he plays. He’s also still teething, as you can see in the picture… everything goes in his mouth!

Week 6 Day 3, Micah McCloud’s Adventure Journal

Today is Rachael’s birthday, she’s turning into an elder and not looking forward to it. Since we’re both getting older, we’ve been looking into rejuvenating options. The mainland science lab is running a study on the effects of aging, and they swear they have a working potion to reverse it. We’ve made an appointment for Friday after my work.

I also got another promotion today, and arrived home to learn that Matt had finally been potty trained. I spent some time painting while Rachael worked on logic and Matt played with his blocks and the strange doll he’d gotten from some long lost relative of mine.

Week 6 Day 4, Micah McCloud’s Adventure Journal

Today is Sean’s birthday – he’ll finally be a toddler. We’re hoping that means he’ll start sleeping through the night. From our experience with Matt, toddler-hood is when he was finally able to go all night without attention.

Matt learned to talk today, and has been chatting up a storm with his strange doll friend. Sometimes we’re not sure he thinks it’s just a doll. Hopefully he’ll grow out of it.

Sean got one of those dolls, too, from Rachael’s side of the family, and played quietly with it after we finished celebrating his birthday. They’re such a cute pair.


Week 6 Day 5, Micah McCloud’s Adventure Journal

Matt had a birthday today and we celebrated with some cake. Even Sean had some, although I think he wore more than he actually ate. He gained Ambitious as a trait (adding to friendly and good), and, from what he’s been talking about, he wants to bring a City Hall to this island and run it when I “retire”. It’s funny, he even looks just like me.


It being the first day of Fall, it poured all day today, so other than Rachael weeding her garden, all of us stayed inside and worked on our skills. Fall seems very wet in this part of the world.

Rach and Matt had a lively game of chess as she taught him the ropes of the game. All that peg box play he did gave him a real advantage on learning logic, too.

Week 6 Day 6, Micah McCloud’s Adventure Journal

I’m still steadily gaining rank at my job at the military base, and as my rank grows, so does my paycheck. We have a hefty amount saved up now… although what we’re saving for, we haven’t quite decided.

Sean learned to walk while I was at work – so that was a big surprise when I got home. It was a good one, though. He seems to be learning things much faster than Matt did. Either that or we’re becoming better teachers. Who knows which.


After work (another promotion), we had that appointment on the mainland. Luckily the science center had a daycare, and we were able to catch a ride to the mainland with Edith, who had dropped off a few packages for us. The appointment went real well, and both of us feel revitalized and younger. (Young Again potions from lifetime happiness points. Both are now young adults again.) All the chemistry got Rachael interested in learning more, and she ordered a chemistry set that should arrive on the island in a week or so.

After putting the kids to bed when we finally got home this evening, Rachael and I had a serious talk. We both feel education is very important. Since there’s no school on the island, we did some online research (we now have phone and internet service out on the island!), and we think boarding school is the best option. We hate to be away from our kids… but their schooling is more important to their future. We’ll be encouraging them to go to University after high school, as well. Finances are pretty steady now that I have a job, so we’ll be able to afford the very best for each of them. Based on Matt’s goals and likes, we’re sending him to Smugglesworth Preparatory School. He leaves tomorrow. Too soon.. but his schooling is important!

Week 6 Day 7, Micah McCloud’s Adventure Journal

First thing this morning, Matt headed off to boarding school. They were kind enough to send a boat out for him and his luggage. (For the price we’re paying, they ought to!) We wished him luck and promised to call him every weekend. He’s welcome to call us during the week, as well, we just don’t want to interrupt his studies with weekday calls. We’ll let him decide when he’s got the time to talk.

Since it was a weekend, I had plenty of time to spend with Sean, and he learned both talking and potty training today. Rachael spent much of the day out in her garden, and she finally mastered gardening! Now she just needs logic to open up the park. (I’m electing to have the unlock for the festival grounds be the same as for a big park – logic and gardening, instead of logic and athletic – I just think it makes more sense.) 

I was outside studying the stars after Sean went to bed…. and wouldn’t you know it, I got struck by lightning again. I guess I was lucky.. I got pretty singed, but nothing that wouldn’t wash off in the shower.

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