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Castaway Shores Chapter 1.6

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Week 5 Day 1, Micah McCloud’s Adventure Journal

Today, first thing in the morning, Fransisca’s book royalties came in. Roger and Fran are saving up to build their own house here on the island., and they’ve almost got enough. They’ve already picked out a little plot of land up on the bluffs above our beach. Roger is getting awfully good at sculpting, and his pieces seem to sell easily now. Today, however, his allergies are acting up, so he’s been working a little slower than usual.

I mastered Athletics this evening and hurried back inside. There’s a full moon tonight and the zombies will be out again. All four of us in this tiny hut makes for cramped quarters.. but it’s better than being outside!

Week 5 Day 2, Micah McCloud’s Adventure Journal

Today, another set of sculptures by Roger sold, and they announced that they finally had enough to build their dream house. They had saved up a whopping 18,500 simoleons! Well, maybe not their dream house.. but a functional abode here on the island. Most of the day was spent building and moving furniture around. They had already ordered their bathroom and kitchen furnishings, and Edith had been more than happy to deliver them. She stuck around to help, as well, which was really nice of her.

(Featured photo above is of the outside of the house, below shows a shot of the interior with walls down.)


By the end of the day, we were all exhausted, so we went our separate ways. I felt miserable, since it seems I’ve come down with a cold. I wasn’t about to let that stop me from helping out the island’s newest residents, though!

Week 5 Day 3, Micah McCloud’s Adventure Journal

Today was the first day of summer, and it dawned clear and bright. Rachael slept in this morning – after all the work yesterday, somehow she’s terribly nauseous. Perhaps it’s morning sickness? I took care of her the best I could, and by midday she was feeling much better. Well enough, in fact, to spend most of the rest of the day out in her garden puttering around.

I spent the rest of the day painting and tinkering around the house. Now that I’ve mastered athletics, I just have to master handiness to convince the military to open a small base on the island. I’m so very close to getting it done.  I even promised to sign up when they did so they would be guaranteed at least one recruit!


Week 5 Day 4, Micah McCloud’s Adventure Journal

Rachael’s definitely pregnant! I’m going to be a dad! Roger and Fran moved out just in the nick of time, because we’re going to need that spare room for a nursery in a few days. Roger and Fran are nearly as excited as we are, and seemed to be almost jealous. I wonder if that means they’ll be starting their own family soon too?


And, even better (maybe?), I finished learning handiness, and the Military base will open in a couple days. Having a job will seem so weird after all this time. I don’t intend to give up on my painting, but I doubt I’ll have time to look at the stars anymore, unfortunately.

Rachael spent most of the day working on her logic skill – she wants to be able to hold chess tournaments in the part she’ll be building. Plus, it kept her out of the garden, so I felt much better about her taking it easy. What can I say, apparently I’m a bit of a worrywart.


Week 5 Day 5, Micah McCloud’s Adventure Journal

In the morning, Rachael and I went to visit the Whitehead’s – just to check up on them and make sure they were settling in okay. Rachael and Fran talked girl talk while Roger and I got to know each other a little bit better.

We came back home in the afternoon, which turned out to be a lucky break, because not too long after we got home, Rachael went into labor. Understandably, I panicked. I’m afraid to say I was of very little help. Rachael was a hero, and the home birth went off much easier than we had expected. At about 9pm, we welcomed our firstborn son, Matthew, into the world.


He’s friendly and good, and we’re terribly proud of him.

Oh, I nearly forgot. The Military base is apparently ready, and I am supposed to start work tomorrow. I have to say, I’m nervous and I’m not exactly sure what to expect. I’m sure it will be fine, but the nerves made it tough to sleep.

Week 5 Day 6, Micah McCloud’s Adventure Journal

I was up before the sun this morning, and heading into work on my bike. I suppose we could have a car hauled out here, but I definitely don’t want to start polluting my island already! I took a picture of the base so I could include it, but that was the only free time I had all day until work was over. The commute takes a good hour or so, but I don’t mind. Having the income is definitely a must for our growing family.

Rachael was glad to see me home so I could help out with Matthew while she worked in the garden. I have to admit, though, he was a pretty happy baby, and I didn’t have to do much… so I had dinner waiting when she came back in. She was surprised, but pleased. I like it when I can surprise her like that.

Week 5 Day 7, Micah McCloud’s Adventure Journal

Today is Matt’s birthday… and apparently we have another on the way already. I’m as thrilled as can be.. perhaps I can even be of more use on the home birth this time, too.


Matt is going to be learning his life skills starting tomorrow, but tonight I took him outside and let him play in the sand for a while. I had to keep a close eye on him so he didn’t put it in his mouth.. he’s teething and wants to chew on everything.


After we got Matt down for the night, we played a couple quick games of chess and I managed to get my skill up to level 7.. Rach and I are a pretty evenly matched pair. She won one game, and I won the other.

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