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Falcon Apocalypse Chapter 1.5

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Today, Tuesday, is Tiberius and I’s anniversary. We don’t plan on celebrating it, though, simply because there’s not much to celebrate in this town. If things were normal, we’d go out to eat and a movie… but regulations don’t allow frivolous travel, and the diners and movie theaters are all closed.


It’s also Andrea’s birthday, and she gained the Charismatic trait! (adding to Loves the Outdoors, Disciplined, and Loves the Cold) Today she turned into a teenager, and is excited about her first day of high school. Unfortunately for both her and Alton school was cancelled due to the weather. Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day for it.


We all pretty much stayed to ourselves today, working on our skills – Tiberius still had work and lectures all day, but the rest of us were home. Alton spend most of the day reading my old cookbook, learning how to cook. He thinks he has a pretty good idea of how to make the things we’re allowed to make with the strict rationing in place. (Hot dogs, hamburgers, and PB & J). He also got in his daily workout, of course. Andrea spent the day working on her newest book, and I cleaned house and played around with the chess set to keep myself busy.


We did celebrate Andrea’s birthday with cake this evening, however, so it was a nice change from our usual rations.

Tonight was a full moon, so the zombies were out again and we were all restricted to the house from 6pm to 6am.

Wednesday, the kids finally got to go to their first day of High School.  Both kids were up at the crack of dawn, packing their backpacks and getting ready. Luckily, the weather seemed pretty calm, and school wasn’t closed.

I also noticed that Tiberius no longer seemed to be having a midlife crisis. He seemed much more content, and spent the day at the school, even though he was off, giving lecture after lecture for anyone who could come listen. He came home in a great mood, feeling like he was really making a difference.

Thursday (today) is my birthday. I’ve noticed my mind wandering more than it should, and I fear I will be afflicted with the same disease other seniors in the area have – dementia. The local science lab and the medical community can come up with no reason it’s happening… but I think it’s related to the general conditions in the area. I wonder if I’ll even be able to keep up this journal, but I doubt it.

Here, the journal seems to end with just a small newspaper clipping tucked in between the pages…

Local Retired Astronaut and Mother Disappears
     The string of local elder disappearances continues! This past Saturday, Rebecca Falcon disappeared from her home at . This isn't the first time she has wandered away after her birthday on Thursday. It seems she had come down with the same dementia that is affecting all our elders, and was prone to just wandering away from home. She is presumed dead at this time due to the sub-zero temperatures outside.
     Again, we could get no comment from either the Science Lab or the Medical Center as to why this is happening.

(Sorry this one is so short, but it’s right at the end of Chapter One.. I’ll post the beginning of Chapter Two as soon as I get the save file error fixed…) Also, I found this screenshot hilarious.. Rebecca had just built this snowman before she aged up… kinda creepy!


Chapter 1.4 < | > Chapter 2.1



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