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Those Crazy Irish Chapter 1.2

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So, last time, we ended with a wedding and Dominic not being sad anymore from his divorce.

08-14-16_7-22-14 AM

Dominic’s first action upon being a married man is to take a nap on the cheap love-seat. I guess being sad for all that time would make me sleepy, too!

08-14-16_7-23-36 AM

Then, he goes into the hall where the guitar is and decides to practice for work. Good boy!

08-14-16_7-31-04 AM

Maeve fixes the toilet, learning handiness – a skill I can tell she’ll be using a lot.

08-14-16_7-36-33 AM

Dominic takes another nap.

08-14-16_7-37-38 AM

Then decides to clean the recently fixed toilet. I approve. He takes a shower afterwards and breaks it…

08-14-16_7-41-28 AM

So Maeve fixes her second object.

08-14-16_7-42-38 AM

Dominic cleans up some more (I can tell I won’t be having to do much cleaning up after this generation. Good thing – they can’t afford a maid anyway!)

08-14-16_7-57-33 AM

Maeve is pregnant! She runs to tell Dominic, and he’s as excited as she is!

08-14-16_9-51-36 AM

Dominic seems to be breaking everything today…

08-14-16_9-55-52 AM

But he also doesn’t seem to care about it.

08-14-16_9-59-10 AM

Oh, NOW he cares! (He wanted a drink of water.) After this, I send them to the bedroom to woohoo so Dominic will get some sleep tonight.

08-14-16_10-01-02 AM

In the morning, Maeve heads to work, and Dominic is once again seen cleaning the house – this time picking up the trash left from the fixed sink last night.

08-14-16_10-03-22 AM

Then, he wanders around the neighborhood, but doesn’t seem to talk to anyone.. he just keeps checking his phone. Who knows what he’s doing!

Luckily, he makes it to work alright.. Maeve comes home and does some hacking for more family funds.. the house is going to need working on, after all, with the new addition on the way.

After several successful hacks, and Dominic getting home, I take the chance to expand the house with an upstairs. I move their bedroom upstairs and add a nursery.

08-14-16_10-19-14 AM 08-14-16_10-19-23 AM

They quickly make use of the bed so Dominic both of them will sleep tonight.

08-14-16_10-22-58 AM

First thing in the morning, Maeve is off to work.. and Dominic is once again cleaning.

08-14-16_10-23-23 AM

.. And getting drinks of water. He seems to be addicted to them. He also practices his guitar a bit.. but seems to stop as soon as he’s inspired. (Because that makes sense.. not.)

08-14-16_10-27-06 AM

Oh darn.. I did it again. So sorry, Maeve! Too much computer hacking after work.

08-14-16_10-28-14 AM

Dominic at his favorite pastime.. cleaning.

08-14-16_10-30-24 AM

Oh no! The baby’s on the way! I send both of them to the hospital to have the baby…

08-14-16_10-31-08 AM

Maeve checks in..

08-14-16_10-31-58 AM

While Dominic busies himself on the doctor’s computer. The doctor doesn’t seem to pleased with this turn of events..

08-14-16_10-32-44 AM

.. In the operating room (Dominic is still on the computer, of course).

08-14-16_10-33-27 AM

.. And meet Andrew! (Just covering my bases, I’m thinking of making this an Alphabetcy as well, so I make sure this generation starts with “A” babies.)

08-14-16_10-36-11 AM

Maeve back at home (still in her hospital gown), cuddling the new baby.

08-14-16_10-44-09 AM

I have her change, then work on chatting up Dominic for a while.

08-14-16_10-48-24 AM

.. So she can complete her milestone of being married to her BFF.

08-16-16_12-26-21 AM

Maeve salvages some parts, then picks up the trash..

08-16-16_12-27-39 AM

.. while Dominic practices his guitar.

08-16-16_12-27-53 AM

Maeve is getting better at this cooking thing, and makes some pan fried tilapia for dinner.

08-16-16_12-28-41 AM

Since neither of them had to work, I send them off on a date, leaving the baby with the babysitter. (Maeve’s want requires two dates at silver or better.)

08-16-16_12-32-08 AM08-16-16_12-33-07 AM 08-16-16_12-34-37 AM

As dates go, it was pretty legendary. (At least that’s what the date-o-meter said!) If you’re looking closely, you can see that Maeve is, yes, once again, pregnant.

08-16-16_12-38-19 AM

Once they got home, I sent them to woohoo, expecting both to fall asleep afterwards….

08-16-16_12-39-10 AM

But apparently Dominic isn’t tired, so he gets back up (you can just see him leaving the bedroom in this shot.) Wonder what he’s up to?

08-16-16_12-39-45 AM

… putting away a book…

08-16-16_12-40-09 AM

…taking out the trash…

08-16-16_1-08-51 AM

… getting a drink…

08-16-16_12-40-53 AM

… and watching sports on TV.

08-16-16_12-43-29 AM

Finally, he gets to sleep. (Wonder who’s going to be sleeping in tomorrow?!)

08-16-16_12-47-20 AM

In the morning, Maeve pays the bills, then takes care of the baby and spends some time hacking on the computer. (Hey there’s a new mouth to feed!)

08-16-16_12-50-34 AM

But of course, she breaks it and has to spend the time fixing it before she can finish her “righteous” hack.

Dominic gets up just in time to head to work, leaving Maeve with the baby. (That is somehow bugged.. it won’t cry when it needs something, I just get warning about the social worker… ?) So the baby gets cared for between hacks, just to be on the safe side.

08-16-16_12-48-55 AM

Dominic comes home to eat dinner with the wifey.

08-16-16_1-06-45 AM

Fun is low, and it’s bedtime, so I send them off for more woohoo…. and finally, both sleep.

08-16-16_12-50-47 AM

The next day, Dominic is up at the crack of dawn, cleaning house yet again.

08-16-16_12-53-24 AM

Then, he plays some more guitar.. he seems pretty happy with the new place I put it (no more hallway). His singing along, however, leaves an awful lot to be desired.

08-16-16_12-54-33 AM

Maeve is left, again, to take care of Andrew and work on her hacking skill (programming) some more.

08-16-16_1-01-31 AM

She takes an afternoon nap while Dominic works, has dinner by herself, and is in bed by the time he gets home.

08-16-16_1-03-38 AM

…I bet you can’t tell what gender I’m hoping for from the baby (I’ve set myself a mini-challenge of having at least one boy and girl per generation).

08-16-16_1-26-01 AM

In the morning, it’s Andrew’s birthday, so we age him up….

08-16-16_1-27-25 AM

.. and he promptly takes a nap before I can get his makeover in. (I don’t often makeover sims, but I hate it when they wear hats!) Andrew rolled Music Lover, Self Assured, and Jealous.. with a child aspiration of whiz kid, and an adult aspiration of “big happy family”. (I went ahead and rolled everything since I was already rolling.. saves time later.)

08-16-16_1-30-04 AM

He then goes downstairs to chat with his dad while reading a book and dad has breakfast. (I love that they can multitask in Sims 4!)

08-16-16_1-32-40 AM

Then they run outside for an adorable hug and conversation. When they’re done, I sneak in an “action” for Andrew’s makeover..

08-16-16_1-50-47 AM

… he looks SO much better without the hat!

08-16-16_1-51-53 AM

Afterwards, Dominic chatted while Andrew ate, then Andrew watched Dominic play guitar for a while.

08-16-16_1-56-24 AM

Andrew does NOT seem pleased that Dominic only played guitar for a short while before he needed to go clean out the fridge.

08-16-16_1-57-24 AM

They have another conversation …

08-16-16_1-59-07 AM

.. while Maeve upgrades the toilet, sink, and shower to work on her handiness (and perhaps make them break less!)

08-16-16_2-01-12 AM

After the conversation on the couch, Andrew goes to play blickblock for a while.

08-16-16_2-01-53 AM

,, Then I catch him doing his homework.. good boy!

08-16-16_2-05-15 AM

Once again, Maeve eats dinner alone (this time with a plate that Dominic got out for company.)

08-16-16_2-07-06 AM

Oh.. Maeve.. not again. (*face palm* Poor Maeve… I misjudged her tiredness and was trying to get her to go to bed…she didn’t make it.)

08-16-16_2-08-40 AM

In the morning.. another penalty.. she didn’t make it to the bathroom on time.

08-16-16_2-10-11 AM

Aww.. he looks so cute in his bedtime glasses!

08-16-16_2-16-27 AM

.. This time, she has the baby at home (while nobody else seems to care… Dominic slept through the whole thing.. and Andrew kept eating breakfast like nothing was going on.)

08-16-16_2-18-18 AM

Meet Alan!

08-16-16_2-20-55 AM

After taking care of the baby, Maeve has a breakfast time chat with Dominic (while he has his favorite glass of water.)

08-16-16_2-22-37 AM

Then, he went upstairs to shush the crying baby…

08-16-16_2-23-08 AM

But no.. he changed her diaper! (I was so surprised I forgot to move my mouse out of the way.)

That’s enough for this post.. see you next time!

Chapter 1.1 < | > Chapter 1.3

Current Points: - 15
-20 Passing out
-5 Wetting self
+10 Births


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